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Daughter of Jewels



This is my entry for :icondragonscholar: seventh sanctum Tarot Card art contest. [link] is where u can enter, but there's only 1 day left.
Btw her name is Chi, witch is a name meaning blood in Japanese.
Interpretation:(Sorry if this sounds kinda corny, but i find it hard 2 do enterpretations) This card symbolises passion, exitement and seduction, but can sometimes mean either being poorly treated by somebody, or the loss of a loved one. (Sorry if that sounded bad)
Backstory: (Inspired by The Ring) A girl was born with black, colourless eyes and various body markings. Because of this, many people thought she was evil, dangerous or a daughter of Satan. They waited until she turned 14. One of the villagers dressed up as a matchmaker, who convinced her to come with her to the forest. She asked her to put on dull, grey rags. As they walked, they came across a group of people in black robes surrounding a hole. The matchmaker dragged her to the hole, pushing her into it, sending her into an eternal sleep.
About 4 years have past, and Chi was found lying in the hole by a group of Dark Elves. They took her away, brainwashing her to seduce, then kill any male who would gaze apon her beauty, by giving her a :katana: made out of jewels.
Meaning: As a young girl, she represents youth. Despite this, she can also portray despair, or death (This is from her eyes). Her symbol is Pluto, named after the god Hades of the underworld. She also represents mood swings; going from a carefree child to a dark young woman.
I scanned this in, then edited in photoshop. I used crayons and pencils to make this.
Btw, she is not blind. I just wanted to give her dull, colourless eyes.
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Cool backstory! I love how you gave her black holes for eyes.