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Sailor Moon: How To Date For Guardians. Makoto #1Harusuke was waiting beside the fountain over at Juuban Park. He was dressed in a yellow T-shirt with silver designs and black shorts. It was around ten in the morning, and the sun shone, showing it was a beautiful day.Not long after, Harusuke heard a familiar voice call out."Yo! Harusuke!"The boy looked and just in time to see Makoto approaching him. She was sporting a short sleeveless dress that showed off some of her curves, colored dark green with yellow trims, and light brown ankle boots and yellow socks."Sorry I'm a bit late," said Makoto. "Were you waiting long?""No. Not really," replied Harusuke. "I just got here a few minutes ago myself. By the way, I love the outfit you're wearing. You look good in it."Makoto smiled while winking. "Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.""So, what did you have in mind for today?" asked Harusuke. "Any places you wanted to go?""Heck yeah, I do," said Makoto. "I don't know what you and Minako did on your practice date, but I'll teach you some things that not even a dating expert like her would know. So look forward to it.""I will," chuckled Harusuke. "Just go easy on me with the tips and info. My brain can only take so much.""Don't worry. Today is going to be nothing but having fun," said Makoto. "Now come on. We're burning daylight."The two then set off together, leaving the park and heading into Downtown Juuban. Eventually, they entered the shopping mall and entered a clothing store on the third floor."Well, this certainly seems normal," Harusuke commented to Makoto. "I would have thought you would choose something extravagant like a theme park or something.""Yeah, I did consider that, but then I figured I'd pick something closer to home," said Makoto. "Plus, there were some outfits I wanted to check out and try on. And maybe I want to see you in certain outfits."The two started looking around, checking out whatever clothes struck them fancy. As they did, a group of people watched them outside the store, the group turning out to be Usagi, Chibiusa, and the rest of the group. All of them were wearing various disguises so they wouldn't be recognized."Never would have guessed that Mako would take Harusuke here of all places," said Usagi. "I figured that she would take him somewhere like a gym. They both do like working out, after all. But then again, she might be more traditional than I gave her credit for.""I must admit even I have to approve of this," nodded Minako. "Well played, Mako.""I still don't get we're spying on them like this," said Ami. "Don't you think that we should leave them alone?""You say that, and yet here you are spying along with us," Rei pointed out."Seriously. Don't these girls have anything better to do than butting into other people's business?" sighed Luna."Don't ask me," said Artemis. "I'm still wondering why they're doing this in the first place.""If you must know Artemis, we're here to watch and observe," said Usagi. "After all, we've got to keep a sharp eye out for any signs of trouble.""That's right," concurred Minako. "After all, given my recent experience, you never know when someone might come and ruin things." She then scowled while cursing towards the roof. "Especially a couple of stupid jerks that could happen come along and not only ruin every single bit of hard work to plan that date but also defile the sanctity of one's beautiful dreams!"Everyone else couldn't help but stare uneasily at Minako, detecting her hidden malice."It looks like Minako's still mad about what happened before," whispered Chibiusa."Well, she did put a lot of time and energy into that," said Artemis. "But don't tell her to get over it. All she'll ever do is yell and complain at you."Back with Harusuke and Makoto, the two searched through an assortment of clothes, picking whatever they liked. Then, they went to the fitting rooms to try out the things they decided on, taking turns showing off their outfits to each other. Some looked nice on them, and some looked goofy, but they had fun nonetheless.Harusuke was looking at another jacket to try on when he saw Makoto staring wistfully at a beautiful dress. It was a lovely shade of violet with a red rose and purple leaves printed on the skirt."Hey, Mako. You thinking of trying on that dress?" he asked as he came over.Makoto jumped a little. "O-oh! Not really! I was only looking at it," she replied.Harusuke looked at the dress. "Wow. It sure looks beautiful," he said. "I think it would look awesome on you. You should try it on.""Well, I could, but I... I don't know," Makoto stammered shyly. "Besides, they probably don't have it in my size, so..."Harusuke then went over to a receptionist who happened to be close by, much to Makoto's surprise."Excuse me, but do you have a dress that's my friend's size over there?" he asked."Why certainly," smiled the receptionist."H-Harusuke?!" Makoto squeaked. "W-what are you doing?!""What's it look like? I'm getting a dress your size so you can try it on," said Harusuke. "That's not a problem, is it?""Well, no, it's not, but...well, I, um," Makoto mumbled as she rubbed her arm.But despite her objections, the receptionist soon returned with the dress just the right size for Makoto, and at Harusuke's insistence, they went back to the fitting