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Submission Rules (Please Read)

:iconusagilaplz::iconsaysplz: PLEASE READ THE SUMBISSION RULES! ITEMS SUBMITTED TO THE WRONG FOLDER WILL BE DECLINED. If you have any questions or are unsure about where to submit, please, don't hesitate to ask! :thanks:

:bulletpink: Featured is CLOSED, for administrator's picks only.

:bulletblue: Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino- This folder is for images of Usagi only, Luna can also be in the image if she is in the background.

:bulletpink: Sailor Mini Moon, ChibiUsa- This is for Rini/ChibiUsa only, however Pegasus can be in the background. Images of Black/Dark/Wicked Lady go under Villians.

:bulletblue: Mamoru, Tuxedo Kamen- Mamoru/Darian pictures only.

:bulletpink: Inner Senshi- Any of the inner senshi can be here, they can all be in the same image without submitting to groups.

:bulletblue: Outer Senshi- Any of the outer senshi can be here, they can all be in the same image without submitting to groups.

:bulletpink: Sailor Starlights and Princess Kakyuu- Any image of the Starlights or the princess, they can all be in the same image without submitting to groups.

:bulletblue: Villains- Any villain that has appeared in either the anime, manga, PGSM or musicals. This includes Black Lady and Mistress 9. They will not be accepted in the Chibi Moon/Outers folders.

:bulletpink: Groups- For CANON characters only! OCs go into the OC folder, please!
Any combo of the above folders, e.g. Usagi & ChibiUsa, all the Sailor Senshi, Inner and Outers in the same picture, Starlights and Sailors, etc. :eager:
You can also put all CANON-character romantic couples in this folder. (Canon x OC goes into the "OCs and Redesign" folder please!)

:bulletblue: Others- Any other of the original, cannon Sailor Moon characters that have been left out, e.g. Cats, Sailor Chibi Chibi, even transformation brooches.

:bulletpink: Sailor Moon OC's + Re-designs- Any Sailor Moon image that you have created or re-designed, e.g. Sailor Sun.

:bulletblue: Cosplay- Images of you dressed up as any Sailor Moon character or a photo you have taken of someone cosplaying Sailor Moon characters.

:bulletpink: Merchandise, Crafts- Sailor Moon items you bought, made or have seen.

:bulletblue: Crossovers: This folder is for anyone wanting to submit art of ANY Sailor Moon character with a character from any other show! It could be Sailor Moon/Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailor Moon/Pokemon!!

:bulletpink: Fanfiction + Doujinshi: This is for anyone who enjoys writing their own stories about Sailor Moon! Or even drawing your own Sailor Moon manga! Please remember no content that contains explicit over 18 material will be allowed, thank you and enjoy!

~Sailor Moon Says! :iconwickedladylaplz:

:iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3: :iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:



