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Bloodstone Bat

HelloSunniLove helped me with a design because i had an art block she sketched it and i colored it. permission was given

Senshi name:  Sailor Bloodstone Bat

Name:  Liliac Hematit 
Nickname: Lili
Birthday:  October 31   
Age:  21
Eye Color: red
Hair Color:  golden blond
Skin Color:  pale
Hobbies: Street Racing of any kind, Card games (like poker) Mechanic work, and studying Bats
Family: lives on her own (orphan)
Personalitiy: Quiet and tough
Place: Transylvania, Romania (small village)
Likes: Racing challenges, cards, light and tight clothes, leather, Gothic themes and Bats.
Dislikes: teasing, getting in fights, and failing in races.
Known memory of fear: the Motorcycle crash in the caves
Height: 5' 5''
Character Strengths: Focusing in racing
Character Weaknesses: Troubled past in Orphanage
Realm(s) of Influence (Max of 2): Sound and Blood
Powers (Must have Names AND Description): Her Attacks: song of the Bat (think high pitch sounds) one scream all the bats come and attack the enemy. Her Defense: stays in the dark. 
Power/Battle Weaknesses: Sonic sounds *those high pitched noises like a dog whistle*

Background/History: Liliac was born in Transylvania, Romania. Small village-town, she was raised in a orphanage because her family was killed, the cause of death she never knew, growing in the orphange with a nasty Landlady was in words a living Hell. She was always scared and alone growing up in there. She had no friends and had to survive on her own in there, until she runs away and joined in street racing. She had a mentor, teaching her how to race and gamble and most of all survive the races. One race happened and it was winner take all, during the race she fell in a cave and crashed her motorcycle, there Bats came to attack her. It wasn't long until she was saved. *more will come*

Relationship: ?

the group :iconcrystalanimamates: belongs to :iconsailoralcyone::iconicheddart::iconlumaea: and :iconilantiis:
Art by :iconhellosunnilove: and me
Sailor Moon to rightful owners
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Do you think with their age and distance gap that Taaffeite Starling and Bloodstone Bat could be like pen-pals or something? They have very similar personalities actually - and fighting styles it seems lol

Taaffeite Starling:…
SailorSunPhoenix's avatar
Mm...that's actully interesting. I'll think about it :)
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cool character. I like her background story.
wolfofwierdness's avatar
RoyalRaven99's avatar
Cool!!! I'm happy to finally know more about her!
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You don't want to get to know mine?
RoyalRaven99's avatar
Of course I would!
KatiaSunna's avatar
I hope our Crystal Animamates would be good friends (Even though Citrine Koi is a KPop singer in a Kpop group)
granddragoonknight's avatar
shes cute is she seeing anyone
SailorSunPhoenix's avatar
do you have someone in the group :iconcrystalanimamates: ?
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My dear, the back parts of the bow (the knot) are supposed to be the same as the primary!

but I like it otherwise!
SailorSunPhoenix's avatar
i thought it was the same as the gem XD XD BAH!!!! 

but i am glad you like it
HelloSunniLove's avatar
simple little fix and it will be fine! lol
:hug: ^_^ I was nervous you wouldn't like it!
SailorSunPhoenix's avatar
i love the design. and the hairstyle makes her rebellious XD
HelloSunniLove's avatar
I'm so glad 😊!!!
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