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Chibiusa and Meiling: Cheer Outfits by EnchantedRevelation
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:spotlight-left: Feb 28th:spotlight-right:

:new: Hello Everyone,

A quick update. I haven't been super active on DA recently since real life stuff has kept me busy. If you have submitted artwork and it expires I will go back through and look at ones that follow the Groups Submission rules and send you a request to have the artwork added to our group. I'll try and keep up with it as best I can.



Sailor Moon crossovers for everything! anime/manga/comics/books/tv shows/movies all of it!

Follow the deviantART guidelines & rules and treat each other with respect. If you are disrespectful to the other members or the Mod you will be banned or reported to the DA authorities.

:star:TO JOIN:star:  
Just click the "Join" button on the front page.

:star:TO SUBMIT:star:  

You will be able to submit artwork to the group, however the Mod must approve it with a vote before it will be added to the group. The Mod has the right to refuse any artwork submitted to the group.

You may submit artwork as long as they follow these guidelines.

There is no limit to how many you can submit, however please make sure you are submitting your best work and that it's finished. The artwork you submit must contain a Sailor Moon character as well as another character from another anime/manga/book/movie/tv show or a Sailor Moon character dressed as a character from another anime/manga/book/movie/tv show. It must be obvious who the characters in your artwork are, if you change their appearance so much that it does not even resemble the the character you are claiming to portray then it will be considered an OC and will not be added. If your Sailor Moon character is wearing clothes based off the other characters world you're using in your crossover it will be allowed, as long as people can still identify who the Sailor Moon character is. By character we mean a humanoid (Example: a human, or Elf, or Fairy, etc.) or animal (Example: Kiba from Wolf's Rain, Or Kero from Card Captor Sakura, etc.), so no objects,(However Gundams will be allowed).

Any artwork that has Sailor Moon characters being harmed or showing acts of hatred towards the characters will not be added to the gallery. If you are unsure if your artwork falls within the guidelines then submit it, and the worst that can happen is that it is denied to be add to our gallery. Another option is send a Note to the group with a link to your artwork and ask the Mod if the artwork follows the rules of the group. Anything mature needs to be appropriately marked with a Warning on it, and anything the Mod considers to be too explicit will not be added to the club.

Submitted artwork needs to be drawn or painted, and made digitally or traditionally (or both). Any thing submitted that is from the actual anime and pasted together will not be added to the groups gallery. (pretty much no cutting and pasting images you didn't draw of the characters together.)

No AMV's. 

No Fanfic's.

Any fanart that features a character from an anime/manga/book/movie/tv show dressed as a Sailor Moon character will be submitted to its proper fandom folder in the clubs Collections.

NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. (So Artwork must not contain OC's. As for future children(Example: Gohan and Chibiusa's child) they are not allowed as of right now however this is subject to change)

The Mod has the right to refuse to add any artwork or fanfic submitted to the club. Yaoi/yuri is allowed as long as the artwork follow the rules listed above.

Cosplay is allowed however it will be added to its proper fandom folder in the clubs Collection.
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