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Disney’s Gargoyles Elisa The Prisoner Bride

The Second Chapter of The Bride of Thailog Fan Art Story:

(After the wedding of Thailog & Elisa. Thailog & Elisa was on their honeymoon but it was somewhere else in Manhattan. Thailog didn’t want Goliath or the others to find him & Elisa again. He just want to spend a romantic honeymoon with Elisa. Thailog was looking up at the stars on the balcony.)

Elisa: The stars are very beautiful tonight.

Thailog: Yes, they are very beautiful but you are even more beautiful Elisa.

Elisa: Thailog! You are so, sweet.

(Thailog kiss Elisa on her lips.)

Thailog: I am glad that you & me are finally together. We will share a everlasting love that will last forever.

Elisa: Yes, I agree. We will be together forever.

(Thailog & Elisa kissed again. Meanwhile back at Castle Wyvern Goliath & his daughter Angela was talking together.)

Angela: I can’t believe that Thailg is back Father!

Goliath: I know Angela. I don’t like it that he is back either.

Angela: So, the other night when you & Brooklyn try to rescue Elisa. You said that she didn’t recognize you or Brooklyn.

Goliath: Yes, that is correct. Thailog gave her this necklace that is putting her under a love spell.

Angela: Is there a way to break the spell?

Goliath: I don’t know Angela but when I do find Shari. She will tell me how to break the spell off of Elisa.

Angela: Than she will remember everything again! Elisa will also, remember she loves you Father!

Goliath: Yes, she will & I can’t wait to have her in my arms again. She will be home again safe & sound. Ok, Angela let’s go the sun will be coming up soon.

Angela: Alright, Father.

(The next morning David Xanatos is trying to figure out where Thailog is hiding. So, that everyone will find Elisa & bring her home. He knows Goliath & everybody is very worried about her. )

David Xanatos: Alright, Thailog where are you? I know you can’t hide from everyone forever.

(Fox came into David’s office.)

Fox: How is the search of Thailog coming?

David Xanatos: So, far I have no luck but I know Thailog is somewhere.

Fox: He believes he is very clever to get away with Elisa.

David Xanatos: Oh, yes but not for long. Thailog believes we won’t give up trying to find Elisa. When we do find her & bring her back home to the people who she loves.

Fox: When Goliath & Brooklyn found her. Goliath said that Elisa didn’t recognize them. He said Thailog put her under spell. How did he put her under the spell?

David Xanatos: I honestly don’t remember what he said of how Elisa was under Thailog’s spell. When the sun comes down I know Goliath will tell us everything of what happened to Elisa.

Fox: I really do hope Goliath will find a way to break the spell of Elisa. I know he loves her very much.

David Xanatos: I know he does. He will do anything for her because we all know Goliath’s love for Elisa is very powerful. I know he will find a way to break Elisa from the spell.

Fox: I agree & I know you will find Thailog.

David Xanatos: Oh, yes I will find him. When I do find Thailog & I will tell Goliath right away.

Fox: I know Goliath will be very happy.

David Xanatos: I agree.

(The sun came down & all of the gargoyles awaken from their stoned cold sleep. Goliath walked with Fox to go inside of David’s office. They both walked in & Goliath hope to see Elisa again.)

David Xanatos: Hello, Goliath.

Goliath: Hello, Xanatos & how is the search of Elisa coming?

David Xanatos: I think I have a good idea of who knows where Elisa is.

Goliath: Do you think Shari knows?

David Xanatos: I believed she knows because she was the last person to be with Thailog & Elisa. If I am correct she maybe still be inside of her mansion.

Fox: Do you know a way to contact her?

David Xanatos: I have my ways of finding people. The first thing I will do is to call her & let’s hope she will answer the phone.

Goliath: I hope she will.

(David waited until Shari will answer her phone. In the mansion Shari heard her phone ring & she thought it was Thailog calling her. She answer the phone.)

Shari: Hello, Thailog.

David Xanatos: I am sorry to disappoint you, Shari. This is David Xanatos & don’t think of hanging up on me. I just want to talk to you, Shari.

Shari: What do you want Xanatos?

David Xanatos: I believed you know where Thailog is keeping Elisa.

Shari: So!

David Xanatos: Do you know where Thailog is?! Please answer yes or no!

Shari: Yes, I do! There is only one way I can tell you where he is.

David Xanatos: Let me guess you want to make a deal.

Shari: Oh, yes but the deal is not going to be with you.

David Xanatos: Who is the person you want to make a deal with?

Shari: Goliath

(David turned to Goliath.)

David Xanatos: Shari wants to talk with you, Goliath.

Goliath: Why does she wants to talk with me?

David Xanatos: She wants to make a deal with you & maybe she will tell you where you can find Elisa.

Goliath: Alright, I will talked to her but I am doing this for Elisa.

