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SeraMyu Neptune

I always liked Michiru's fuku since it has so much teal in it xD

There are hardly any good pictures of SeraMyu Neptune with a good picture of her "brooch" so I had to deal with what I had...

Oddly Neptune's Musical fuku has lots of crosses in the design...


Art (c) Me
SeraMyu Sailor Neptune (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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This is really well done! Yukha is my favorite Seramyu Netpune actress, and I think I see a little bit of her in this picture? ^.^;;

Also - have you seen the actual costume? There's a seamstress that makes them, and they're quite impressive! [link]
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I really like your Sera Myu Sailor Senshi pieces. Are you going to do the rest?
I have also done the Sera Myu Sailor Senshi if you would like to see them.