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Usagi Tsukino-Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon by Freddy-Kun-11
Moon portrait by TwinEnigma
27 - Sailor Moon by iamtabbychan
Sailor Witch Series: Sailor Moon by Kutty-Sark
Ami Mizuno-Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury by Freddy-Kun-11
Mercury portrait by TwinEnigma
26 - Sailor Mercury by iamtabbychan
Sailor Witch Series: Sailor Mercury by Kutty-Sark
Rei Hino-Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars by Freddy-Kun-11
Sailor Mars portrait by TwinEnigma
25 - Sailor Mars by iamtabbychan
Sailor Witch Series: Sailor Mars by Kutty-Sark
Makoto Kino-Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter by Memokkeen
Sailor Jupiter by Freddy-Kun-11
Sailor Jupiter portrait by TwinEnigma
24 - Sailor Jupiter by iamtabbychan
Minako Aino-Sailor Venus-V
Sailor Venus by Memokkeen
Sailor Venus by Freddy-Kun-11
Venus portrait by TwinEnigma
23 - Sailor Venus by iamtabbychan
Chibiusa-Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibi Usagi by Memokkeen
ChibiMoon portrait by TwinEnigma
22 - Chibiusa by iamtabbychan
Sailor Witch Series: Sailor Chibi Moon by Kutty-Sark
Haruka Tenou-Sailor Uranus
Sailor Uranus by Freddy-Kun-11
Uranus portrait by TwinEnigma
20 - Sailor Uranus by iamtabbychan
Sailor Witch Series: Sailor Uranus by Kutty-Sark
Michiru Kaiou-Sailor Neptune
Sailor Neptune by Freddy-Kun-11
Neptune portrait by TwinEnigma
21 - Sailor Neptune by iamtabbychan
Sailor Witch Series: Sailor Neptune by Kutty-Sark
Setsuna Meiou-Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto by Memokkeen
Sailor Pluto by Freddy-Kun-11
18 - Sailor Pluto by iamtabbychan
Sailor Pluto from sailorstars by skimlines
Hotaru Tomoe-Sailor Saturn
Sailor Saturn by Memokkeen
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon and Sailor Cosmos
OAK Sailor Cosmos by TwinEnigma
Mamoru Chiba-Tuxedo Mask
Tuxedo Mask by Skirtzzz
Amazoness Quartet-Sailor Quartet
Palla Palla by JaviDLuffy
Sailor Starlights
Sailor Star Figther by misslepard
Other characters
[Recolour/Redraw] Tsukino Ikuko by amethyst-rose
OAK Silver Millenium Era Sage Beryl by TwinEnigma
Otaku Senshi
Sailor Aurora  by Anime-Ray
Boyfriend by Kimiski
Sailormoon Charms by zambicandy
Kunzite and Zoisite. Sailor Moon cosplay by Vaishravana
Pluto's Muscle CorruptionPluto's Muscle CorruptionThe Story was written by an anonymous friend."Well, what do you think, Setsuna?" Amy said, strutting around the lab in a skintight blue catsuit that showed off her muscular body excellently. "Your work is fascinating, Amy. And I must admit, your new body and suit certainly... have a certain appeal~" Setsuna's eyes traced Amy's powerful legs and strong muscular back in tight blue leather. "Thank you! I even modified Minette's technology and made plenty of buu slime to keep me and Usagi inflated forever! They're still in the testing phase, of course. Don't want anything evil happening if they got out." Amy then heard a text from her phone, which she grabbed with her large strong gloved hand. "OH! I forgot that I had a date with Usagi! Oh, I'm so sorry, Setsuna!" Sailor Pluto smiled warmly. "Don't worry about it, go enjoy your date. I'll lock up behind you." Amy brought her friend in for a HUGE muscular huge. "Oh thank you, you're so nice! See you later!" Mercury rushed out the door, giving Pluto a nice view of her lovely muscular hips, legs, thighs, and ass, leaving her behind to admire her work. "Hmm, she said she had slime to spare. I wonder..." The raven-haired Sailor Scout wandered the lab until she found several containers of experimental buu slime. "Now... I think I want to gain muscles too. She said they were experimental, but what could possibly go wrong?" Pluto recklessly grabbed a jar of slime and opened it. "Come here, cutie! You're ccoming right inside this mouth of mine. Pucker up!" She puckered her lips as the slime began forcing its way into her mouth. "AAAH, that's it, MMMMPH, come on in, MMMMPH!" Her neck bulged a bit as the slime infiltrated her body, making it start to expand outward. Her stomach grew, then became a powerful set of abs. "MMMPH, OOOOOPH, FEEEHLS GHOOOOD, OOOOMMPH~" Pluto cried out in pleasure as the slime poured inside her, her legs swelled against her black boots. Her thigh-high leather boots stretched tightly to accomodate her their wearer's new sexy physique. Her feet grew huge in her high heels. Her arms swelled up and her hands became huge inside her white gloves. Setsuna's thoughts were getting corrupted, thinking of nothing but pleasure and strength and growth. She made a fist as she felt the slime entering and corrupting every corner of her body, loving the feeling. "YHHESS, YEHEHES, SHOOO GHOOOOD, MMMMPH~!" Her back straightened, strong nad powerful, as her transformation completed. "Ah, that felt incredible! I'm so powerful now! GRRRR, yes!" She growled and lifted a table with one hand. "SO STRONG, YES! I need more! I need... to make my friends strong! Must make them drink this! We'll all.. be... strong!" The unstable goop was glowing through her, making her unstable and strong. She grabbed more jars of the substance and drank two more before escaping the lab, eager to spread her corruption into Neptune and Uranus next....




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