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LVDR Symbols by SailorFireTiger LVDR Symbols :iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 6 4
35th Vytal Festival-AAER vs LVDR
       “Aaaaaaand...WELCOME BACK TO THE 35TH VYTAL FESTIVAL TOURNAMENT!!!” Declared a boisterous voice. “Live from the kingdom of Vacuo, I’m your host, Peter Port, joined by my good friend Professor Bartholomew Oobleck!”
       “Doctor.” Oobleck corrected his coworker. “And welcome indeed! We have some exciting matches lined up today! This is day one of the doubles round and already we’ve had some *ahem* explosive matches.”
       “The best kind of matches.” Port interjected. “And this one should prove to be just as impressive! Leetah Matte and Rani Sage, representing team LVDR of Shade take on Apollo and Artie Celeste representing team AAER of Atlas! Now, Barty, is it true that twins tend to make some of the best huntsmen partners in Remnant?”
       “Not always the case, but it certainly is for t
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HEAT logo by SailorFireTiger HEAT logo :iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 6 1 MMD Hair Glitch...Help? by SailorFireTiger MMD Hair Glitch...Help? :iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 1 3 Who you are by SailorFireTiger Who you are :iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 0 0
My Domain
Which place makes me who I am? It’s somewhere that no one has access to, or at least, no easy access, but me. Every decision I make affects this place, and it’s up to me to keep it in an orderly manner. It’s the first place I retreat to when the world is going wrong, and when everything and everyone seems to be against me.
Atop my balcony I can see to the farthest hills and the end of the oceans, and the light of the ever-full moon gives me peace as the stars continue resounding their encouragements to me. The wind gently catches my hair up in a current of comfort, the scent of cherry blossoms from the garden below, ever so tantalizing and numbing in their beauty and hue, smother my senses with the sweet aroma. The fabric of the pristine white gown I wear clings to my skin as soft music plays seemingly from out of nowhere.
Short steps, Deep breath, Everything is alright…
I hold my head high, despite whatever’s worrying me, making me hide in the co
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Kira the Child of Fire by SailorFireTiger Kira the Child of Fire :iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 0 0 Screen Attack by SailorFireTiger Screen Attack :iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 1 13
(Kira’s POV)
I feel so tired. Why do I feel so weak? Maybe that’s because I AM weak, and worthless, and hopeless, and stupid, and slutty, and not to mention completely useless. At least, that’s what everyone else says.
My father told me that I was completely hopeless when I failed yet another class. “An F in Speech and Drama?!” he shouted at me. “How do you get an F in Speech and Drama?!?!?!” Well, that was easy. The teacher failed my persuasive speech because he had a different view than me, and he failed me on my solo skit because he wasn’t “emotionally moved” like everyone else in the class was. “Kira sometimes, I swear, you are completely hopeless!” With that, he left me standing in the living room looking down at my midterm. F, F, F…I’m basically nothing but a complete failure.
My friends said I was completely useless when I missed out on another hanging out moment to futilely study for my classes
:iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 0 1
The King and the Huntress Ch. 3
Chapter 3: Unlikely Allies
Kira stared at her reflection in the shiny gold crown, glaring at it as if she were staring the king in the face rather than herself. After he had presented her to the townspeople, Shadow had Kira locked away in a room deep in the courthouse, allowing her only an hour to say goodbye. She was waiting for her first visitor as she let everything sink in. Furious, she threw the crown across the room, letting out a cry of frustration into a pillow. Just then, the door opened and her family stepped into the room. Jadzia ran into Kira's arms as Deanna knelt down by her side. Her father stood over her, and Kira couldn't read whether or not he was angry, confused or even if he was feeling anything.
"You shouldn't have gotten up there." he rasped.
Kira nodded. "I know." She whispered. "But I couldn't let him beat you up for not bringing me up there in the first place like you were supposed to."
"I was ready to accept the consequences, why didn't you let me?!" Troy grow
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The King and the Huntress-Chapter Two
Chapter 2: The Failed Rouse
As this was taking place, there was a commotion occurring in the courthouse. The Royal Envoy had arrived, except for one member. Upon seeing three villagers on the outside limits of the village, King Shadow had gone after them, ordering the envoy to continue on without him while he investigated. The captain of the Royal Guard, Sonic, paced back and forth nervously. He was never one to wait, regardless on if it was for the King or for his friends.
"Where is he?" he fumed to his companions, Silver and Knuckles. "He said three minutes, not 30, and yet we're waiting for him 30 minutes later."
