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Sailor Moon Fanfic: The Pledge of Sun Chapter 117It was another beautiful morning in Juuban. However, at the Tsukino Household, a certain someone was running late for school once again, frantically trying to get herself ready. As she dashed about hurriedly, Ikuko was in the kitchen making breakfast, while Chibiusa munched on a piece of toast with jam, and Kenji and Luna were watching TV."Why didn't you wake me up in time sooner, Mom?!" Usagi cried as she desperately tried to fix her hair. "I'm gonna be late for school again!"Ikuko could only sigh. "Oh, dear. Why can't she be more like Harusuke?" she wondered, exasperated. "I swear, just when I think she's gotten better, it's back to the same old routine.""Well, when you're right, you're right, Momma Ikuko," smiled Chibiusa. "But that's Usagi for you. No matter how much she grows up, she never changes."Then, Chibiusa heard the TV, which was showing a news bulletin."And here's our other top news bulletin. This just in, we're receiving reports about a bizarre incident that happened in the mountain region yesterday. Several people who happened to be visiting that area have reported seeing a strange creature rampaging in the forest that has yet to be identified."Upon hearing the mention of a strange creature, Chibiusa went into the living room and joined Kenji and Luna. The screen of the TV was showing a picture of a type 2 Daimon."Though authorities are unable to confirm, several eyewitnesses claim the attacker was also a bamboo lemur that had suddenly turned into a monster. Officials will only say that they're investigating the matter as a case of possible activism.""What's atavism?" wondered Chibiusa. "I've never heard of that word.""Well, you know that humans have evolved apes. Atavism is like an evolutionary throwback, reverting to a primal state, so to speak," explained Kenji. "Although, I doubt that's what's happening here."Then, Usagi dashed by. "I'm off to school now!" she cried. "Bye!"And the ordango blonde raced out the door."I should get going too," Chibiusa said to Kenji. "Bye, Daddy Kenji. I'll see you after school.""All right, Chibiusa," smiled Kenji. "Have a good day."Chibiusa then left too. As soon as she left, Luna decided to be on her way as well. As soon as she was outside of the house, she found Artemis was waiting for her.______________________________________________________________________Usagi ran as fast as she could until she came to Juuban Park, where Mamoru was waiting for her, looking slightly vexed."Sorry, Mamo!" Usagi cried as she came up."You're late again, Usako," chided Mamoru. "I was just about to leave without you.""Come on, don't be angry. I didn't mean to keep you waiting," Usagi spoke sweetly. "I promise that I'll be on time from now on, starting tomorrow. Until then, smile, and give me my morning kiss.~"Usagi hugged Mamoru's arm and leaned in, puckering her lips, when she was suddenly interrupted. Chibiusa appeared and leaped into Mamoru in a hug, much to Usagi's annoyance."Good morning, Mamo," Chibiusa greeted brightly. "You look well today.""Good morning to you too, Chibiusa," Mamoru smiled as he petted his future daughter's head.Chibiusa then turned to Usagi as she held up a pink pouch with a white bunny on it. "Oh, yeah. Usagi, you forgot your lunch and left it at home," she said. "You also need to make sure to get up early and stop skipping breakfast. After all, a well-balanced breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping and forgetting about is not good for you."Mamoru chuckled as Usagi grew even more annoyed, but she also knew that Chibiusa was right and graciously took her lunch bag."You're right, Chibiusa," Usagi said as she, too, patted her head. "I'll try to remember that. You're such a good future daughter."Just then, a pair of voices called out to her."Chibiusa!"It was Chibiusa's schoolmates, Momoko and Kyuusuke. When she saw them waving to her, Chibiusa thought that she had better go."I'm going to walk with my friends to school," she said to Mamoru and Usagi. "Bye, Mamo! Bye, Usagi!"And while waving goodbye, Chibiusa left with her friends. Usagi and Mamoru watched her go."You know, it's hard to believe that Chibiusa's the same girl back when we fought the Black Moon Clan," murmured Usagi. "She's grown up so much.""I agree. It seems like the old her is nothing, but a distant memory," said Mamoru. "She's now living her life as our daughter and as a Sailor Guardian. Let's make sure she continues that way along with the rest of us."The two looked at each other, staring into each other's eyes. Then, the two leaned in close about to kiss, when suddenly, Mamoru heard a voice inside his head."Awaken! Let the destruction begin!"Mamoru was so startled by the voice, that he couldn't help but gasp, which didn't go unnoticed by Usagi."Is something wrong, Mamo?" the ordango blonde asked.Mamoru smiled. "No, it's nothing to worry about," he reassured. "I just remembered that you were running late, is all. Let's hurry and get you to school."______________________________________________________________________In the lab, Tomoe was busily at work creating and experimenting on Daimons. At that moment, Mimete appeared."Hello there, Tomoe," greeted Mimete. "Working hard as always, I see."But Tomoe was cross. "Of course I am. I have to make up for what you've used," he said hotly. "I still can't believe you wasted a perfectly good Daimon, and on animal no less.""Oh, calm down. It was for a good reason," said Mimete. "I sent that Daimon as a means for an experiment. You see, I may have found a way to deal with those Guardians once and for all, while searching for the last pure heart.""Oh, have you?" Tomoe spoke with a hint of skepticism. "Now, where have I heard that before?""Oh, trust me. This isn't going to be like what happened to Eudial," said Mimete. "Unfortunately for her, Sailor Moon and the rest of the Guardians got stronger, leading to her defeat. Therefore, if we want to beat them and please Master Pharoh 90, we need to find a way for the Daimons to get stronger. And I may have found a way for us to do so."Tomoe then pondered. "I see. You do make a good point," he said thoughtfully. "But it's still a shame for my precious Daimons being destroyed like this. Aside from serving Master Pharoh 90, and wanting to see him back to full strength, it's my life's work.""Don't worry, Tomoe. With a little luck, my theory should help us beat those Guardians," said Mimete. "Until then, I'm going to need another Daimon for one more experiment.""Well, for your sake, I hope you know what you're doing, Mimete," said Tomoe. "Just make sure not to let those Guardians kill you.""You worry too much, Tomoe," smirked Mimete. