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Civilian Round

Civilian Name
Alysson Bailey
Meaning: "Noble Steward"

Civilian Occupation
Gymnastics instructor for ages 8-16

Height 5'9"

May 10 (Taurus)

Appears to be mid-late 20's. Claims to be 29 Earth Years.
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Daily life
Having spent countless years honing her skills during her solitude, Alysson developed a great passion for what earthlings refer to as "gymnastics" and the first thing she did upon acquiring a civilian life was to seek out a place that would allow her to continue her agility training. Being too old to compete, and displaying a talent for flexibility (*cough*), she became one of the top teachers in her field. She found she enjoyed showing others how to discipline and stretch themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. The proud smiles and laughter of the children helped her regain some of her old self as she once again felt a sense of duty and purpose, even if it was only to human children and gymnastics, and it became one of her favourite things to do. Even off the clock she would willingly stay and help any who wanted to continue to learn. Almost every night she has to be (jokingly) kicked out of the studio and sent home.

Residing in the city of London, Ontario, (Canadian Senshi need some love too!), there is certainly no shortage of things to occupy her time, however, Aly much prefers the quieter aspects of free time. When she isn't working her day job, she attends yoga classes twice a week and swims every other night that she isn't dragged out for a night on the town, usually drinking or a movie, by Kaylee, the book keeper at the studio. Odd weekends she finds herself tagging along for shopping trips.

When she is allowed time to herself, she loves to curl up in a homemade nest of blankets and pillows and read herself to sleep.

As a civilian, in order to keep her identity as a Senshi secret, she developed the ability to use a residual amount of her void-based powers to strip her hair and eyes of colour, resulting in her having black hair and black eyes instead of the vibrant blues of Alcyone.

Aly's biggest dream is also her self proclaimed mission. Though her Senshi duties are important, the one thing she wants more than anything is to find her sisters. Through that, she feels she will find a sense of completion and she can once again reclaim her title of Eta Tauri.

Even more than not finding her sisters, her deepest fear is that once they are found, they will despise her for what she did in the past, forever branding her as the Senshi who Abandoned her Sisters.

Favourite food
As strange as it may sound, her favourite food is popcorn. It's quick, easy, and makes a fun popping sound in the microwave, what's not to love? Add some extra butter and Junior Mints while it's still warm (they melt deliciously over the popcorn for an orgy of salt, butter, chocolate and mint in your mouth) and she's a happy girl. =^.^=


I never did understand how nobody knew who the Sailor Senshi were despite LOOKING EXACTLY THE SAME JUST WITH TIARAS. XD Its one of the things I really liked about Live Action. Normal hair colours when civilian, and when they transformed they had awesome coloured hair. It just made so much more sense to me. @__@

And seriously, if you haven't tried that popcorn thing yet, you're seriously missing out on one the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Seriously.

Ugh....backgrounds....I hates them. It's why I always cheat and cop out with something tacked on via photoshop. My skills. They need help. lol I really hope it looks like the well used gym its supposed to be. Also, I LOATHE feet. For someone who loves socks and shoes, I seriously dislike feet, especially bare feet. They're just....ugh. Can't stand 'em. It's the toes. Don't like looking at them, don't like drawing them.

I had more to say but my brain's gone "sput".

Sailor Alcyone belongs to :iconsailoralcyone: (me)
Originally design adopted from :iconsir-frog:
Sailor Moon 'verse belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Art by :iconsailoralcyone:

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