rooms so she could try it on. After a few minutes, Makoto came out of the fitting room wearing the dress, her face in a bright shade of pink. Upon seeing her, Harusuke and the receptionist couldn't help but stare in awe."Whoa... You look amazing, Mako!" Harusuke gasped. "No, you look incredible!"Makoto's face went red as she shyly averted her eyes. "Y-You think so?" she asked."I agree with your boyfriend, miss," agreed the receptionist. "You look beautiful in that dress!""O-Oh, wait! He's not my boyfriend!" Makoto quickly corrected. "He's just, uh, a good friend!"It wasn't just the two of them that saw this. Some other customers walking by couldn't help but stare just as amazed.Harusuke couldn't help but chuckle. "Looks like you found yourself a winner, Mako."Makoto grew all the more shy as she hid behind the curtain.After that, Makoto picked an outfit for Harusuke: a pair of black dress pants, a gray undershirt, a long-sleeved red button-down, and a white scarf. Makoto and the receptionist couldn't help but stare when he came out wearing it."So, how do I look?" Harusuke asked tentatively. "I'm not really to date with fashion, so...""You look amazing, sir!" the receptionist squealed. "You look so mature wearing those clothes!"Makoto could only stare, unable to speak, but she was utterly flustered in her thoughts."Oh, wow! Harusuke looks in-freaking-credible in those clothes!" she swooned mentally. "He looks just the guy that broke my heart!""Hey, Mako? You OK? Earth calling Mako?"Harusuke's voice quickly snapped Makoto back to reality."Um, yeah?! What is it?!" she couldn't help but squeak."I was going to say that I'm going to try and wear something else," said Harusuke."But why, though?" asked Makoto. "You look awesome in them!""Well, yeah, but I don't think these clothes suit me," said Harusuke as he removed the scarf from his neck. "Although, I will admit these clothes look nice. I kinda want to try some more.""Sure thing," agreed Makoto.The two continued trying different clothes, even buying some they liked, and eventually left the store, having their fill of window browing.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃Not long after that, the two got a little hungry and decided to eat at a restaurant. There was quite a bit to choose from, but Makoto had chosen one in a different part of town.It was a restaurant similar to Fruits Parlor Crown but was more sizable. The atmosphere was pleasant, and groups of friends and families were dining there, enjoying their meals while talking to one another."I've never been to a place like this before," commented Harusuke."Oh yeah? Neither have I," said Makoto. "But I have heard some good things about this place. The cooks that make the food they serve here are awesome, and I figured I'd get some ideas for my cooking."The two then took their seats at a booth and took their orders. And it wasn't long before their food was brought to them. Harusuke had ordered a ten-piece sushi platter with some onigiri and soy sauce, while Makoto had ordered some meatloaf with a small salad and broth."Wow, your sushi platter looks amazing, Harusuke," said Makoto. "And the onigiri looks good, too!""So does your meatloaf," said Harusuke. "Well, what do you say we dig in?"The two gave their thanks for their meals and started eating.Harusuke, using his chopsticks, dipped one of the sushi pieces in the soy sauce and popped one into his mouth. He then hummed in delight as he savored the taste."Oh, man. This is good!" he marveled as he ate another one.Makoto took her chopsticks, grabbed one of the pieces of meatloaf, and put it into her mouth. Her eyes then sparkled with joy as she squealed in delight."This meatloaf is to die for!" she spoke between bites. "Delicious with a capital D!"Harusuke chuckled. "You seem to be a big fan of meatloaf, Mako," he said."Are you kidding? I'm more than a fan," Makoto said as she swallowed. "Meatloaf's always been my favorite food. I can't get enough of it. You wanna trade bites?""Oh, sure. I'd love some," smiled Harusuke.Harusuke was about to place some of his food on a separate napkin to share while getting one for Makoto. But Makoto had different ideas. She picked up a piece of her meatloaf with chopsticks and held it to Harusuke."Here you go, Harusuke," she grinned. "Open wide."Harusuke flushed a little. "H-Hold up, isn't this the romantic spoonfeeding trope?" he gulped. "I thought that this was supposed to be a practice date.""Well, isn't it? I mean, you shouldn't be all that surprised," said Makoto. "I'm pretty sure couples do this all the time. Now, come on. Open up."Harusuke's eyes darted back and forth before finally opening his mouth, and Makoto popped the meatloaf into his mouth. When his tongue processed the savory taste of the meatloaf, Harusuke couldn't help but hum in delight, forgetting his earlier embarrassment."Oh, wow! This is good!" he said. "I don't think I've ever had something so delicious!""I know, right?" agreed Makoto. "I've got to get the recipe! I want to try and make my own!"Harusuke then picked up a piece of sushi and held it up to Makoto. "All right, then. Now you try some of this sushi."Makoto seemed to pause for a minute, but she opened her mouth as Harusuke fed her the sushi."How is it?" asked Harusuke. "Is it good?"Makoto nodded as she swallowed. "Yes. Very delicious."But inside, she