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If you are trying to contact me (especially if you need a response quickly) it is probably better to use twitter, though I'm trying to be more active here again.

If you want to use any of my drawings for something like a profile image or fake tcg card for your own personal amusement, just give credit (you don't have to ask). Anything beyond that, especially if money is directly or indirectly involved, please contact me on twitter.

the dark secret

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Well, since paint BBS is pretty much officially dead and I'm not all that active any more I might as well say now that most of what's in my gallery was done with the mouse. I had a tablet but it was just a crappy one I got from someone for $20 in college and I just felt it was easier to use the mouse most of the time in Paint BBS. Now that that's done with I kind of want to get an actual decent tablet and maybe start just doing stuff in photoshop. I always just kind of posted stuff I did for fun in my spare time, but I'd like to do that again. I've also been really tempted lately to buy nice markers and post traditional stuff (paint isn't r
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By the way, that picture was from 2008 and not related to worlds at all. I plan on writing out something better but it's really stupid these websites (kotaku) are so entitled they think they can just take images they "find" Apparently they "credited" me now but I don't even want to be credited as "sailorclef" anyway and they are taking the drawing entirely out of context... Don't have time to fight it right now. Oh, not to mention I am extra insulted by their crappy attempt at an article since I am an actual legitimate VGC player who has competed in worlds twice. In the past all kotaku has done is try their best to make VGC look bad. Not t
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Yeah I still haven't reached the point where I really have time to oekaki that much any more... Most of my free time has been spent working on VGC related stuff. So if anyone wants to, my twitter: Mosty consists of competitive batting rantings but I do occasionally post doodles or stuff I for some reason or other don't feel like posting to DA. Just make sure to let me know who you are so I know to follow you back.
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Oh gosh, I remember you from bulbakaki! You were (still are!) one of my favorite Pokéartist. It is so nice to see that you are still creating art.

I'm kind of shocked people still remember me, I'm flattered... Unfortunately it has been hard to keep up with posting artwork since the death of oekaki and getting a real job (plus devoting most of my free time to VGC)

I only very recently (like the past 2 months?) decided that I needed to push myself to start drawing and posting things again, even if I think they're sort of crappy, or I'll just never find the time to do it.

You were one of the many kind people on the different Pokémon oekaki boards that I idolized back then. It might sound silly over a decade later, but I really treasured bulbakaki, and every time I doodle Pokémon nowadays I find myself reminiscing about then and can't help but wonder how my old internet friends are doing. 💜 The nostalgia has led me to work on building my own pokékaki website. I'm hoping to get it up by some time next year.

I feel you. Maybe a month ago I decided I ought to push myself the same.

So excited to see that you posted art again recently!!

Happy Birthday :meow: :iconcakeplz:
happy birthday!Lemon Tea Cake with candles 50X50 icon Lemon Tea Cake with candles 50X50 icon Lemon Tea Cake with candles 50X50 icon