David Xanatos: I know you are & I wish you good luck Goliath.

Goliath: Thank you, Xanatos & I know I am going to need it.

David Xanatos: Your welcome, Goliath.

(Goliath answer the phone to talked to Shari & hoping that Shari want make a crazy deal.)

Goliath: Hello, Shari.

Shari: Hello, Goliath & how are you?

Goliath: Nevermind of how I am doing! What do you want to tell me Shari?!

Shari: Alright, Goliath. I know you want to find Elisa but there is one thing you forgot.

Goliath: What did I forget Shari?

Shari: That Elisa is under a love spell.

Goliath: No, I didn’t forget that Shari! I know how you helped Thailog to put her under the spell!

Shari: How do you know that Goliath?!

Goliath: The necklace that Elisa was wearing around her neck.

Shari: Your very clever Goliath.

Goliath: I know you know a way to take Elisa from under that spell.

Shari: Yes, I do but i won't tell you Goliath.

Goliath: Why not?!

Shari: Calm down Goliath! I haven’t told you the deal yet.

Goliath: What is your deal?

Shari: You will meet me at my mansion & I will tell you what day we will meet. I will call you to let you know. Do we have a deal Goliath?

Goliath: Before I do accept your deal. Will you tell me how to break the spell off of Elisa & tell me where is Thailog is keeping her.

Shari: Yes, I will.

Goliath: Than I have no choice but to trust you for now. I will accept your deal Shari.

Shari: Alright, Goliath & goodbye.

Goliath: Goodbye, Shari.

(Goliath hanged up the phone.)

David Xanatos: So, Thailog put a necklace on Elisa’s neck & that is how the spell was put on her.

Goliath: Yes, that is correct Xanatos.

David Xanatos: What kind of deal did Shari gave you, Goliath?

Goliath: She wants me to meet her at her mansion but she haven’t say when yet. I know she called me when it is time for me to meet her.

David Xanatos: Let me guess she haven’t tell you where Thailog & Elisa is yet.

Goliath: No, not yet but when she does tell me everything I need to know.

David Xanatos: I hope everything will go as planned. I will tell you this Goliath & I know you know that we are here for you.

Goliath: Yes, I know & thank you all for everything.

(Meanwhile at a secret location of where Thailog was keeping Elisa. Thailog was in another mansion that belonged to Shari. He didn’t want Elisa to leave to go anywhere because he doesn’t want Goliath to be reunited with Elisa. One thing for sure he doesn’t know if Shari knows if there was another way to break the spell of Elisa. He doesn’t want that to happen. So, he decided to call Shari. Shari heard her phone ring & she answer.  )

Shari: Hello?

Thailog: Hello, Shari.

Shari: It is nice to hear from you, Thailog.

Thailog: It is nice to hear from you, too. I have a question for you, Shari.

Shari: Sure, what is your question Thailog?

Thailog: I know you know of how the break the spell off of Elisa & I want to make sure that won’t happen.

Shari: Yes, I do.

Thailog: How do a person break the spell of the victim that is put under a love spell?

Shari: The person who is their true love takes the necklace off & give them true love kiss. When they are giving the kiss of true love & the spell will be broken. The victim’s memories will come back.

Thailog: One thing for sure will they remember of what happened to them when they were under the spell.

Shari: Sometime they will or don’t remember. I am sure the victim’s true love will tell them everything of what happened to them.

Thailog: I have been keeping Elisa inside & I don’t want anybody to find her.

Shari: How are you keeping her from going outside?

Thailog: I told her to stay in our bedroom & I gave everything she needs.

Shari: Let me guessed food, water, clean clothes to wear.

Thailog: Of, course & there is a bathroom in the bedroom too.

Shari: I wonder how she is keeping herself entertain.

Thailog: She’s have been reading books from the library.

Shari: So, you are basically keeping Elisa as a prisoner inside.

Thailog: She is not a prisoner! I am keeping her safe & she belongs to me now.

Shari: Alright, Thailog whatever you say & goodbye.

Thailog: Goodbye, Shari.

(Elisa heard Thailog yelling at somebody on phone. She wants to go see what was going on but she promised to stay in the bedroom. So, she waited until Thailog comes to see her. Thailog went to the door to where Elisa was. He enters the bedroom.)

Elisa: Thailog! I am so, happy to see you!

Thailog: I am happy to see you too, Elisa.

(Thailog kissed Elisa.)

Elisa: Thailog, who were you talking to on the phone?

Thailog: Don’t worry about that Elisa. I just want to spend time with you.

Elisa: I heard you yelling & was getting worried.

(Thailog puts his hand on Elisa’s face.)

Thailog: I am sorry about that Elisa. I didn’t mean to make you worried.

Elisa: Can you please tell me of what happened Thailog?

Thailog: Elisa….don’t worry about what happened. Everything is fine.

