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Welcome to SailorMoonCrystal Group! Feel free to join!

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♡ Welcome everybody to the SailorMoonCrystal group ^_^

Please everybody is welcomed and we would love to show you many pictures and other fanart dedicated to our brand new favourite series Sailor Moon Crystal :3
So please watch/join and bring your awesome art into this group :)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI Animation,
Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino, Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru Chiba,
Sailor Mercury, Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mars, Rei Hino,
Sailor Jupiter, Makoto Kino, Sailor Venus, Minako Aino,
Silver Millennium, Luna, Artemis, Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion,
Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, Kunzite,
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Welcome to the SailorMoonCrystal group ^_^

:bulletpink: We are pleased to welcome you to this group :)

:bulletpurple: Hello everyone, EmissixD, 0theghost0 and Luzanami here! We just want to point out a few things that are pretty obvious to all of you I'm sure!

:bulletgreen: Folders and submission: In this group are some folders now. Not only your art, as well as basics, OCs, comics, fanfictions, designs, collabs, and EVERYTHING that has to do with Sailor Moon CRYSTAL is veeeeery welcome here :meow:

:bulletyellow: Mature work: Follow the guidelines of DA art submission and it should be fine. We're sure there'll be some works, which have any mature content in it, please label it as such.

Please beware, that the slogan is: "Every work of SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL will be accepted! :love:

:bulletred: Hate art: This group is to perpetuate the positive vibe and imagination that Sailor Moon Crystal elicits out of us so it's pretty self explanatory that hate art is NOT accepted here! If your words have malice towards Sailor Moon Crystal, then it doesn't belong in this group. Everyone has the right to like or dislike something, but going out of the way to trample on a territory BASED on the thing you hate the most is kind of asinine and disrespectful. Some Sailor groups accept blatant hate art and I don't understand why. Members, if you read any content that we miss that is hate art, please let us know and we'll deal with it accordingly.


:bulletwhite: With that said, please PLEASE PLEASE message us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Also if you know of any Sailor Moon groups that we can affiliate with, please pass it along this way! Also, invite your fellow Sailor Moon (Crystal) lover that aren't in this group already :)

Lovely greetings,
Your SailorMoonCrystal admins ^_^


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NewTigerArt Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2019  Student… There’s a new book project on Kickstarter called the Discovery of Anime & Manga. Covering the rich history of Anime and Manga. It features Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, Doraemon and many more. the goal is to raise $6,000 to bring the book project to life. You’re support is generous
FireFlea-San Featured By Owner May 17, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there. I would like to make you aware that you have an extremely callous art thief amongst your members by the name of nads6969 and I highly recommend that you block and ban this user from your group. They have stolen from countless artists for over ten years and she is well aware of her actions, yet she shows no remorse and no signs of ceasing her theft.

Please view the following proof with the links to her stolen traces and the originals in the artists descriptions:
Nads6969 Overlay 26 by Genetic-Miles  Nads6969 Overlay 25 by Genetic-Miles 
  Nads6969 Overlay 24 by Genetic-Miles  Nads Overlay 7 by Genetic-Miles 

For much more information including screenshots showing Nads responses to people's comments stating how she does not care about stealing work from artists, please view this journal.

Stop Supporting Nads6969 (Update 3)UPDATE 3: Another comment captured by nads before she hid it showing how callous and cruel she is. She really DOESN'T CARE that she steals your art. She DOESN'T CARE that she doesn't credit you. And she will continue to do it. FOR TEN YEARS. And as long as she continues to get away with it, TEN YEARS MORE. Let's not let her continue to get away with this. 

She has also recently posted new work, now tracing and stealing from artist KarolHofman.
UPDATE 2: Nads continues to poor more gasoline on herself. Let it be known that she doesn't care about being confronted which means she doesn't care about stealing from artist's. She even has the AUDACITY to claim that she "knows how to draw". My brain struggles to process this all. Let us continue to put the pressure on this situation and gather more attention; let's not let her

Thank you.
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MarieJaneWorks Featured By Owner May 6, 2019  Professional General Artist
I totally forgot to share this, hope this is alright!
But I've been told that you guys like when I share highlights of my webcomic on here as little reminders - well! My comic recently updated and it's free to read so it would be really cool if you'd check it out for me cause uh...I work my ass off on this just because it's fun and I like entertaining people with my work sooooo i'll leave the links below!
It's basically a Romance Super Hero Drama! And its influences are Sailor Moon, MLB, Inuyasha, LOZelda, Marmalade Boy, DC comics and a little bit of this and that, so if you like these I recommend! xox Thanks!

Tapas (Uncensored):
princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I finally watched all of the seasons of sailor moon crystal and I love season 3 cause it as all the guardians in it well the 3 outer ones that is (soon to be 4 after haritu is awakened that is).  I want to start off on season 3 or we can make up a season 4 of our own cause I want to add my oc to it and this time it will be different. just like in all my sailor moon rp's my oc will be the daughter of Sailor Venus and Kunzite (yes he will be coming back alive how well that's a surprise ;) (Wink)). The rest will be different and trust me it will be a blast. 
DinslakenVegetto Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
1.Im so much thankful to this kind group:huggle:Free Avi - SleepingMoon
Other Sailor moon groups are rude to me.
Danke schön,Großer Sailor moon fan aus DeutschLand#7 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) !
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