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Musical Moon

The Sailor Moon musicals , commonly referred to as SeraMyu, are a series of live theatre productions. The series consists of 29 musicals which have had more than 800 performances since the show opened in Summer 1993. The producers generally follow and expand upon plot concepts presented in the anime and manga, however there are several original plot lines.

This is dedicated to the memory of Miyuki Kanbe -[link]

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Brushes by :iconredheadstock:
Art by Me
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MoonlightUi's avatar
I like this sailor fuku!
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
Me too!, I love the musicals clothing designs~:D
MoonlightUi's avatar
You should see my gallery. I draw the sailor senshi with Sera Myu fuku.
VoltronZ1's avatar
(Dies from after seeing her new outfit)

Now she looks like a musical Power Ranger. LOL!!!! Very sexy and very wonderful work my dear.

Here's the theme for the great Sailor Musical Moon. [link]
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
TakagiNaoSama's avatar
Cute!! I love it!
emmystar's avatar
It's so pretty! ^^
emmystar's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
Paprika-Studios's avatar
It was so sad to hear about Miyuki Kanbe but this picture does her justice. Very lovely.
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
Thank you! yeah i couldn't believe it when i first heard about her death.. at only 24 as well
DavisJes's avatar
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
E-Zeal's avatar
Woooow. Adorable outfit :heart:
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
Yeah! You got to love the fuku used in the Musicals ^^
maskeraderosen's avatar
I Love it! nice fuku! ^^
DaddyMyGuardianAngel's avatar
kawaii! great job! ya i watched the musical multiple times on you tube
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
Thanks ^^ yeah i only recently got round to watching the musicals and i love them ^^
Kalliana's avatar
I love Myu... You do a wonderful job with this fuku -bravo!
Sailor-Serenity's avatar
Thank you so much! :aww:
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