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''What're You Doin' Here?''



                "Hold it right there!"  As the warrior of the moon was about to strike a pose to make the scene for her iconic phrase, she spotted a familiar blue hedgehog already on the scene.

                "Heeeeey, wait a minute," she said.  "What're you doin' here?"

                "You were taking too long to transform and do your speech.  It was about time I came in to get things done faster," he replied.

                /End the weird, random scenario I tried writing to try and come up with context for this drawing and failed at.

                I know everyone has come to know me as that Sonic and Sailor Moon nerd (apparently, I've started a lot of things involving crossovers of them -- I've seen a lot of them pop up since I started crossing them over, way more than I ever used to see before :XD:), though I'm not really quite as into Sailor Moon or my crossover of her and Sonic as I used to be these days.  I still have my ideas of this big, long story involving the two circling around in my head sometimes.  Dunno if I'll ever get to it anymore, though, since I'm preferably focusing more on the stories involving my characters because I really want to get to work on those.  That includes some stories set in original universes that I've had ideas for, but never went anywhere with yet.  I know people have wanted me to work on it, but I just don't know if I'll get to it since it's not one of my priority projects at the time anymore.  I want to work on the stories involving Charon, Edgar and Celes, and the others, and eventually some original universe ideas I've had, hopefully.

                Still!  I can't deny that I enjoy seeing these two together being nerdy buddies and allies in combat.  I love seeing crossovers of these two, so long as we don't get into the weirder aspects of it like making Sonic and the gang into Sailor Senshi, or "shipping" them.  That stuff is...oh, dear goodness. :XD:  Don't even get me started, LOL.  Sonic and Sailor Moon fighting alongside each other, being friendly rivals and picking on each other even though they kinda care for each other like brother and sister, though?  YES.  GIVE ME.  Also, even though I know this was only in the DiC/Cloverway dub that Mamoru, Rei, and Chibusa called her this, I can totally see Sonic calling Usagi "Meatball Head" over "Odango/Dumpling/Bun Head" (but I do prefer the DiC/Cloverway dub of the series, anyway.  I'm one of the few who actually loves Linda Ballantyne's voice as Sailor Moon and thinks it really brings her character to life).  And like the way the other characters used that term, Sonic would use it as a means of teasing her to sometimes get a rile out of her, but it's still used affectionately.

                So every once in a while, it's fun to go back and draw these two together for old times and fun.  This was actually a doodle I did way back in 2016. :lol:  I didn't really care for how it turned out too much, though, so I left it alone with little intention of finishing it.  But after looking through old art files and finding the original sketch of this again, I couldn't help but think how cute it was and wanted to finish it. :XD:  I touched it up a LOT and gave it a lot of improvements when I turned it into lineart, especially on Sailor Moon's face most of all.  Her eyes, nose, and mouth looked really weird and out of place in the original.  What a difference two years made!  I realized I haven't done any fully polished colored work involving Sailor Moon since, like, 2014, either.  Her look with my coloring style has changed dramatically since then; it looks so different. :XD:  Ah, but working on finishing the linart for this (I had been lagging on it since late December) and coloring this was so much fun.  Once I got to finishing the lineart on Sonic up, I went ahead and actually colored the whole thing in one sitting.   That's unusual for me to do with digital art these days since it takes me a good while to do.  I just find it cute, haha.  Gave my childhood a kick.

            Wasn't really sure what to do with the background, but this came along after thinking of the backgrounds you see when Sailor Moon does her speeches, transformations, and attacks, with the moon and diamonds or crystal-looking things in the back.  Sonic just crashed into the scene when she was about to do her thing, pfffft. :XD:  You can tell I still lack experience in rendering a moon with all of its details and craters.  I just decided not to worry about it much since the focus is on the characters and I just wanted to add something to the background to make it more interesting and pretty.  I just went for trying to wing making it look the best I could and just going for making it look very white and bright.  The whole background must be a big cardboard back or green-screen, anyway, with the shadows behind them. xD  It all seemed to work well enough, so I'm happy with it.

-Sketched with drawing tablet in 2016 (completing old art seems to be my trend now), and finished July 23, 2018.  All completed in Paint Tool Sai.-
Usagi "Serena" Tsukino/Sailor Moon is (c) Naoko Takeuchi/TOEI Animation, 1992-PRESENT.
Sonic the Hedgehog is (c) SEGA/Sonic Team, 1991-PRESENT.
Artwork be me, SailorMoonAndSonicX.
Please do not steal, trace/copy, edit, reupload, or use in any way. Thank you!
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I love your drawings of Sonic and sailor moon crossovers I always had crossovers in my head of how they all meet and fight together