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Private Moment :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 2 0
Late Night Visit by sailorx161
Mature content
Late Night Visit :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 1 0
My platting attempt by sailorx161 My platting attempt :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 1 0
Chapter 15
    Katashi had to step in with his son when he watched how angry Ichirou had gotten over the reveal and the note. Letting his wife handle hysterical Hinode in her black kimono while he took care of his son. Putting his years of psychical strength to use by restraining his own child. Which left him to knock Ichirou off his feet on to the floor before him with his usual cool demeanor. To only take a defensive stance while making his son recall the story of their ancestor's death.
“Do you think her lover allowed the sight of her former master's blade penetrating her heart angry him? Watching the life drain out of her as she used the last of her strength to transfer her power to him.” Katashi made his son remember. “No, He kept his calm and carried on her work.”
“We have never once regretted following her descendants.” Yang and Shiro would stand on either side of Katashi.
    Hitomi would nuzzles her master's side as a gent
:iconsailorx161:sailorx161 1 4
CS: Out About with You by sailorx161 CS: Out About with You :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 1 0 BB X161 and Unisamas Art collab by sailorx161 BB X161 and Unisamas Art collab :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 6 0 chibi alpha Sagittarius by sailorx161 chibi alpha Sagittarius :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 3 0 Summer Event 2 Animal Crossing Antics by sailorx161 Summer Event 2 Animal Crossing Antics :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 3 0


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Guys Please check this place out!

quote form the wed site:
`The Imaginary Friend Society is our way of helping our youngest patients make sense of the many different aspects of cancer. It’s one of the many ways we’re using brains to save brains.`


My Grand- Mother is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Send her your prayers!

CS: Tough Day

Kadmos sometimes has days when he feels so numb inside and doesn't want his constellation family or The Lady to see him like this, he spends time with Iunae. Seeking comfort in presence of his husband.

-happening in scene-
in privacy of Bloodgood Manor's Sunroom, Kadmos can be found looking up at Earth through glass ceiling wrapped in a bed linen through empty eyes. Not even the sights of blue and green in a swirling mixture of white fluffy clouds making up the view of a planet would stir a quiet Kadmos. A single cotton sheet was wrapped around his half dressed form while a cup of green tea with blood orange syrup was would be brought to him. Iunae would be the one to hand the cup and saucer to his husband with simple question about how had his day was for him to be here. Saying he would wait for his answer like he would always since he learned that time was always needed with a man that owned his heart. By taking a seat next him and describing his childhood of growing up and admiring the very view that was clearly above their heads. Offering to bring his grandfather's telescope to REALLY get a view or just seat here and take in the sight until Kadmos felt better.

My The Arcana MC: Jewel
Here's my version of MC from The Arcana!

A new game I have gotten into and gone down the Julian route so many times, I have fallen in love with the Sassy Doctor and the drama that comes with him. She some how ended up being created on the spot after a series of weird dream i have been had until i got her design out of my head. 


-Her Bio-


Dec 1

• Spiritual Awareness
• Enhanced intuition
• Prophetic dreams

Collecting wild plants in the forest
Star Gazing
Animals of all kinds
Spending time with Portia
Visiting the marketplace or The Rowdy Raven  
Reading Medical text books
[to much list]

Starless sky
Lack of memories
Headaches she suffers

Favorite Tarot card{she has a top 5}:
Knight of Swords
Queen of Wands
King of Pentacles
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man[she keeps this a secret]

-Her favs-

Favorite meal

Wooden Grilled mantis shrimp

Favorite drink

Steeping Room Hot Tea

Favorite flower

Rosa Kordesii

Favorite fruit

Favorite season
Between Summer and Fall 

Favorite ice cream flavor
Swirl (chocolate and vanilla)

Friendly sweet heart with magical touch, That comes off the sweet and nice type of girl with an innocent smile she puts on, but has a sarcastic tongue hidden underneath. 
Able to fake cry and natural ability to tell when someone is lying; even if the person lying is a master of deception
Never gives up and always one to defend the people 
closest to her when they are in trouble 
Tends to act like an a**hole when she gets angry with a deeply caring heart toward her friends


ssmu resouces:
SSMU, SugarRoseDoll, DarkAshetteXxX, xavs-pixels, cetchance51, deviant_girl_amazing, Sirena-Voyager, StargazerSammie
i joined the bandwagon of the lastest meme
CS: Talking About His World