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got somewhere to be. Mimi Hanyuu is having a concert, and I can't afford to miss it."And with that, Mimete teleported away while Tomoe continued with his work.______________________________________________________________________Meanwhile, in their apartment, Michiru was swimming in the pool, enjoying the water's calm and tranquil temperature. Her white one-piece swimsuit seemed the gleam underneath the surface of the water as she swam gracefully about like a mermaid in the ocean.Just then, there was a beeping sound. As soon as she heard it, Michiru stopped and came up to the surface, and looked over to the pool's edge. The beeping sound came from a clock-like digital object that showed forty percent in energy consumption, twenty degrees celsius in temperature, and the time which was eight twenty-five. Michiru then stepped out of the pool and dried herself off. She went over to a table and made a call on her phone."Kaiohmaru, are you there?" Michiru spoke on the phone.A male's voice answered her. "Look outside your window," it said.Michiru looked up, and just outside of her window was a helicopter hovering in front of it."So there you are," she said. "Would you mind waiting a bit longer? I'm going to go get dressed.""No problem," said Kaiohmaru. "But you better hurry. We gotta head out and pick up your friend soon, or you'll both be late for school."Michiru waved at the helicopter in response, and looked out towards the sea outside. "Looks like the seas are going to be rough today," she said to herself.______________________________________________________________________At the racetrack, a car was speeding along, zooming across the pavement, and skidding around the corners. Eventually, the car stopped at the pits and its driver, Haruka, exited the vehicle taking off her helmet. A young man then came up to her."Haruka, I thought I told you, don't floor it on the straightaway," he chided. "You're showing off way too much.""But she runs so fast, coach," Haruka chuckled. "I couldn't help myself. I wanted to test this baby to see how fast she can go.""Well, we're still breaking her in, so we're trying to keep her at five-thousand rpm," the man continued to lecture. "We don't want her to get damaged before we have a chance to race with her."Haruka then took out his phone, dialed a specific number, and waited for the other person to pick up. Not long after, there was a whirling sound as two helicopters came hovering down from above."It's about time, Michiru," said Haruka. "You're running late."Then, Haruka looked past the helicopters at the sky, the wind gently blowing through her short blonde hair. "Looks like the wind is restless today," she murmured.______________________________________________________________________After a while, Haruka and Michiru were now in their school uniforms, and after their drivers dropped them off, they both walked together towards their school, which was Mugen Academy. As they walked on, a group of schoolgirls watched them walk past."Hey, look! Isn't that Michiru Kaioh, the famous violinist?!" gasped one girl."Yes, it is!" gushed a second. "And she's with Haruka Tenoh, the racecar driver! So the rumors about them dating were true after all!""Man! As much as I hate to admit it, but those two are perfect for each other!" said a third. "They're the perfect couple!""I guess so," said the first girl. "They even go to the same school together. That one school everyone talks about, Mugen Academy."______________________________________________________________________School was soon over, and Usagi and Harusuke all met up at the Game Center Crown as they usually did to talk about Guardian business. Harusuke and Makoto recalled the battle from yesterday to Luna and Artemis while the others listened."So, you two have no idea how you fused or even brought about that phenomenon?" asked Luna.Both Harusuke and Makoto shook their heads."Nope, we don't have a clue," said Harusuke. "Believe me. We wish we knew as much as you did.""Yeah. One minute, we were fighting that lemur Daimon together, the next minute we were fused," said Makoto. "I don't remember anything much when we first fused.""Maybe it would help if you both remembered the battle before you two fused," said Ami. "At least that will help us gain some idea.""Well, let's see," said Makoto, tapping her chin. "I remember that Daimon shrugging off my attacks, but I still wanted to fight it by myself, thinking that my strength would be enough to crush that Daimon. Then, Harusuke and the rest of you saved me, and reminded me that I didn't need to fight by myself because I got all of you. Then, I started glowing, and I heard a strange voice in my head.""A voice?" wondered Artemis. "What kind of voice? What did it say?""Just that I've reached a new level of power and my new transformation phrase," said Makoto. "And for some reason, I feel as though I've heard it from somewhere before. But I have no idea where."Luna then turned to Harusuke. "And what about you? Did you experience the same thing as Makoto?""Not exactly," said Harusuke. "In my case, all I could think about was helping Makoto. Then, for some reason, I changed into my Jupiter mode as Solaris without commanding it. After that, I fought like I usually did.""But what was it like when you fused?" asked Minako. "What did it feel like?"Makoto and Harusuke pondered. Then, Makoto stood up and flexed her arms."It was like a huge burst of power!" she said with enthusiasm. "Like something was building up inside of me.""That doesn't really help out much," said Rei. Then she had a thought. "Wait, you mean like when we first learned our new moves a while back?""No, it was something way stronger," said Harusuke. "It's hard to describe it, but it was powerful. And that wasn't the only thing. I felt Mako's heartbeat. Or at least I think that's what I felt.""Her heartbeat?" puzzled Rei."Yeah! I felt it, too!" Makoto spoke while pointing. "When I