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Senshi of the Past



this was made using the Doll Divine Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0 by Drachea Rannak.… . These are my own characters for my Sailor Moon FanFiction.. Love And War. I have done them in their queen attire and never thought to do them as sailor scouts before the SSM 3.0 came out.

the original art I did was done with pixel dolls by SSMU link below

Queen of Jupiter-Sonomi means Beautiful Garden
Queen of Mars-Emiko means Child graced with beauty
Queen of Mercury-Ruka means bright blue flower
Queen of Venus-Manami means beautiful love
Queen  of Uranus-Misora means Beautiful Sky
Queen of Neptune Umiko-means Child Of The Sea
Queen of Pluto Yukari-meaning Affinity
Queen of Saturn Rena-meaning Reborn

theres more pixel art for these characters and others that are apart of my fanfiction
at the link below


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Is the character in the front Moon’s mother?