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We're a group for fans of the Sailor Moon character Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenou (Amara Tenoh).
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haruka's fantasy: the olympian goddess part 3the quest gets longer as priss and haruka were on horseback looking for the baddie with the broadsword and now they are in the castle. but all of a sudden, they face a war of the goblin army vs the humans, silver knights in blue capes ready to attack.''damn, we got trouble, how in the heck are we gonna get to the castle?'' ''oh, man this is bad. can we find a way into this place?" "certainly, i found a green key''just as they were to begin the journey, they screamed ''ATTACK NOW!!!"the fray begins with the clanging sound of the swords and the other 2 women escaped but then, flying intruders stopped them and then, WHAM! priss was down and haruka also got pounded by a single blow. down for the count, the 2 women are almost about to get it and being lechers that they are, once the goblins killed the silver knight army, this is gonna get nasty.the hungry goblins like what they see as haruka was barely awake by the blw and priss wakes up but was grabbed and they were about to torture her but just as they did, haruka gets up and said ''dammit!!" she got up and screamed ''YOU WANT A WAR!!?!?!!?!??" she grabbed the sword and then the goblins charged but she slashed them all 5 of their heads cut. then as the flying intruders ready to beat her again, SLISH! with one swift slash, they were all dead.''ah, thank you for saving me'' said a drowsy yet still standing priss. ''now can we get to the castle?" they enter anyway and 60 miles later, they open using the green key.then they encounter the main boss with the broadsword and one flash of light blinded them.and then came michiru chained up and captured and then later, she was awake and despite being weak, she opens her eyes and says ''haruka?" "michiru'' ''are you gonna save her or are you gonna fall in love?" "silence!! face me woman'' said the bad guy named jack the deadly phantom lord. the battle begins as the 2 square off and later he thrusts and she countered and bam! he punched her gut and boom, he hit her back and priss almost saved the day but wham! she got whomped by the phantom lord and then the human form now mutates into a deadly, fleshy monster with green flames and just as he was about to stab haruka, michiru screamed ''STOP!!!!!!!!''''DON'T TELL ME TO FUCKING STOP YOU-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"haruka countered and stabbed him and boom! she tore his intestines and melted. but all of a sudden, the mutated creature isn't done yet and now the blade turned priss wakes up, they encountered a superhuman demon with muscles and powerful snarl.''give it up, girl. you will never defeat me!" ''the hell i won't!!'' then BAM! he punched the heroine and just as it was gonna get sickening, priss walked and grabbed the gold key and then she opened the chains setting michiru free.meanwhile, down but not really out, she struggled to get up and boom! kicked her ''leave her alone!!'' shouted michiru ''don't stop me!!!"bam! he kicked her again as she was getting wounded and priss shoots the arrow and boom! he got stabbed but it wasn't enoughthen harkua got up and he turned around and she clashed with him one more time, but then the heroine and the superpowered beast face together one more time.howling voices echo in the castle and then the rumbling sounds and cracked walls appear as priss shouted, ''we got to get out of here!!" as she took michiru out of harms way, haruka and jack look in the eye and then slowly do battle to ease the tension but not before there were supernatural ghosts, howling voices and distorted screams but haruka was brave enough to beat him ''look, you fucking cur, i am the cosmic champion and i. will. never. die.''''we will see about that!" she jumped as he was about to slash her. michiru was worried as hell.''i am the warrior, born in the galaxies of life!" she said as green blood pours from his stomach and BAM! he chopped his head and she screamed ''MY MASTER IS MY SWORD!!!!!!"but it still isn't working as his powers are strong but she will hit back and slowly dying he has a sick smile and laughed ''HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!. and boom! slish! his body is torn in 2. ''that is the last time you kill me and i've wasted enough time already'' said the babe with the sword but the sword got a mind of it's own and now she faced the invisible enemy.then slish! the sword cuts her arm and she