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Bigger, better, stronger, POWER

UPDATE: The fog has been deleted :)

Amaranth Forest is located between Bouyplant Town and Vigilake Town. It's known as the clearest place in the whole Aristos region. It is said that Moltres is the protector of this forest. Nobody knows why...

This is a remake of the map I made 3 years ago [link]



Pokémon® is owned by © GameFreak and Nintendo


None of those VERY tiles, sprites or designs belong to Nintendo nor GameFreak [except the cutting tree]. They belong to proper artists (including me), credited above, from whom I have received a proper permission for an usage. Tiles are INSPIRED by Pokémon games, NOT RIPPED from any of them.
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Just wondering, will the game be cripplingly difficult for a mainly English-speaking player? Or will the language barrier really only hinder Non playable character interaction?
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Sorry for my mensage in spanish...
This map is amazing, good work! ^^
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Why did you delete the fog?
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Just for dA, so people could see more details :)
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Buen bosque! buenas paletas y todo tiene una armonía espectacular.
Felicitaciones! ^^
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Now I wanna make maps, despite sucking at it :XD: This looks great!
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This is making me want to make maps, even if I don't make an actual game.
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Azzy's trees just make this map look perfect, they just go so well with the rest of the tiles you're using. And the moss rock-thing you got in the upper left looks really nice.

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You like Will I Am and justin Bieber...

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I like a good beat. And that song has it. Amen.

And comment the map if you have anything to say.
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Well the map is pretty cool
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Nareszcie końcowy produkt! :D Uwielbiam. Jest bardzo prosty i jednocześnie skomplikowany... Ale już zauważyłem dwa błędy: pierwsze drzewko od góry po prawej stronie dolnego budynku nie ma czubka, tak samo drzewko pod twoim znakiem wodnym, na praktycznie samym środku.

EN: Finally a final product! :D I love it. It's very simple, yet complicated... But I've already seen two errors: first tree from the top of the right side of the bottom building has a missing top, just like the tree under your watermark, practically in the center. (For those who are eager to know what I wrote. ;_;)
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I już naprawione :P
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Ahahaha, rozumiem ten ból. :P
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A tam od razu ból :P
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No ból, bo myślisz, że już skończyłeś, ale jednak trzeba poprawiać. :/ ZWŁASZCZA jak to będzie w grze i kompletnie warstwy pomyliłeś...
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Takie rzeczy się testuje, więc prędzej czy później bym to zauważył :D
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Dzięki :) to wszystko przez te warstwy :P
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What's with the weird purple fog?
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That's how the forest looks in the game, it's called Amaranth because of that weird purple fog :P
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