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Bleach shimeji - Kuchiki Rukia



Hello, everyone! Here's my third shimeji for the Bleach anime and manga!

This is Kuchiki Rukia, the co-lead of the Bleach anime and manga! She runs, she flies, she sparkles over Nii-sama, she draws embarrassing pictures! Sometimes she even turns into her own sword! The Come Here is a special surprise, too!

You can get your own tiny Ru here (Mediafire) or here (MegaUpload)!


1. Create New - gives you another shimeji!
2. Come Here - brings all shimeji to your cursor!
3. Reduce All Shimeji to One - removes all but one shimeji from your desktop!
4. Don't Steal My IE! - retrieves any windows your shimeji may have stolen
5. Quit

To Use

Simply extract the RAR file and click the .exe contained within! Your first chibi Ru should fall from the sky momentarily. Sometimes it takes them a few minutes to start reproducing - give her a little while and she'll take over your whole screen!


This shimeji was templated from my Ichigo shimeji, which was templated from my Orihime shimeji and both the Wanderer (Shadow of the Colossus) and Dio Brando shimeji. I left in the .rtf file listing the frame numbers and what they each do. Please feel free to use Rukia as a template if you like her!
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you have windows vista