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This is very nice. :)
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I don't know if I'm still allowed to post in here, but may I ask your permission to use this picture? I could give you the link of the finished product.
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Thank you so much!… <--That's where I used this wonderful piece of art Meow :3 
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May I please transfom this into a card and give you credit for original artwork?
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Hi there! :wave:

Just a message to let you know that your work has been featured here! :pokeball:
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OMG, This is awesome! If I credit you can I use it as part of something on another site?
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That is so cool. o____o <3
SO CUTE! *hugs it*
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i love bulbasaur!!!!!!
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dude, havent decided yet, but if i settle on it, can i use this for a tattoo? i loved pokemon since i was 10!
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8D I favorited this in my Bulbasaur group, it's so epic it has to be seen!
DirtyCreeper91's avatar
cool colouring technique :O
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:heart: Bulbasaur, my first Pokemon. I'm loving your rough painterly style. I've been looking at your other Pokemon oekakis and I must say, you have a very good eye for both composition and posing these guys, though this Bulba might not demonstrate this as well as some of your others. Nevertheless, very well done.
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That is so amazingly adorable! Perfectly accurate and the coloring looks extremely cool!
RaainboowRaawr's avatar
hooow cutee! *00*
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Best i've here in DA! Congrats!
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