Iunae always found time to ask Kadmos about everyday subjects, the one that always seemed to come up for the two of them was the War and alpha constellations. One would recall his times during the war when his sense of feeling start to become lost with each battle he and fellow constellations were in. As other would listen to everything and ask if the other constellations would ever want to meet a outsider that was quite a fan of their tales? 
CS: Wake Up Call

After becoming newlyweds, Iunae had made it a habit to wake up Kadmos in the wee hours of the morning whenever he sleeps at Blood Moon Manor for a few nights. Would welcomed by Kadmos since every morning until their honeymoon phrase of their marriage was over for them. Iunae would come up with new ways to wake up his husband before their usual conversations about what plans the other had for today happened. 
CS: His Smile

-What Happening In This Picture-
Iunae had a habit of visiting Kadmos during his break from simple archery practice or playing with Iunae's Lunarian hound. 

 Knowing his presences alone sometimes soothes him and brings that smile to other's face when they aren't discussing Kadmos' past during the war, or Iunae's passion*.
The rare moments when an actual smile appears on Kadmos' face when he's around his love interest when not around his constellation family. Are treasured by moments that Iunae would always take time to enjoy since he considers that right side up grin was one of Kadmos' best features. By sitting quietly with his eyes closed and spend hours jsut soaking up the moment with out a single word being exchanged between them. 

1. Iunae is what you call a fanboy from a historic sense about the war, since he grew up hearing their adventures from his governess as a child. Coming to he become a historian when he got older wanting to study and write about the past after proper research was done.
Line Art of
done by MoondancerAya 

She a ever talented girl that I want you all to check out!

She did a great job drawing him out and the details! WOW!

my question color do you associate me with?

Gravity Falls OCs
These came from when I watched gravity falls repeated and all the extras clips and my mind creating these two.

Ford and his brother return to Gravity Falls after some time and find a business in the town that catches Ford attention, One investigation leads to another. Ford ends up falling in love with owner of the business and finding out her link to the town after a long discussion one night.
In time her son and his pet end up meeting Marble and Dipper during one one of their return trips to Gravity Falls.
Different bonds with him are formed between the Pine twins over the summer vacation 


(boy on the left)
Character information
Adedayo Dimitris Wales

Other names
Quentin Trembley IIII [official name]
Que JR [family name]
Q- man [family name]
Magic Man [Mabel Pines and Soos]

employee at Magical Touch

Become a full magician 
Perfect his magical gift
Find a Epic love

Romania (born)
Brooklyn, NY (raised and lived)
Gravity Falls, Oregon (relocated )

Quentin Trembley-  Grandfather 
Heather Wales {deceased}- grandmother 
Darina Trembley- mother
Ford Pines- Step father 
unknown father 

Kune Kune pig named Snježana

Bedazzling and colors fade sweaters
Pastel Punk
Chocolate covered cherries
Glitter Glue 
Osteology is the scientific study of bones
Reading romance novels
Weirdness of Gravity Falls
Unicorns {It's the truth about that he prefers}
Japanese and Korean Drama shows

cop dramas
loud noises (mostly screaming and poorly played music)
being ill informed

Powers and abilities
Potion and minor spell craft
Minor elemental abilities
Natural design sence

throwing knifes


(woman on the right)
Character information
Darina Trembley

Other names
Ashe Witch
Strange Case #2XX
Annoying Woman


employee at Enchantments (former)
freelance magician (Part Time)
Magical Touch (Owner)

Be accepted by Ford's niece and nephew
Have a successful marriage to Ford
Start a family and solve mysteries of the world

Gravity Falls, Oregon (born and raised)
Romania (relocated and lived shortly)
Brooklyn, NY (relocated and lived shortly)
Gravity Falls, Oregon (relocated back to live and opened business)