jumped despite the cut bleeding from her arm and she shouted ''enough of your games!!" she ran but comes back and in slow motion, CRACK!!!she grabbed the sword and tore it in 2, but explosions appear and she grew wings and she flies on out of here.KABOOM! the castle blew up but michiru was so distraught. she fears she did not make it.she fears as her partner is dead. she wept loudly and screamed ''HARUKA!'' she was depressed as priss consoled her. boom! the castle is now a pile of ruins and the howling voices are now faded as the 6:00 am sun arrives. but there is hope. there is an avenging angel and just as michiru was about to cry some more, haruka is flying and zooms to check out her friend. she landed safely as she walked 9 paces to see the green haired girl.''michiru, i am here'' ''hmm, ah! haruka!!'' she hugged the warrior and everything is now alright. she hugged her with the tender touch. ''shh, no one will hurt you no more'' ''oh, love. i thought you were a goner'' ''no, i got you now why don't we fly?" ''thank you for the help, priss'' ''my pleasure'' ''if you needed me, call me" "alright'' then she sprouted the wings and flies on out of here.she carried michiru and she is smiling as the quest ends on a high note.''can we do this?" "do what?" "you know, a little....'' ''not til we land hehe'' ''you scare me as i thought the nightmare isn't over'' ''no, i won and now i got you'' ''oh, haruka, i miss your precious love'' as they landed, they meet in the michiru cleans her wounds and dirt in those ratty clothes, haruka looks at her and then michiru said ''ready for resting time?" "sure'' they lay down and caress their hair and hugged.''my sweet hero'' ''mmm, i miss you'' the calming and soothing sounds of the lake enrich their minds as the journey is now over.for they knew that haruka is the golden haired lass and she will protect her and michiru will protect the haruka.they are now peaceful in the morning sun.the end
haruka's fantasy: the olympian goddess part 2wasting no time and short on weapons and short on friends to help her, haruka went home and later, changed into her warrior clothes, she has a pretty wardrobe of a gold, white and blue dress. a very pretty one with gold armor and a gold bra and a white skirt and white boots and blue cape. she looks the part of a pretty warrior babe searching for her true love.with shield and sword and a lovely white horse, she is ready for a long battle.riding into an icy world, the cool air gets chilly as haruka wears a cloak to distract the enemy and she rides some more.the air gets quiet and distant as she said ''someday, i will rescue you michiru.''then she was 600 miles into the quest and she rides the horse as fast as she can, there was a town but then she looked down and says ''this is really creepy and i'm getting cold, just when do i get to the enemy so i can save her?"then all of a sudden, a silver knight arrived and does battle with haruka. the fray begins and she jumped but the silver knight and the cloak and ripped it and there she was, standing with said sexy costume and he said ''stay back!! you won't see her alive" "you and whose army you fucking cur!?!"''don't mess with me, you look good but i will have your head" "shut up!!" she slashed his armor and then she jumped and using her sexy moves against the knight and they hack and slashed some more and the weak spot is shown but WHAM!!! she got hit and boom! got kicked by the aggravating knight and then.... bam! someone put on arrow through the head of the knight and she got up slowly and slish! and then grabbing her neck just as he was bleeding she ripped his neck and then died on the ground. but who put the arrow to the head? as she looked and got up from the damage, it was a sage, a green sage named priss.a female sage who saved her and later said ''heard you got trouble'' ''ah, thank you for rescuing me" she has a green skirt and green/gold vest and pretty blonde hair. ''ah finally, i have a partner'' ''you're very pretty'' ''thank you, will you help me save my girl?" "who?" ''do you really want to know?" ''yes?" "i am here to save my sweet love'' ''ah, if you want to find her then how bout we join together?" "excellent''now that the deal is done, they went to the town. can these 2 overcome the situation and save michiru?to be continued
Wallpapers, Stamps, Icons, Etc.
Redraw: The First Meeting by kgfantasy
STH, SM and FP: Worlds Unite cast 2 by Mega-Shonen-One-64
STH SM FP: WU - New menu at Sailor Moon Cafe by Mega-Shonen-One-64
STHSMFP Uranu Neptune Mighty Ray Torque face Youma by Mega-Shonen-One-64


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