held Harusuke's hand, It was like his heartbeat was synchronizing with mine along with everything else inside me. After that, I don't remember much, until we realized I was fused with him.""But it still makes me wonder what could have caused this to happen?" said Ami. "The whole thing is making me curious."Minako then gasped. "Hey! Wait a second! I think I might have an idea!"Everyone looked across to Minako."You do?" puzzled Minako. "And what would that idea be?"Minako smiled, as she chuckled with pride, while paused dramatically. "The reason why this happened was because of one reason, and one reason only," she said. "It's because of Harusuke and Makoto's bond of love!"Everyone stared at Minako dumbly. "What?" everyone spoke."Think about it. Both of their hearts were beating as one, as they came together in harmony," said Minako. "Their bond and love for each other were so strong, that it brought about this incredible power and created a mighty sailor warrior.""M-Minako! Don't make it sound like a cheesy TV show," said Harusuke. "Plus, love is a bit of a strong of a word, don't you think?""You know what? Minako might be on to something," said Ami. "In fact, that reminds of me of Harusuke's Unison Fusion powers. Maybe that's how he and Makoto were able to fuse because of the close bond they have with each other.""Well done, Ami," said a voice. "As usual, you're the first one to figure things out. Just what I'd expect from you."Everyone jumped in surprise as they looked around to where the voice came from. Then, Specter stepped out from beside a crane game, tipping their hat as they came up."Good afternoon, Guardians," greeted Specter. "I hope you forgive me from intruding.""Well, don't you know that eavesdropping is rude?" Rei spoke, while glaring suspiciously. "You might give the impression of being a creeper.""You do have a point there, Rei," said Specter. "And I apologize for that, but I didn't come here to creep around or anything. A little birdie told me that Harusuke and Makoto performed an act that was quite... intimate."Harusuke and Makoto's cheeks went red. "I-Intimate?!" the two of them exclaimed.Everyone else couldn't help but blush a bit too."Now, hold on just a minute!" Makoto objected. "I don't know what you're thinking about, buddy, but we didn't do anything like that!" She then averted her eyes while poking her fingers. "Well, I-I mean, technically, we were holding hands and stuff, but it wasn't for anything like what you're thinking!""Mako, please, you're not helping yourself here," Harusuke sighed. "Besides, you do know that Specter's just getting under your skin, right?"Specter then chuckled. "Apologies, I was only joking. I just wanted to see your reactions, is all. I must admit, it was a bit funny.""Well, we didn't think so," Makoto scowled."Now, now. Don't get so angry," Specter soothed. "I didn't come here to mess with you. You all wanted to know what that fusion all about, correct? Well, I can tell you what it is if you all want to know."Everyone was taken aback."You can? Well, by all means, tell us," said Usagi. "What can you tell us about this power?""Very well then. I'll tell you," said Specter. "As I said before, Ami's theory is very much correct. It was the power of the Unison Fusion that caused Harusuke and Makoto to fuse. As to what the cause of it was, Minako was pretty much right as well.""She was?" Luna and Artemis exclaimed."I was? I mean, I was!" Minako stuttered. "I told you guys I was right.""That's right. Back when it first activated, you girls shared your energy and trust in Solaris, which made him change into those different modes, which was the first part of it," explained Specter. "But now, thanks to Harusuke and Makoto's discovery, a new part of the power was achieved. A phenomenon I'd like to call, Planetary Alignment.""Planetary Alignment?" the teens and cats repeated."Yes. When two Guardians have to share a close and strong connection, as well as having to have awakened their planetary power," went on Specter. "Once those two criteria are met, the Unison Fusion goes into the Planetary Alignment stage, and those Guardians will fuse. Once they do, their combined powers will increase twofold, and create a new guardian with both their strengths and abilities."Everyone oohed in amazement."So, how do you know so much about this power, Specter?" asked Ami. "Have you experienced something like this before?""You could say that, Ami," replied Specter. "However, not even I know the full scope of this ability, for I'm still learning about it. I'm only telling you what I know based on what I've seen.""In that case, I have a question," said Usagi, while raising her hand. "Do you know if this power can be controlled? When Mako and Harusuke fused the first time, it only lasted for a short amount of time. If we can find a way to utilize it, it'll definitely help us gain an advantage over the Buster Busters. So if you have any ideas, please share them with us."Specter tipped their hat. "Well, if her majesty the queen is asking herself, then who am I to deny her?" they said with a smile in their voice. "I do know of a way to help you, but it might be a bit... challenging for you all, especially with Harusuke here. I'm not sure if you're ready for it.""Specter, have you met us? We're the Guardians," said Harusuke. "We're no stranger when it comes to facing challenges, and we've taken on everything that came at us, so why would this any different?""Harusuke's right. We can take anything you throw at us," added Makoto. "So, please tell us what we have to do. We'll do whatever it takes."Specter was silent as they pondered. Then, they tipped up their hat, showing one silver eye that gleamed. "All right then, since you're all so determined," they said. "I'll tell you the secret of mastering the Planetary Alignment. All you need to do is..."They paused dramatically as everyone listened closely with bated breath."