Gallery Folders

Final battle by CristianoReina
The Queen of the moon_Sailormoon by Pillara
Princess Serenity by Ksulolka
Sailor Moon Squad by daekazu
Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino
30 Years of Sailor Moon by bhsdesk
Snow Usagi by DanyDanja
Golden Usagi by tiffanymarsou
The Moon is Bright Tonight by BarMek
Sailor Mini Moon, ChibiUsa
Memories by Peachy-Soda-Pop
Galactica Ladies Freezing Kiss by kazumikikuchi
6/30 - ChibiUsa/Chibi Moon by ReiBara
Chibiusa by sydneypie
Mamoru, Tuxedo kamen
8/3 - Mamoru/Earth by ReiBara
Lara Croft x Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) by Zellphie
Lara Croft x Tuxedo Mask II (Sailor Moon) by Zellphie
Chibi Tuxedo Kamen by Kyouseitekinaai
Inner Senshi
12/5 - Makoto/Jupiter by ReiBara
Autumn Ami With Long Hair 2021 by PerryWhite
10/22 - Minako/Venus by ReiBara
9/10 - Ami/Mercury by ReiBara
Outer Senshi
10/29 - Setsuna/Pluto by ReiBara
Michiru in the sea by Seeraholic
Haruka Tennoh / Sailor Uranus - Koikatsu Release by bhsdesk
Michiru's waterfall by Seeraholic
Sailor Starlights and Princess Kakyuu
Sailor Star Fighter  by sydneypie
Sailor Star Maker by sydneypie
Seiya + Star Fighter Chibi Faces by Jolin-chan by Jolin-chan
Seiya playing the guitar by Seeraholic
Queen Nehelenia by Miyakosan
Fanart Black Lady from Sailor moon R [2] by NaomiToey
Black Lady by mnemomelt
(SM#16) Tiger Eye by catseye4ever
Groups and Couples
Usagi Mamoru Marriage Artbook Redraw 2017 by Jolin-chan
Jupiter + Nephrite by Jolin-chan by Jolin-chan
Rei + Jadeite by Jolin-chan by Jolin-chan
Sailor Moon - Senshi's photo Redraw by TheKissingHand
Sailor Moon Contest! IMPORTANT! [60 USD in Prizes]It has some to my attention that some of you are a bit confused in regards to the prize system and the rules of my contest, so after careful consideration, I've decided to remake the rules and change how to prizes will be won. The rules are pretty much the same with a few additional ones. The theme for the contest is fusion designs! I'm looking for a fusion character between my OC Solaris and one of the following Sailor Guardians; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. When it comes to the gender of the fusion, you're free to draw them however, but female is usually preferred. When it comes to the fusion's clothes/armor, some skin showing is allowed, but keep it PG-13. I would like your entries to be in color and full body from head to toe.When it comes to names, the first obviously has to be Sailor, but for the second part, go nuts! But make sure it's meaningful and matches the fusion. For example, say if the fusion has colors are brown "Sailor Chocolate" would be appropriate. And before you get any bright ideas, no cussing names either. For design, since it's a fusion, you're free to do as you like, but try to have some characteristics of the fusion components. For example, their eyes, hair, armor, sailor uniform, etc. I've provided images at the bottom of the journal. Use them well.Anyone can enter in this contest. From here on Deviantart to different platforms. In fact, you're welcome to share this contest on to Discord, Twitter, or any other place if you like. Even the less than talented are allowed to enter. Make sure the image is big enough for everyone to see. We have to see every bit of what you did. ^^ These are the new rules, but these are super important to follow, so make sure you follow them!To participate in this contest, you must share this by journal or a status update on your profile. You can also share this to your friends or a group. The fusion HAS to be comprised of Solaris my OC and one of the following Sailor Guardians; Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. No one else!In addition, you can enter only one entry for each category. Those categories being Mercury Fusion, Mars Fusion, Jupiter Fusion, and Venus Fusion.You are allowed to draw in any art style you'd like. Sailor Moon 90s style, Sailor Moon Crystal style, or even an anime style outside of Sailor Moon. Whatever is fine!No stealing art or ideas from someone else! Otherwise, you will be disqualified!No negativity or bullying or putting others down, basically anything negative! For those that have already decided to participate, I would like for you to share this journal on your profile if you're planning to take part. If you don't, then I can assume you're not interested and will take you off the list. As far as your entries go, I would like for you to publish your work on your profile and share it with me, so that I can see it and accept it. In regards to the prizes, I've decided that they needed a big change, so I got rid of the choose your prize style completely. Like before the winners will be chosen based on four categories. Sailor Mercury Fusion ,Sailor Mars Fusion,Sailor Jupiter Fusion,Sailor Venus Fusion,EXAMPLES OF FUSIONS!(I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGES!),However, whoever wins in the category will receive 15 USD and whoever comes in second will receive an consolation prize in the form of a free commission from these artists. You can also see their profile by clicking on the image. LittlemarshmallowCat,Nenril-Tf (As long as it's Sailor Moon themed),mysterygal111,In addition, I'm well aware that some of you are most likely still working on your commissions, so I have decided to extend the date of this contest to September 25th. If you have any more questions of if you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask me!I apologize for the inconvenience, and I wish you good luck! May the best artist
Quartet at School by Minasaturne
Helios by AzulinoArt
Luna by sydneypie
Sailor Moon OC's + re-designs
The Sailor Guardians of the Celestial River by LordVaderNihilus
Moon Princess by Usagi-chan-art
Merchandise, crafts
chibi Rei Hino plush version by Momoiro-Botan
Menslady125's New Year's party meme by menslady125
Fanfiction + Doujinshi
A Full Fledged Princess | Sailor Moon Eternal by Chibi-Jennifer
:new: Hello, everyone. Co-founder ReiBara here.
Sorry for the long time absence, but I hope to clear a few things up.  The group founder, :iconserinamay: has effectively left dA and we haven't been able to contact her elsewhere about group settings that only she had access too, such as folders, journals (which is why I am editing this old one), and submissions, which is a big one.

:bulletred: Submissions: I know that many submissions are expiring before we can get to them, and I sincerely apologize. Unfortunately, we can't be on all the time to get to all of them, and with the new 10 submissions per day limit deviant art has imposed on us, I can only request 10 expired submissions into the group a day. Also, I cannot change the settings to automatic submission, as I have previously mentioned. I know it's a hassle, but if your submissions expire, please submit them again if you can, and I will try to get them in as soon as possible along with my fellow co-founders!
I must ask that though, to help clear up the process for us, that you please submit each deviation once and not multiple times at once. It will make it much easier that way so we can tell what has already been accepted into the group once we can get to it and free up room for up to make our 10 requests.

I am so happy that people are still submitting despite the problems we've been having. Thank you all so much. :hug: You guys are amazing.

:star: Co-founders: If you are available and willing to help out as a co-founder or contributor for the group, please apply ASAP! We need all the help we can get. Basically, you just need to approve submissions and occasionally sort them into the proper folders. The more who can do it, the more submissions will get in without expiring! :la:

:bulletblue: In case you didn't know, Sailor Moon Crystal: Season 3 is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray. :D

So, once again, I apologize for the problems and inactivity and will continue to try my best to keep things up and running. I thank everyone who has stuck with is, and hope to talk to you all soon! -:iconreibara:

:music:It Begins With the New Moon :music:

:bulletblue: Hello everyone!

:bulletpink: I just wanted to take the time to first thank everyone who's joined us and stuck with us this year. I haven't been here a lot, and I'm sorry for that. My last post was 6 months ago and I've scarcely been back since. Consequently, my activity on this group's Tumblr page has ground to a halt. Seeing the amount of people who have left as a result really makes me upset, I take responsibility of course, I love Sailor Moon and hate to see all the previous hard work go to waste.

:bulletpink: I also want to thank my newest co-founders for taking on this group and keeping it alive. I know it can't be easy with the amount of submissions we get but hey- we love them right?! I honestly love this group and it's what's brought me back here. Granted- I won't be here permanently but I'll be checking in when I can as life outside the site is completely hectic ^^"

:bulletpink: Another big thanks to the marvellous niarahime as well! She's been a co-founder the longest and I think is the most active (almost like the leader?) of us perhaps. She's my Sailor Venus!

:bulletpink: If there's anything you guys- the members, would want answering, either comment below or leave a comment on our main profile page. Any problems? Let us know. Art you want featured? Let us know. Your art that got declined? Let us know. Art expired? Let us know.

:bulletpink: You get the picture! We want anything and everything!

Have a wonderful time folks~ SerinaMay
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