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Paint BBS
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Jolteon looks awesome.
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oh my gosh! its adorable! : . 3
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I just want to squish him, he is so cute!

Plus the textures are awesome!
RaRa--Avis's avatar
Super cute!! The coloring is really neat to boot!
Ani-Monster's avatar
Nice use of color. X3 :+fav:
TK421LovesYou's avatar
Aww I can never get his spikes to look right...they always look too sharp...and wrong. Great job on this!
Daniel-Link's avatar
wow, looks so cute, :+fav:
suiko-xx's avatar
omg you use very well BBS T^T
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Aw man, the textures and colours. I love the soft, orangey pink against the neutral yellow and blue. Seriously nice.
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Wow, I love this!! I would put this on my wall.

I have to say I adore your painting style, It's so gorgeous. This is definitely one of my all time favorites.

Keep up the awesome work!!!!
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I really like the shading. Looks really nice on a blue background too.
Nick-is-Safferion's avatar
Jolteon! My favorite of the Eeveelutions!! The leader of my team on fire red...until I lost it >_<

Awesome job!
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You know, this could perfectly pass for an oil painting. I don't know how you can achieve such a natural look with PaintBBS.
Louisiana-limey's avatar
brilliantly cute ^^
tenko72's avatar
I like the shading and the pose it's in.
xXOllieXx's avatar
Omgs Jolton was one of my fav pokemon when I played the game, he still is lol
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