Covering the topics of Group Rules, submissions updates, and new admin requests.

Group Rules:

SailorPlanet has never really laid out rules for joining/submitting to the group, but I think we need to do so.

--> This rule is somewhat self-explanatory, if the artwork submitted to the gallery has been stolen, then it will not be approved and the deviant who claims to own the artwork will be banned from the group. In the case that a piece was submitted and we approved it unaware that it was stolen; we will remove the piece from group folders as soon as we know it is stolen, and the owner will be banner from the group. This is not a warning to be taken lightly, WE WILL BAN YOU IF YOU STEAL. Deviants who submit stolen content but do not claim to own it (for example: someone submitting from their favorites), they will not be banned from the group, but will receive a warning if possible.

2. Traced artwork is allowed if credited
--> We do allow traced artwork if you have credited your source and have their permission to trace their work.

3. Do NOT bully/abuse others
--> If someone in this group is caught bullying others through the group, they will receive a warning. If they are caught three times, they will be banned from the group.

4. Do not backtalk at the admins
--> If you have a problem with SailorPlanet, then please let us know politely. If it is a problem we can fix, then we will do so. If it is not something we can/will change, then we will let you know asap. Please understand that we are human also, and do not enjoy it when people treat us like robots. If you have a problem with an individual admin or member of the group, please keep it between yourself and that person, the entire group does not need to know about your disagreement.

5. Be sure to submit your deviation to the correct folder.
--> We have a wonderful guide to the folders that can be found here:, if you still don’t know where to submit, please ask us and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

6. Have fun
--> We want this group to be an enjoyable place for all Sailor Moon fans.

Submission Updates

Some of you may have noticed that member submissions are no longer automatically approved. This has been done because of to many deviations still being submitted to the wrong folder. Don’t worry; your submissions should be approved quickly and orderly. In the case that a deviation was submitted to the wrong folder, your submission will be declined and you will be asked to resubmit to the correct folder.

New Admin Requests

SailorPlanet is looking for more admins to help with approving submissions and keeping the group organized. If we have enough admins join our team, then we will give each admin one or two gallery folders that they will be in charge of. This will mean that the admin will be in charge of going through the folder(s) to make sure there are no misplaced deviations that belong to other folders, and approving submissions for their particular folder(s). They will also be in charge of answering questions concerning their folder(s).


1. You must be able to check/help approve group submissions at least once a week
2. You must commit to being active in the group, in the case that you are unable to participate for a while, you must let the group admins know ahead of time
3. You must commit to enforcing the rules listed above
4. You must be will to participate in admin discussions concerning the group, this means responding to announcements and private forum threads
5. You may be asked to judge group contests, but you are not required to accept, donating prizes is completely voluntary.
6. You must be a member of the group already


1. Admin submissions are automatically approved and unlimited
2. Admins are able to suggest new contests (although there must be an agreement between admins before a contest will be put into place)
3. Admins are able to suggest/promote new rules for the group
4. Admins have the power to move deviations between folders
5. Admins are encouraged to choose three deviations each month to be showcased in the Featured folder and on the front page (not required, but encouraged)
--> Rules for choosing Featured deviations:
---> You may not choose your own artwork, but you may choose artwork by another admin
---> Deviations that have been Featured within the last few months may not be Featured again so soon
---> Deviants who have had a deviation Featured within the last few months may not have another deviation purposefully Featured again so soon (in this case, some people will make mistakes, and that understandable)
---> Featured deviations must be chosen from different folders (one admin cannot choose multiple deviations from a single folder, but multiple admins can choose deviations from the same folder)
--->Deviations must be chosen from the following folders:
Sailor Moon
Sailor ChibiMoon
Sailor Venus
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Inner Senshi Group Pictures
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
Outer Senshi Group Pictures
Sailor StarLights
Luna, Artemis, and Dianna
Tuxedo Kamen
Sailor Quartet
Other Cannon Characters
Other Group Pictures

If you are interested in becoming an admin, please let me know through comments or notes. I will send you a note with a few questions to make sure that you understand the rules, as well as an easy test to make sure you understand how the folders are organized.

Thank you for reading,

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