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Flame Sniper -Another Story

This one was easier than the last one xD

The flames turned out better than I thought ^^ Sailor Mars' Flame Sniper's hardest parts where getting good positions/poses...*shrugs* Poses in GIFs is something I must work on >_>;;

I might do Venus' Love and Beauty Shock next, or one of Sailor Moon's attacks...

Sprites Edited and Originally Gotten from Lyncetia's Sm Web Graphics Shop [link]
Used Programs: Paint Shop Pro 8, Animation Shop 3, Adobe ImageReady CS
10 Frames

Sailor Star Mars (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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stumble-til-u-crawl's avatar
i like it. just curious. practicality being?
Practicality being?

Care to explain it a bit more? >_>;;
stumble-til-u-crawl's avatar
umm... imeant like where would you use it.... just curious.....
A video game for the same anime series used these kind of animations for attacks.

They never got to this certain season, so they never made any of the new attacks so I thought I would :P
NukeHowlnile's avatar
Wow nice animation I love the fire