...just spend a lot of together as you usually do," finished Specter. "That's all there is to it.""Huh?" everyone spoke at the same time."What do you mean by "spend time together?" " asked Rei."Exactly as I said. If you want to master the Planetary Alignment of the Unison Fusion, you must have a strong and tight connection," said Specter. "To do that, spend some time together. Like, go to the beach, hang out somewhere, and maybe even go on dates if you want to get intimate.""D-Date?!" sputtered Harusuke. "Hold on a minute! Are you making fun of us?! That can't be it!""It's truth, Harusuke," said Specter. "It may seem like I'm lying, but that's the true secret to mastering the Planetary Alignment. Not only do you all have to grow stronger in power and ability, but also from the trust and love you all share with each other. Once you've achieved this, I do not doubt that you'll master it in due time." They then turned on their heel and started walking away. "Until then, make sure you have fun with each other, but not too much.""Hey, Specter! Wait a second!" called out Luna. "Can't you give us any more info than that?"But Specter had already disappeared, fading away into the air."Do you any of you think that he... or rather they're telling the truth?" wondered Makoto."Who can say," said Ami. "But then again, Specter doesn't seem to be the kind of someone to lie. After all, he has helped us in the past.""Yeah, but I can't help but get a weird vibe from that guy," said Rei. "I feel as though he knows more than he lets on.""Well, if he was, then I like it," smiled Minako. "Mastering a new ability just by hanging out together and going on dates sounds like my kind of power.""I guess so," said Harusuke. "But still, I'm not so sure if what they told us was the truth. It seems way too simple, and a bit embarrassing.""Come on, Harusuke. I think it's an awesome idea," said Minako. "Besides, think of the possibilities! If you could fuse with Makoto, then you'll most likely be able to fuse with us, too! Like me, for example.""Yeah, and maybe Rei or Ami!" chimed in Usagi. "And maybe with me, too!""I think the last thing Harusuke needs is to fuse with you, Usagi," said Rei. "If Harusuke ended up fusing with you, there's a possibility that he might end up with your stupidity."Usagi glared at Rei. "No, he won't!" she huffed. "Stupidity isn't something you can get by fusing! If you ended up fusing Harusuke, I hope he doesn't become as mean as you are!"The two glared crossly at each other making akanbe faces. While the other girls pretended not to notice, while speculating the different fusion combinations, Harusuke remained silent, an uneasy feeling bubbling from the pit of his stomach. He wasn't sure why, but for some reason, he felt nervous and tentative.After a while, the group decided to start heading for Rei's place to study for exams. As they left the Game Center Arcade, a couple of schoolgirls happened to walk past, all of which were wearing Mugen Academy Uniforms."Hey, don't those girls go to Mugen Academy?" wondered Usagi."Yeah, they do," said Minako. "I wish I was attending that school. Those uniforms look so cute.""Yeah. Me too," agreed Makoto. "I'm almost kinda jealous."Then, suddenly, one of the girls doubled over, appearing to be in pain. The other girls went over to see what was the matter, but then, something black and beastly began to come out from her back. It grew bigger and larger until it swallowed up the girl, now large and grotesque. It was a Daimon. Usagi and the others saw what had happened as the civilians fled in terror, and the Daimon let out an intimidating roar."What the heck is a Daimon doing in the middle of town?!" cried Makoto."And who's controlling it?" wondered Ami. "I don't see anyone around.""You can worry about that later," said Luna. "Right now, that Daimon needs to be destroyed as soon as possible!""Everyone, transform!" ordered Artemis. "And be careful!"The teens took out their transformation items."Ready, everyone?!" called out Minako. "Let's go!""Right!" everyone else acknowledged as they all called out their phrases."MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP!""SOLARIS CRYSTAL POWER SHINE ON!""MERCURY STAR POWER MAKE UP!""MARS STAR POWER MAKE UP!""JUPITER PLANET POWER MAKE UP!""VENUS STAR POWER MAKE UP!"______________________________________________________________________Transformation Sequence: UsagiUsagi's Cosmic Heart Compact opens, revealing the pink heart-shaped crystal inside, waving her hand over it. It flashes twice and erupts in pink light. Usagi is now standing in the middle of a light blue heart that's spinning to the right. She stands one leg while holding up her arms and begins pirouetting in the opposite direction, going faster until, in a burst of light, pink ribbons envelop her torso and midsection, transforming into her leotard. She elegantly stretches out her arms, and pink ribbons cover them, forming into her gloves. She then raised her right foot high with incredible flexibility, and pink ribbons cloak it changing into her boots. The heart made of blue light then turns into a circle of sparkles swirling around her waist, forming her skirt and bow. Now no longer in light, Usagi spins around a couple of times like a ballerina, and takes a small bow. As she comes out from her bow, a crescent moon mark glows in the middle of her forehead. Then, a tiara appears bearing a gold symbol of the Moon, along with her earrings, choker, and her ordango covers. Usagi opens her eyes, her transformation now complete, and strikes her signature pose.Transformation Sequence: Solaris (Post Crystal)Harusuke's hand waves over the Sunstone Crystal, and it began to pulse with light until it shines brightly. Harusuke, now shrouded in light, holds his hand with the Sunstone Crystal up high, and throws his fist to the floor, and his symbol appears beneath him. Light encases his legs from his feet to his hips, and in a burst of light, his boots along with his belt, and some additional armor on his thighs materialize. Then his right encompasses his right arm from hand to shoulder, and his gloves, along with some armor, appear, and the same happens to his left hand. Harusuke then punches his fists together, creating a spark of light, and crosses his arms as his chest is wrapped in light. Harusuke then throws his arms out, and his chest plate appears, the symbol in the middle glowing brightly. Finally, his helmet appears on his head, this time covering up his entire head, leaving his face exposed. Harusuke opens his eyes smiling with confidence, his transformation now complete, and assumes his signature pose, with the sun appearing in the background while his symbol overlapped it.Transformation Sequence: AmiAmi held up her hand as blue sparkles swirled around it, alighting her fingernails, turning