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SeraMyu Pluto

Setsuna from the Sera Myu, or Sailor Moon Musicals

I need to start doing more since I'm not good with the Musical fukus yet >< This is the first time coloring Pluto's; the color scheme is rather different from hers in the anime, but that gives it its certian charm :D

Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, WACOM Tablet
Sailor Pluto (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Art (c)
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DavisJes's avatar
This one is my fav so far.
Crystal-Dream's avatar
wow! looks good. i am not drawing so much of tzhe sailor Fighters..
nontoxiccrayons's avatar
Interesting outfit. From the musicals you say?
I like the gold lace. =3
All the musical outfits are very sparkly/lacy xD
[link] Pictures of all the actresses can be found here (almost xD)

The musicals are amusing to watch; however they have never provided subtitltes for it, so I can only vaguely guess what they asre saying =.=;