Quentin Trembley-  father 
Heather Wales {deceased}- mother 
Ford Pines- Husband
Adedayo Dimitris Wales- Son

strawberry taffy 
Talking to interesting people
Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons (playing)
farmer markets

spider people
kale and char
man flirting with her

Powers and abilities
Magical abilities
Crafts (glass blowing, candle making, etc...)

metallic whip
rainbow charm bracelet
jar of colorful sand
Unicorn whistle
ssmu credit:
 SSMU, Verdy-K, PlanetXiN, TheLamianArtist, GoddessCureMystic, nkmblackhyuuga, amethystangel228,

pig is from



Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! The 10 first people who comments on this journal will get featured
Dark blue bullet I will choose between 3 deviations from their gallery, and tell why I like them
Dark blue bullet If you comment, please copy-paste the rules to a journal on your page, and feature me in the first slot!
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! The idea is to spread art around, not to get free features!!

1)  Shade-Arts
[INKTOBER 2017] Day 3: Depart by Shade-Arts [CST2] In the Taurus Mountains... by Shade-Arts MSP Round 2: Phoenix Rising by Shade-Arts
She's Worthy To Be Check Out! :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp  
First time I looked upon her art was her Sailor Phoenix in the MSP, the sheer firmness within Sailor Phoenix's eyes and fire at her feet. Sent chills of excitement up and down my spine as I imagined being the enemy that was about to be finished off by that blaze of flame from her. Left me affected to the point, I see a
 heart touching moments in her work of these individual Ocs!
Flawless penmanship in her linearts to vibrant colors that make up her backgrounds!

Cutter and Roxanne by iCheddart

Mature Content

Love Eternal by iCheddart
Someones in trouble Ep 2 by iCheddart
Recently I become a a fan of her Fragment universe and can't loving the little pieces of this world she makes everytime I log on to DA, and check my notifications. I root for Amber, drool over Void, follow Seraphina into battle, and can't but want to tease Brentan about everything. They make up this group of people that always make me laugh and look forward to their adventures or silly antics. Is a world I would to be apart of from Jeweled Court to Void's mase

I encourage your to come see and explore this world! Cheerleader 

Private Moment
happen after this


-the story-

Roum could be found within Cornelius' apartment having what the other could call a Me Day without a interruption. Started out as Roum sleeping over at Cornelius after a date night the previous night. Ended with Cornelius being woken up by a brittle colored bear-dog named Aarats licking his face. Which had him pulling pair of discarded boxers and follow his furry friend to his kitchen. A fully awaken Roum cooked a traditional English Breakfest for two with what Cornelius had. Would be enjoyed by the two with fully dressed Cornelius sitting opposite a dressed Roum. Aarats would seat under the table emptying his food bowl of the food mixture given to him.

“Never knew you were a dog person.” Cornelius had been surprised to see Aarats. “Thought you would have a exotic species of cat.”

“My nanny had a Munchkin cat named Nibbles.” Roum puts down the mug he sipped from. “Back in England where I grew up.”

“You are full of surprises.” Cornelius sat back in his seat.

“Coming from someone in shorten version of standard boxers.” Roum looked over Cornelius' form.

Cornelius made sure to put on his best smile on when he felt Roum staring at him as he ate. Deciding if he should lean back in his seat and give Roum more of a show like he did last night. When he put on a his clock radio to the latest station to set a mood that earned him a good night. One where he ended up sleeping in the all natural state after Roum stimulated him last night.

“You know how to show a guy a good old time.” Cornelius winked at him.

Roum would smile with a full mouth he would soon chew and swallow before putting his fork down to answer a text. What he read had him sighing before he needed to head out and solve a personal problem. Had him getting up from his seat needing to excuse himself to change his shirt. Have Cornelius with Aarats chased after him all the way back to Cornelius' bed room.

“Can't let your leave with this.” Cornelius would stop Roum.

He stopped him just when Roum pulled off a shirt that wasn't his own to press a kiss on his cheek. A small smile would appear on Roum's face from the form of affection before they pulled apart. A promise that Cornelius would watch Aarats until he came back tonight for their movie night with Stephanie. 