them into a shade of bright blue. Her transformation stick appears spinning, and she takes hold of it, the star on end as well as the symbol glowing. The logo on it begins to turn, enveloping Ami in blue light. Then she sweeps the pen over her head as a stream of sparkling blue water begins to emit from it, forming her leotard, boots, and gloves. A sparkling ripple, as well as a flurry of bubbles, expands over her body, creating a small mist of water that formed the rest of her uniform the same as Sailor Moon's but the center bow, boots, and rims on the gloves were blue and bright blue. She turns around and then strikes her signature pose.Transformation Sequence: ReiRei's hand is held up as red sparkles swirl around it, alighting her fingernails, turning them into a shade of bright red. Her transformation stick appears spinning, and she takes hold of it, the star on end as well as the symbol glowing. The logo on the stick begins to turn as Rei is enveloped in red light. As she held up her pen while spinning around, long bright tongues of flame erupt from her pen, forming several rings around her body. The rings of fire tighten around her body, and in a brilliant flash of light, her outfit forms looking just like Sailor Moon's, but she is wearing red pumps along with a pair of red star-shaped earrings, the center bow is purple, and the rims of her gloves, her skirt, her choker, and collar are red. After that, Mars finishes with her signature pose.Transformation Seuence: MakotoThe planet Jupiter appears, and Makoto puts her hand up, her fingernails begin to sparkle in bright green, and her transformation wand comes to her hand spinning, now having a different design. Her body now becomes silhouetted in green, as blue lightning erupted from her wand, while holding it up. As she spins around a few times, until stopping with her back turned, the lightning swirls around her, forming rings like an atom. The lightning explodes, revealing Makoto in her green Sailor Uniform wearing green boots, a pair of rose earrings, a pink bow and ribbon, gloves with green trims, and a green skirt, choker, and collar. Makoto then turns around, and in the middle of her forehead, her symbol appears, and her tiara materializes. Her transformation now complete; she assumes her final pose, her symbol and planet appearing in the background against a starry sky.Transformation sequence: Minako.Minako holds up her hand as golden stars swirl around it, alighting her fingernails, turning them into a shade of bright orange. Her transformation stick appears spinning, and she takes hold of it, the star on end as well as the symbol glowing. It begins to turn as Minako is enveloped in yellow light. Then she sweeps the pen over her head as banners of golden stars emit from it. Minako then holds up the pen above her head as the banners of stars forms a spiral around her body. They disappear into the ground, forming a circle of stars, and burst into more stars going upwards, enveloping Minako's body. Then Minako emerges wearing the same outfit as Sailor Moon's, the center bow, boots, and rims on the gloves colored orange, her back bow, yellow, and her center bow, blue. She then opens her eyes as she struck her signature pose.______________________________________________________________________The Guardians now transformed and ready to fight, leaped into action stood before the Daimon, ready to take it down. Sailor Mercury summoned her goggles and gave the Daimon a quick scan, and through them saw the girl inside of the creature."Be careful, you guys!" she warned. "The girl's trapped inside of the Daimon, just like before!"Sailor Mars then took out two ofudas. "Don't worry. I'll free her," she said as she focused her spiritual powers on them. "EVIL SPIRIT, BE GONE!"She then threw the ofudas making them stick to the surface of the Daimon, but soon as they made contact, they immediately burned away having no effect whatsoever."No! It didn't work!" gasped Sailor Mars."Don't worry, we can handle this!" said Sailor Jupiter. "Solaris, I need you to back me up! You with me?""Yeah!" Solaris answered with a nod.Sailor Jupiter then held up her hands and spun around rapidly, conjuring up a sphere of lightning in them."JUPITER COCONUT CYCLONE!"With a mighty punch of her arm, she blasted the sphere straight towards the Daimon, its powerful waves of electricity making it roar in agony. Solaris summoned forth his sword raising it high, and traced a circle with it as the blade turned white with power. He grasped it with two hands while coiling his legs, and shot towards the Daimon."SOLARIS CELESTIAL BLADE SLASH!"He sliced his sword straight at the Daimon, scoring a direct hit, and with a dying wail of agony, the Daimon dissipated in a cloud of smoke leaving only its victim. The girl, who was unconscious and dazed, began to fall, but Solaris was able to catch her. As he did, a Daimon Egg came out of the girl's back and dissipated into vapor."Well, that was easy," said Sailor Venus. "Way to go, you guys.""It looks like she's going to be okay now," said Sailor Moon. "But I wonder what that was about?""I don't know," said Sailor Mercury.Sailor Jupiter then turned to the girl's friends. "She needs medical attention! One of you call for help!" she ordered.The girls didn't waste any time. Then, Solaris looked back, searching into the crowd that had gathered having a strange feeling creep down his spine."Something weird's going on," Solaris thought. "I get the feeling that someone's watching us. But I'm not sure who.""Solaris, is something wrong?" asked Sailor Moon.Solaris shook his head. "No, everything's fine," he reassured her.But little did they know, the Guardians were being watched. In the crowd, Haruka and Michiru stood in the back of the crowd, having to have seen everything. However, they walked away before they were seen. In addition, Mimete, under her guise as Mimi Hanyuu, was also watching from afar from on top of a building, while having an aloof smirk.
:new: Hello, everyone. Co-founder ReiBara here.
Sorry for the long time absence, but I hope to clear a few things up.  The group founder, :iconserinamay: has effectively left dA and we haven't been able to contact her elsewhere about group settings that only she had access too, such as folders, journals (which is why I am editing this old one), and submissions, which is a big one.