Knuckles shrugged. "Look on the bright side." He said. "At least he's not working us like pack mules."
"Is that what you think?" Shadow said, entering the room.
Frightened, Knuckles stood and saluted his king. "Of course not, your Highness." He stuttered. ""I was just kidding. It was meant as a compliment!"
"Save it." Shadow said. "I'll deal with you later." He came up to S
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The King and the Huntress-Chapter One
Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm
Her sapphire blue eyes fluttered open early in the spring morning. She sat up and brushed her ebony and crimson-stained hair out of her face. She guessed the time was about 5:30 in the morning and she got up out of her sleeping bag, causing her sister to stir in her sleep.
"Kira?" She murmured. Kira turned to the little blue mass of fur lying next to her and gently ruffled her brunette hair.
"Sorry, Jadzia. I didn't mean to wake you." She said. "Go to sleep."
"I can't." Jadzia said. "I'm already awake."
Kira shook her head. "You can fall back asleep." She said. "It's way too early for you to be up and about."
"Are you going to be out a long time again?" Jadzia asked.
"Not for too long." Their mother said. Kira turned to her red-furred mother, who was sleeping in the sleeping bag next to her.
"Look, I promise I'll be back when I have enough game to trade in for a good price." Kira said.
"Your father wants you to be home before three today." Deanna sa
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The King and the Huntress-Prologue
Prologue: All Hail Shadow
The kingdom of Mobius was prospering during the reign of King Lionel. When his wife Sophie gave birth to their son, Shadow the kingdom rejoiced at the arrival of a new heir. Soon, he grew up into a healthy prince alongside his younger sister, Maria.
However, all things must come to an end, and soon the king became ill and passed away. The king left his son to tend to the kingdom in his passing. The then 19-year old Shadow took the throne and attempted to rule the way his father had, but soon became a cruel ruler, taking money from the people, giving cruel punishments to the innocent and ignoring the pleas of his people for mercy. No one could stand up to him because his word was law and he had the muscle power to strike down anyone who opposed him.
Our story begins in the throne room where the royal bookkeeper, Miles Prower (also called "Tails") was reading the minutes of the previous council meeting to King Shadow.
"The representative from Soleanna reports th
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Character Profile: Kira the Dark Tiger
Full name (middle included): Kira Adelia the Dark Tiger
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 18th, 1996
Country of origin: Coradia
Physical appearance
Fur color: Purple with black stripes (muzzle color: light peach)
Eye color: Deep blue
Birthmark?: Yes, orange, flame-shaped mark on her forehead
Hair color: Black with streaks of red
Height: 3'7"
Weight: ~63lb
Other identifying features: Scar over right eye, tips of ears are blue, always wears red fingerless gloves, wears blue bracelet with the "yin-yang" symbol on her left wrist.
Family tree
Father's name: King Troy the Tiger
Mother's name: Queen Deanna the Tiger
Sibling(s): Princess Jadzia the Tiger (sister)
Spouse: none (yet)
Other known relatives: Lord Dimitri the Tiger (uncle) Lady Hannah the Wolf (aunt) Jake the Wolf (cousin)
Element controlled: Fire/lava/pretty much anything to do with heat
Weakness: Water
Magic abilities: Can use songs to control certain elements such as thunder, time, and he
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Final Mad Lib-Contest Story
For deviantART's 12th birthday, the staff decided to throw a weird surprise party for Fella. They gathered at Fella's favorite restaurant, The Fancy Chipmunk, with presents in hand. Llama brought Fella to the door and once they stepped in, all of the staff screamed, ""HOLY UNDERGARMENTS, BATMAN!"!" Fella was so shocked that he instantly fainted. He opened his presents to find that Llama had given him 12 muffins. He was amazed! He would never forget that night.
:iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 0 0
Yet ANOTHER...Well, You get the idea...
My great-grandfather used to tell me, "Don't chase after lives because you'll only end up with a puppy in your hips." I never quite understood his advice until one National "Hug a Cactus" day, I was gardening with my best friend Jane. All of a sudden, we found an underground tunnel! It was happy and spooky sounds came from deep within. Jane saw something interesting inside, jumped in, and I never saw her again. Great-granddaddy was right!
:iconsailorfiretiger:SailorFireTiger 0 0


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Frisk Fell - Merry Christmas :iconaniitaruiz:AniiTaRuiz 113 7
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