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Mother 3: Claus in fight.

Mother AKA Earthbound

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Thrust Into Danger| Prologue

Before Alrest became to be, there was…the doomed world. The environments have become unstable, wars have crippled the landmarks, and many trees were chopped. To ensure that at least hope shines for the people of the future, many scientists and have begun to hopefully create artificial plants to create a brand-new forest to maintain stability for the atmosphere. It took some serious time crunching and deep analysis, but they were able to make the perfect tree. They soon called it the Great Tree. Scientists Lilika and Robyn have worked around the clock to do more learnings of the Great Tree. Lilika has always been the informant and Robyn was more the for the direct approaches for these learnings. They were close friends since they were kids, and they had the same goals to help restore the world to her prime. Lilika was a prodigal child from the start. She always valued academic work and teamwork over all else. This didn’t mean that she didn’t had any friends growing up, she had

Thrusting into Danger- FanFic with Drock900

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TeamFourStar Motivational Poster

Abridged Series Hilarities

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Strawberry Shortcake

Food. Drinks. Chibi

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Regigigas... Is only level 1

Pokemon Pics

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Galaxy and Stars #03 - Pendant

Jewelry Craftwork

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Dragon Rider

Dragon Nuts

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Bad Idea, Ichigo...

Anime Gaming Favorites

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Yuki Judai Haou - Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx.

Yu-Gi-Oh Craze- Starring Jaden

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The Master and Loyal Friend - Johan and Ruby

GX- Jesse Fanart

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Yugioh GX Generation Next

Mad for Spiritshipping

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Damsel In Distress stuff

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My RWBY Volume 9 Poster

RWBY Faves

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Pokemon Posters

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