felt very embarrassed.As the two continued enjoying their meals, Usagi and the other girls watched from another table, obscure from their eyes and drinking water. Rei and Minako were scowling, green with envy."Very effective, Makoto," Rei glowered. "I never would have expected you to go for the Romantic Spoonfeeding technique!""Damn it! Why didn't I think of that when I went out with him last time?!" Minako lamented. "It's so basic, yet I didn't think to teach him that!""I'm so going to do that with Mamo on our next date!" said Usagi. "Makoto's been doing her research!"As they continued to spy, a few of the patrons inside the restaurant couldn't help but stare, wondering if they were crazy. Chibiusa, Artemis, and Luna could only stare at the three while avoiding the gazes of the onlookers."This is embarrassing," Luna muttered."No kidding," agreed Artemis. "I just want to go home already."Chibiusa then took notice of Ami writing something in a notebook while muttering to herself."I see. The Romantic Spoonfeeding technique is a basic yet effective tactic. It's so simple yet powerful. I wonder if I could employ such a thing."Chibiusa could only chuckle. "I guess even Ami's interested in romance," she thought.Then, a male waiter came over to their table. He had been waiting by their table since they arrived, expecting them to order by now. However, the girls had been requesting nothing but water, making him exasperated and impatient."Um, excuse me, ladies," he said politely. "But are you all ready to order yet?""Oh, just give us a bit more time," Usagi replied, not bothering to look back. "And give me another cup of water while you're at it, please.""Yeah, me too," said Rei."Me three," said Minako."I'll have one, too, please," said Ami.The waiter, not wanting to be demanding or rude, had no choice but to comply. But just as he was about to leave, Chibiusa stopped him by giving her sleeve a few tugs."If you don't mind, I'd like to order one strawberry parfait, please," she said politely. "And be sure to add some sprinkles on it too."The waiter stared at the pink ordango girl blankly. Then, he started comically crying out of gratitude, believing her to be a saint."Bless your little heart, young miss," he wept. "I'll make sure your parfait gets lots of strawberries!"Chibiusa could only blink in puzzlement and said nothing more.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃After they ate their fill, Harusuke and Makoto went on with their outing, walking around Downtown Juuban and talking to each other until they came to a particular part of town."Hey, Harusuke! Check it out!" said Makoto. "Does this place look familiar?"Harusuke looked around. "Um, not entirely sure," he said. "Is it somewhere important?""Come on. I'm sure you remember," urged Makoto. "Think hard. You happened to come by here on a particular day."Harusuke hummed thoughtfully. Then, a particular memory bubbled up in his mind, which made him realize."Oh, yeah! This is where we first met you, right?" he asked.Makoto chuckled while winking. "Bingo! You got it!" she chirped. "Took you long enough."Harusuke then stared up towards the street with a nostalgic look. "Yeah, I remember way back when," he said. "I still can't get over how you took down those thugs so easily.""Really?" puzzled Makoto."Well, yeah. If it wasn't for you, I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't saved us," said Harusuke. "Not to mention your cooking was awesome too! But... don't get me wrong. I didn't become your friend just because of those reasons."Makoto laughed. "Don't worry, Harusuke. I know," she said. "And you know, sometimes I can't help but think of what might have happened if we hadn't met that day. It's a bit scary now that I think about it."Harusuke looked towards Makoto as she aimlessly took a few steps forward while looking up at the sky."If we hadn't, I'd still be all alone, having no friends, and not having the life I have right now. So..."She turned around, giving Harusuke a smile glowing with happiness."Harusuke, I wanted to thank you and everyone else," she said heartfeltly. "Thank you for being my friends and a part of my life. I can't imagine life without any of you, and I'm so grateful to have met you."Seeing Makoto smile warmly as the evening sun shone, Harusuke couldn't help but stare. He then smiled, too."Well, sure. What are friends for?" he replied.Makoto then stretched her arms, letting out a satisfying grunt. "Anyway, I had a great time today on our practice date," she said. "But it's getting late. How's about we call it a day on this date?""Sure thing," said Harusuke. "Do you want me to walk you home?""Sounds good," said Makoto.The two then started walking together, heading toward Makoto's apartment. Makoto appeared hesitant initially as they walked but eventually slipped her arm around Harusuke's and hugged it, much to the latter's surprise."M-Mako?""I-It's just for practice!" Makoto stammered. "Y-You know, practicing being close and stuff! But I'll let go if you're uncomfortable.""D-Do as you like," Harusuke also stammered. "I don't mind. I mean, it's practice, so it's fine."The two then continued walking together, not saying another word. As they did, Usagi and the others were still watching them, having seen the entire sentimental scene.




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