:bulletred: Submissions: I know that many submissions are expiring before we can get to them, and I sincerely apologize. Unfortunately, we can't be on all the time to get to all of them, and with the new 10 submissions per day limit deviant art has imposed on us, I can only request 10 expired submissions into the group a day. Also, I cannot change the settings to automatic submission, as I have previously mentioned. I know it's a hassle, but if your submissions expire, please submit them again if you can, and I will try to get them in as soon as possible along with my fellow co-founders!
I must ask that though, to help clear up the process for us, that you please submit each deviation once and not multiple times at once. It will make it much easier that way so we can tell what has already been accepted into the group once we can get to it and free up room for up to make our 10 requests.

I am so happy that people are still submitting despite the problems we've been having. Thank you all so much. :hug: You guys are amazing.

:star: Co-founders: If you are available and willing to help out as a co-founder or contributor for the group, please apply ASAP! We need all the help we can get. Basically, you just need to approve submissions and occasionally sort them into the proper folders. The more who can do it, the more submissions will get in without expiring! :la:

:bulletblue: In case you didn't know, Sailor Moon Crystal: Season 3 is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray. :D

So, once again, I apologize for the problems and inactivity and will continue to try my best to keep things up and running. I thank everyone who has stuck with is, and hope to talk to you all soon! -:iconreibara:

