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Vocaloid Headset Tutorial

I've made a tutorial for how to make a Vocaloid headset. Feel free to use it. If there are any other tutorials that you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see what can do! <3

EDIT: I've decided to include Frequently Asked Questions in this description since I've gotten so many of the same questions. ^^ I'll add more questions as they come up. Hopefully this will help clear things up. If you ask a question that is in the FAQ's area, I'll be less likely to answer. Sorry. :<

SECOND EDIT: :iconjustacosplayer: suggested putting a glow-in-the-dark paint on the yellow and blue foam to make it glow. I think it's a good idea and definitely worth a shot! :D


Q.: How are the ear pieces attached to the headband?
A.: I made a small indent into the ear pieces. Then, I put a heavy duty glue (like E-6000 or Liquid Fusion) into the indent and pressed the headband into it. I held it there until it held on its own (about 30 minutes); then, I let it fully cure, which took about 24 hours.

Q.: How did you make your bow?
A.: I now have a tutorial for that as well! : D [link]

Q.: How did you attach the bow to the headset?
A.: The headset and the bow are actually 100% separate. In all the official reference picture I had come across, the bow is actually slightly behind the headset, so I just bobby-pinned the bow in place behind the headset.

Q.: You made this tutorial for the twins' headsets. Can I use it for (insert other Vocaloid)? Or can you make a tutorial for (insert other Vocaloid)'s headset?
A.: I made this tutorial since I was already making the headset for Rin. While I'm sure you can use this tutorial as a basis for the other Vocaloids, I don't have any plans on making different tutorials for the different headsets.

Hope you enjoy! :D
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Thank you! Ahaha for meiko sakine I don't need to make the mouth piece, but I need to make a microphone...
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thanks... :D
very useful for me, :3
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/sadly can't afford such expensive things and casually makes it outta carboard, tape, and electrical tape-- ; u ; Good tutorial, tho!
SailorAnime's avatar
Hey, use whatever works! ^^
radioactive-stars's avatar
How much is E-6000?? thanks for making this tutorial!!
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It's $4.99 where I am, but it may vary based on where you live. :)
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Alright thank you! uwu
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How much model magic do you need?
(Like 2 packs? 1?)
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I think I used one pack.
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Kk thank you!!! ^-^
How do you attach the mic to the earphones?
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You use the excess wire sticking out of the mic and stab it through the ear piece.
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This is amazing!!!! YOU ARE GENIUS owo I will definitely use this!!! GREAT JOB!!!! :mangapunksai:
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Thank you! Glad to help! ^^
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could you use modelling clay that goes in the oven instead of model magic?
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You might be able to, but I worry that it will end up being too heavy.
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ok thanks anyway :)
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um... where did you get the rin hair clips....
and thanks so much for the tutorial~!
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