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Flutter-Anxiety Wallpaper

Vector: Mlp Fim Fluttershy (fear) vector #2 by luckreza8 :iconluckreza8:

Program used: PhoXo

Disclaimer: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: (c) Hasbro/ :iconfyre-flye:
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Awww, poor Fluttershy... :tears: I haven't seen this episode (since I basically just watch DVDs and have the first two seasons, like I've probably said before ^^;), but this hits me pretty hard anyway, since I know how this feels... I'm terrible at being assertive and confident too, sometimes. :(
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Well the episode is called fame and misfortune (Or as I call it the brony fandom in a nutshell LMAO!)

I think we've all been there before Misery 
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Oh man... I can relate...
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Yeah same here! Misery 
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Anxiety is a bitch...
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