Late Night Visit

takes place after this…


-the story-

He showed up on the doorstep of Cornelius' apartment the moment after reveal about their brooches and them being living weapons. Roum was welcomed inside the small space after asked if he was alright. He would have been asked by Cornelius if he wanted anything to drink or eat. If he didn't almost tackle the guy on to the hard wood floor of the entrance way and connect their lips. Kiss that would take place between the two was rough and gawky within first few seconds. Ended when Roum pulled away to place his ear to Cornelius' chest to heart a actual beating heart. Which had Cornelius moving his arms from laying at his sides to wrapping around Roum.

“If this your way of seducing me?” Cornelius jokingly spoke. “Then I am liking this!”

Roum would mumble something that Cornelius could make out as just closed his eyes and laid on him. This went on for a good half hour before Roum unwelcome visitor to Cornelius' apartment. Was swept off his feet by arms taking hold of him under his bent knees and shoulder blade. Carrying him out of the small area they been laying around ion for a much bigger area. Being a open floor living space off to the left of the entrance way with wooden furniture everywhere. On to a large, wooden futon with a cotton cushion Roum was placed by Cornelius in careful matter.

“Comfortable?” Cornelius asked pull away form Roum. “Don't want you to get stiff.”

Roum ended up removing a mirror compact with constellation of Sagittarius on the upper part of the lid. From a back pocket of his jeans to be placed somewhere on the futon and had Cornelius curious.

“It was a late gift left to me and my sister after my grandmother's death.” Roum whispered to him.

“A woman's compact?” Cornelius asked.

“Never could bring my self to have the piece altered.” Roum looked toward the piece.

“Doesn't bother me and I kinda jealous of the work who ever put this together.” Cornelius liked the design. “You thought of using the mirror as a surveillance tool?”

The idea from Cornelius formed a smile on Roum's face to the point he placed his lap on his lap. Reaching out with her right hand to grab the guy by collar of his shirt and pull him downward. When their lips come together in a slow putting Cornelius's lower lip between his own. Grabbing gently with his lips as one hand put his hand under other's chin and tilt it upward. As if he was bettering the angle for one to draw other closer to the body on the futon. Which was welcomed by the other for what was to come. Clothes would end up be shed for skin to meet and connect of the flesh to take place. Sounds of pleasure would follow for the two before they would jointly peak together. To only lay side by side for a short time Cornelius would grasp Roum before he pulled way to speak to him.

“Remember I am here for you.” Cornelius advice with a simple smile across his face.

Blush that spread across Roum's face was the cutest thing that Cornelius would come to know about him.

My platting attempt
Upon expending my skills as a home cook around dinner time. I thought why not try plating?

    Katashi had to step in with his son when he watched how angry Ichirou had gotten over the reveal and the note. Letting his wife handle hysterical Hinode in her black kimono while he took care of his son. Putting his years of psychical strength to use by restraining his own child. Which left him to knock Ichirou off his feet on to the floor before him with his usual cool demeanor. To only take a defensive stance while making his son recall the story of their ancestor's death.

Do you think her lover allowed the sight of her former master's blade penetrating her heart angry him? Watching the life drain out of her as she used the last of her strength to transfer her power to him.” Katashi made his son remember. “No, He kept his calm and carried on her work.”

We have never once regretted following her descendants.” Yang and Shiro would stand on either side of Katashi.

    Hitomi would nuzzles her master's side as a gentle whining filled with concern could be heard from her. Which made Ichirou take a calming breath and collection him self as he sat before his father. Looking around at worried and sorrowful scene of people that he knew could be made better.

Watashi o yurushite?Ichirou addressed his father.

Always.” Katashi would kneel down and pat Ichirou on the his shoulder. “It's all apart of growing up and learning from your mistakes.”

    Ichirou was pulled into a hug by Yang and Shiro within their human forms before an idea struck him. Had him first called off the wedding, he should have known wasn't happening until this whole Orochimaru thing was over. He had forgotten the girl that owned his heart was a shrine maiden and descendant of the Goddess, Kaguya. Second was the harsh reminder his farther had given him in forceful matter. About a role that was left to Sakura's descendants and shrine he should also be protecting. He would end up apologizing to Anie's grandmother for what had happen and he needed to leave. Left the elder woman to try and get Lady Kazuno to stop her son from making a dangerous mistake. To only be assured that her son was just like his father at that age before nothing was wrong with him.