:music:It Begins With the New Moon :music:

:bulletblue: Hello everyone!

:bulletpink: I just wanted to take the time to first thank everyone who's joined us and stuck with us this year. I haven't been here a lot, and I'm sorry for that. My last post was 6 months ago and I've scarcely been back since. Consequently, my activity on this group's Tumblr page has ground to a halt. Seeing the amount of people who have left as a result really makes me upset, I take responsibility of course, I love Sailor Moon and hate to see all the previous hard work go to waste.

:bulletpink: I also want to thank my newest co-founders for taking on this group and keeping it alive. I know it can't be easy with the amount of submissions we get but hey- we love them right?! I honestly love this group and it's what's brought me back here. Granted- I won't be here permanently but I'll be checking in when I can as life outside the site is completely hectic ^^"

:bulletpink: Another big thanks to the marvellous niarahime as well! She's been a co-founder the longest and I think is the most active (almost like the leader?) of us perhaps. She's my Sailor Venus!

:bulletpink: If there's anything you guys- the members, would want answering, either comment below or leave a comment on our main profile page. Any problems? Let us know. Art you want featured? Let us know. Your art that got declined? Let us know. Art expired? Let us know.

:bulletpink: You get the picture! We want anything and everything!

Have a wonderful time folks~ SerinaMay
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