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OSI 2014 Qualification Entry - Alcyone




Round 1 - Civilian:
Round 2 - PinUp:

Name of Senshi
Sailor Alcyone
*NOTE* Her hair is actually two toned - light blue fading into dark blue *

Civilian name
Alysson Bailey
Meaning: "Noble Steward"

Civilian Occupation
Gymnastics instructor

Height 5'9"

May 10 (Taurus)

Appears to be mid-late 20's

Senshi Realm
Beyond the Blue lies the Realm of the Black, where Gravity and the crushing power of the Void reside.

Senshi's powers & attacks
Minor powers over gravity, and a greater control over spacial vacuums/the void.

~Gravitational Equilibrium: Innate ability; always active, but she can extend this effect to 4 others for a duration of 12 hours if chooses. This passive ability is mostly used to maintain balance or change her own weight accordingly so that she is capable of walking and functioning in any type of atmosphere/gravity. It also allows her to slow her falls so she does not sustain injuries (provided she concentrates on it. If she's slammed down or stunned, she is unable to to this), as well as leap insanely high with no trouble.

~Silence Revolution: An AOE (Area of Effect). A shimmering bubble expands from a point beneath Alcyone's feet, creating a silent void of up to a 30' radius. No sound can be created within, rendering spoken attacks useless. The affected area is determined by her power level/how much of her own power she is willing to use up for this. If needed, she can spend all her power at once to cover a solid mile. The downside is she herself cannot use her verbal attacks either, but physical combat can still be used.

~Rapid Submergence: The target of this attack is engulfed in a pillar of dark blue, almost black nothing. The rapid drop in pressure lowers the body temperature and causes the target to lose consciousness after a few seconds, at which time the pillar disperses. At higher concentration and prolonged exposure, it can kill.

Sailor Background:
Leader of the Tauri Senshi, Eta Tauri and her sisters were tasked with guarding several Trans-dimensional Gates; doorways between the many Senshi Galaxies that allowed for quick travel between the realms.

For centuries they stood vigil, defeating any threat that leaked through or tried to break in, however when Eta Tauri heard her lover, Eta Carinae, had gone Super Nova, she abandoned her post mid battle, allowing Khaos to break through and wreak its havoc. Only 2 of the original 8 Tauri Senshi survived, barely, while all the other Realms were left to their own fates at the hands of the greatest evil.

Her title, powers and memories of her lover stripped, Eta Tauri was cast into solitude, to live out her long life with no one but herself while her remaining Sisters were put to Sleep to be awoken at a later time. The souls and star seeds of the sisters who fell in battle were salvaged, sent away to heal and be reborn on Earth along with the other fallen inhabitants of the Moon Kingdom.

Countless lonely centuries passed, and when the Children of the Galaxy began to be resurface, her imprisonment began to wane as the need for Senshi to fight against the revived Khaos grew. A vision of the Imperial Queen came to her, asking her if she would once again pledge her allegiance and fight in the name of their Kingdom and people. Desperately wanting to right her wrong, she agreed and was released, though now under the name Sailor Alcyone. She must earn her title and powers back, as well as the trust of her reborn Sisters and the other Senshi once more. For the last 2 years, she has been diligently keeping watch, guarding her chosen section of the Earth from the tendrils of Khaos, hoping that one day she will find her Sisters, perhaps help them reawaken to their powers. But even now somewhere out there she can feel someone pulling at her. Neither Sister, nor Khaos, but tied to her nonetheless. Unsure of who, she is searching for this guiding power that both warms her and makes her heart ache.

As a civilian on Earth, Aly is a fairly quiet woman, preferring to keep to herself most days when she is not performing her Senshi duties. She spends her free time either reading or swimming, season depending. She has few friends, and even those aren't all that close to her, except one. A co-worker of hers who quite literally drags Aly out on the town once and a while. Don't let Kaylee know, but Aly secretly enjoys it and knows there is much more to Kaylee than just a desk clerk. ;3


Sailor Alcyone belongs to :iconsailoralcyone: (me)
Originally design adopted from :iconsir-frog:
Sailor Moon 'verse belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Art by :iconsailoralcyone:

Copic Markers
Copic Multiliners
Background via photoshop
Background by :iconflowertigers: found here:
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So gosh! :D love the metallic "claws" on her chest/torso