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Oak Evolution -Another Story-

-Full View Please ^^-

Yay! My first successful animation XD

Sailor Jupiter's SuperS attack

Since the SM video game did not include attacks after the S season, I decided to make some of my own ^^ This one is modeled after her "SailorStar" costume from the manga; I might edit a SuperS styled one as well

The hardest parts were positioning her to spin around -_-;
A bit fast ^^;; I might re-change it later...

For those who know how to make bgs transparents, note me and I'll see what I can do!

Sailor Mars' Flame Sniper will be next ^^

Sprites Edited and Originally Gotten from Lyncetia's Sm Web Graphics Shop [link]
Used Programs: Paint Shop Pro 8, Animation Shop 3, Adobe ImageReady CS
15 Frames; Took a few hours >_>;;

Sailor Star Jupiter (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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Awesome animation. =D I am adding this to my favorites. ^_^
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This is really good! Nice job! ^_^