Elisa: One thing I don’t understand Thailog.

Thailog: What do you don’t understand Elisa?

Elisa: Why do I have to stay in here?

(Thailog couldn’t believe what Elisa asked him & he answer her question.)

Thailog: I am just keeping you safe.

Elisa: But….I don’t feel safe Thailog. I feel like something else.

Thailog: What are you talking about Elisa?

(Elisa takes Thailog’s hand off from her face & than she starts to cry.)

Elisa: I am sorry to say this Thailog but I feel like a prisoner.

Thailog: Elisa, you are not a prisoner. I am keeping safe from the people who are trying to take you away from me. I love you, Elisa & I will do anything to keep you safe.

Elisa: What?!

Thailog: My love for you, Elisa. Is very powerful & I will do everything to keep you safe from harm.

Elisa: Thailog! I know you love me but I don’t want to be keep inside here forever! Please, I beg you just let me go outside. I want to enjoy everything & I want to be free to do everything with you, Thailog.

Thailog: No, Elisa! I don’t want Goliath to find you & take the spell…

Elisa: What are you talking about Thailog?! Who is Goliath & what spell are you talking about?!

Thailog: Nevermind & forget everything I told you, Elisa. I am sorry but I have to keep here. I am afraid I will have to keep this room locked up. I love you, Elisa & I will visit you when I can.

Elisa: Thailog! Please, don’t locked me in here!

(Thailog went out of the room & turned to the door to locked it. Elisa started to cry again & than Thailog left to find a way to keep Goliath from finding Elisa.)

Elisa: Thailog...why is he doing this to me? I wonder who is Goliath & what spell was he talking about.

(Than Elisa remembered the gargoyle who crashed the wedding.)

Elisa: Gasp! He must be Goliath! I remember before me & Thailog left. He told me that he know I know him & that we are lovers. Is that true & Thailog is very worried about him finding me.

Elisa: Could it be that Thailog put me under some kind of spell to make me only love him! It must be! If you are somewhere out there Goliath & I hope you will find me. Please, rescue me & I don’t know how Thailog put me under the spell.

Elisa: I know you find a way but until then. I will wait patiently & play along. That way Thailog won’t curious & that figure it out.

Elisa: Even though I thought I was in love Thailog but it turned out I wasn’t. I am a prisoner of his love & I hope you will find me Goliath. For now I am Thailog’s prisoner bride & I will wait for you, Goliath. I know deep down inside I don’t remember everything yet but I know you are my true love Goliath.

Chapter Two Ends
To Be Continued In Chapter 3

This is the 2nd Chapter of my Disney's Gargoyles The Bride of Thailog Fan Art comic story that is coming soon later on. When I do finished writing all of the 6 chapters. I will work on the art for the chapters cover & comic. Until than I hope you will enjoy reading  :) (Smile)

Previous Chapter: The Bride of Thailog Chapter 1:


Next Chapter :Thailog's Love For Elisa Chapter 3:

*Gargoyles belongs to Greg Weisman & Frank Paur :) (Smile)
*I only own the fanfiction story :)
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Tevin7094 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2017
This is awesome. I enjoy reading chapter 2. Awesome job. :)
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You're welcome 
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:squee: :squee: Yes Elisa remember you must remember. True love can break any spell
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oh yes her memory is coming back slowly & i am glad you like it so far my friend :) :hug:
Lilian-Dalca Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
your welcome. Your doing a great job, the story is very interesting and I love all the drama unfolding in it
SailorMoonFanGirl Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Professional Artist
thank you & oh yeah it is getting very good so, far :) :hug:
Matthewthewonderer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
Eww! YUCK! I think I'm gonna be sick when Thailog and Eliza (under a love spell) kissed each other.
SailorMoonFanGirl Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Professional Artist
what do think about when Elisa is starting to remember about goliath :)
Matthewthewonderer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
You forgot to put the word, "you" between do and think. Oh, well.

Anyway, I'm beginning to guess that Eliza's senses and memories are about to break her free of that crazy hypnotic love spell of the neckless. She's about to snap out of it. :)
SailorMoonFanGirl Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Professional Artist
oops i am sorry about that & yeah it is starting to come back slowly. until goliath takes off the necklace & gives her the kissed of their true love :)
Matthewthewonderer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
And if that ever happens, Thailog will really blow his head off full steam with the big, bad temper of his.

And I have a feeling that the time will come for Goliath when he will have to fight for Eliza against Thailog. And if that happens, that could mean a fight to the death.
SailorMoonFanGirl Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Professional Artist
oh yes right now elisa is playing along for now & the last chapter is going to be amazing :)
Matthewthewonderer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
I hope she finds the way out of the room she's locked in.
SailorMoonFanGirl Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Professional Artist
i know elisa will find a way & she is very clever :)
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