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Rushing Wind

FINALLY! *drumroll*

As many of you know I'm in love with Katie's cosplaying, so I decided to take after scpg89 and make my own fanart of it. I haven't quite managed to get his originality and glossiness but I still like it. I've redone it soooo many times, so I hope they both like it. :)

I chose to do Kelly because as much as I admire Katie's huge pretty eyes, Kelly is way, WAY cooler. ;) *suckup* I mean, come on, Uranus? Much cooler than Moon. ^_^ Obv I've taken some liberties from the original, but I think I've managed to capture the general feel of her. I hope! :D

I made the fullsize BIG, because I spent so much time on details and I didn't want that to get lost in 600 pixels. :P And there are a ton of things I need to improve on, but there always are. :P So... um... yeah, I hope someone likes it atleast. :P
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Your drawing of Uranus is amazingly beautiful! :dance:
Seiryuu-no-Miko's avatar
which Myu Uranus is this? Nao??? Then please load it to my Club :iconrushing-wind: thx
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It's based on my friend Kelly ([link]), but I'm not sure which Uranus she based hers off. I think it was one of the later of Nao's. Send me an invite and I might. :)
Seiryuu-no-Miko's avatar
WOW!!! O.O It's awesome hun, I looove it!! <3
Such a beautiful haruka, ahhh and the fuku looks so real, you can almost tuch it :O it's scary...
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Ow, my poor ego! But seriously though, I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I kind of like that Kelly girl a lot so you won't hear any argument from me. :D

Lovely work! I can't draw at all, so you have my respect! :heart:
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I confuse myself so much sometimes. Had I not answered this? I'm looking through my gallery and just realised I hadn't answered. :P That can't have helped your poor ego! :D Then again, I made one for you too so I guess I just spoil you, don't I? ;)
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I guess so! :3
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O.o THIS IS A-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!! OMG telly-chan i LOVE it!!! so pretty!!!! squee! i adore this. so good.
SailorTelevator's avatar
Really? Thank you! Once you guys have costumes made I'm making ones for you too. ;)
ofLoveandBeauty's avatar
SQUEE! i wanna cool picture of mee!!!!!
SailorTelevator's avatar
Uuuh, that's a commission! *happy dance* (free of charge ofc, DUH!)
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Thank you very much! :D
Polysics-Or-Die's avatar
Oh man you drew Kelly <33333
SailorTelevator's avatar
Well scpg89 had done Katie, so I thought Kelly deserved some luuuuurv. ^_^
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That's gorgeous!
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Thank you! :D It took me FOREVER, really wanted to get it right. It was a HUGE. :P
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Wow. There are no words...
SailorTelevator's avatar
I think that pretty much made me go "squeeeee" with happiness. ^_^
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You like then? I totally poured my heart and soul into it. :)
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I had noticed, replied as well. And I did say on the forum what I was doing today... ^_^

I don't like... I LOVE!! Seriously hun, that is just AMAZING.
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