After a quick wore robe change on Ichirou's part that would more suit him with what he had in mind. Ended when Jai dumped a ancient katana still in it's sheath at his feet with a Chinese tassel hanging off the handle. 

It's that the blade that killed our ancestor?” Ichirou asked about the weapon before him.
“Yes... and it may have the strength to kill that
Orochimaru.” Jai answered. “Just take it!”

    Ichirou knew the katana had been purified a long time ago by his ancestor's lover before being stored away. Having his cousin dump the weapon before him and say to use it told him something about Jai.

Lets use that Hitomi's nose and go help that troublesome brunette you can't forget.” Jai sighed. “I wish Sakura pairs me up with non- crazy.”

    Ichirou ended up picking up the sword after pulling a pair of fingerless white tekkos on back of his hands. Which got a whistle from Jai comparing him to samurai ready to go to war for his princess. Got him asked if he was coming with him or standing around and keeping everyone company. Jai rolled his only eye and stated he wasn't missing out on a good hunt with his signature grin. Bring how he wasn't ready to leave this fight to butch of shrine maidens he still hadn't get to known. Harumi and Rina were some interesting girls he had just coming to know through many interactions. 

Someone has to watch your ass since your sister isn't around to save you.” Jai stepped aside. “Besides your not the only one with girl he wants to protect.”

I don't want to know.” Ichirou stopped his cousin there.


    After a quick whistle that would bring Hitomi to their sides and packing a small wooden box. The two were off with one needing to make a point with the girl that left him at the alter. He needed Anie to know that she and other mikos weren't going to fight alone. It wasn't just her physical self or the fact she was descendant of the Goddess, Kaguya. He saw beyond the clumsly, air head of a thing that people had to come to know her by. He saw a sweet hearted girl with a strong spirit that always found a way. Strong archery with a steady arm that always hit the mark no matter the chaos that was going on. He wanted to support in stead of stand on the sidelines and watch her do all the work in protecting everyone. Since he couldn't take the smile she always worn fad back into a frown joined by countless tears. Just wanted to show some form of assistance to a girl that shined like a full moon on a clear sky.

We should get going before the action actually starts.” Jai was ready for him to led the way.

Which would happen when he looked to nose belonging to Hitomi to sniff Anie and her friends out

"Want to tell me whats in the box?" Jai asked Ichirou as they ran.     
"A scale from the dragon enhoused in the shrine's underground tunnels." Ichirou  explains. "Thought it would be better then exchanging rings and bring good fortune to the girls."
"Remind me to teach you how to shop for a girl." Jai was impressed with the gift. 

    Trying to get Ichirou  to understand that not all girls would understand the meaning being the of dragon's scale with out being explained to them. Some would figure this was creepy to get a piece of an animal as a wedding gift in a wooden box meant to replace a wedding ring. Others would accept the this gift without asking what it was all about with smile on their face and while the gift would be laid aside for another day. 

"You don't know Anie." Ichirou would remind Jai about her.
"Has she ever seen or met our family's dragon?" Jai asked.

    Hitomi would end up howling when she caught the smell of cherry blossoms and moos dust within her nostrils when her pace started to quicken with them. Made Jai and Ichirou  just run faster behind her as they heard her howling and knew that she most of picked up a familiar scent. Which had them changing the direction the two were running the whole time away from the Kazuno family shrine and their dearest ones. Knowing soon they would soon be reunited with mikos and Anie if they just follow the path that seemed to be laid out for them. 

'Hold On Anie!' was the thought running through 
Ichirou's mind when stopped counting his steps when would see her once more and fight by her side. 'You'll not be only one in this.'  

CS: Out About with You

done by the ever talented 
Rachel Kaye (…)

this is of dear husbands (Kadmos  and Iunae ) in civilian attire just playing around with one another some where within with Town Square of a Lunarian city. Possibly they were running personal errands for the Noble House of Bloodgood that Iunae is from or just out as a couple on fun day date. 
Who knows?


United States
Hey everyone who barely knows me out there in cyberspace!

Get to know me with what is provided for you right above what ur reading right now. Since I am nobody just existing in this world.



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