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I came on media to do my art, have critiques, roleplay, and have fun.

In Rps I'm a romantic person

where else to find me (note me for names please)





Do NOT call me things that are against my LDS Religion I will take it as a Serious OFFENSE and I WILL screenshot proof and have you blacklisted and I WILL REPORT YOU for bullying and abusive behavior towards me.

Unacceptable and immature bullying like behavior in any Social media is Toxic

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Christopher Hart! (have been since High school)
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Marvel, DC comics, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, and Vampire Movies
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Xena, Vampire Knight, Sailor Moon, Bleach, Naruto and many more.
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Rock, Instrumental, Techno, ect...ect...ect
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Anything with action, Danger, Sci-fi, mystery, adventure, anime, and romance.
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any Ninja, Marvel, DC, and Vampire Video Games and Chess
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Xbox 360
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Corel Painters, gimp, Paint, Paint tool sai, and Magic artist

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Hello everyone, a little life update, My husband is doing ok, he's been really tired working from 0300-1700 everyday. I'm still working at the gas station as a cashier which I'm happy on, They wanna put me in Pizza and Snack avenue but due to my Pregnancy I can't handle the smell and I cannot lift the coffee makers...I still work 1300-1930, which is mid shift part time. I did manage to work some overtime thanks to the managers and that we are really low on staff. I love working hard as much as I can as long as I don't overwork myself to where I'll be sick and weak due to pregnancy. I actually have a set life plan: 1) Feed cats, and do one chore before work 2) Work as cashier 3) Come home, check mail, prep husband's uniform, prep my uniform. I do get days off so I can do full house chores. I have to keep the house clean and well. I love working so much, and to be honest this job is SO much better than Peter piper Pizza. the Employees are nicer, the Management is amazing. Also after
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hello everyone, yours cruelly here lol. Here is my life update for the month. I know I have been inactive lately, my job has been hectic due to mandatory. The commanding general has made Louisiana base, to wear a mask from now on, dont matter if you're vaccinated or not, no mask no service. I had a few anti maskers give me problems but they were dealt with by the military police. I'm just glad that I'm behind the cash registration and not close to anyone. I also have to check military ID only for gas, smokes, and drinks, many complained about it but it is how it is. My husband is good and has been promoted. He is no longer working gates. He's happy with that. The cats are OK, Mars is playing with Sabrina, Sabrina is being a mom to her which is so cute. Moon is not too fond of Mars but used to her. She still cannot get along with Sabrina lol. Sabrina is pretty good and allows Mars to play with her, she hisses at moon when she is close to Mars, motherly instinct to protect her i
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My job is doing great. I love being cashier, times flies fast there, there are times when I feel like I've been there for 30mins and its been 2 hrs. Been doing alot of cleaning in the house as well before my husband comes home from AZ. He is going to love what I've done. I organized his civil clothes in the master closet, and his military clothes in the military closet. My husband knows I've been working alot. He's gonna spoil me when he and I have a day off. Hair done, medi pedis, all that jazz. Getting my city girl spa lol. :giggle: I've been cleaning the kitchen alot, the dining table and hall too, living room is cleaned up too. Closet in master bedroom getting cleaned up. Along with master bathroom too. I have this plan written up doing one chore before work and 1 chore after work. Before husband is home. Taking care of my three cats. Oldest to youngest is: Moon, Sabrina and Mars, Mars loves hiding half my things and hates it when I shower, she cries and cries, she even has
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