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Welcome to the Void!

Sailor Moon Void is the darker, hidden world of Sailor Moon. Where Sailor Senshi of the Dark Moon and their sister Senshi from other worlds and dimensions protect the universe and the Moon Princess and her gardens from beings, entries and monstrosities to powerful and too frightening for them to handle alone. From the Obsidian Castle on the dark side of the Moon that survived the destruction of Queen Beryl and her minions of the Dark Kingdom, follow and join Sailor Dark Moon and her friends and allies in protecting her kingdom as well as her cousin Princess Serenity from new and more powerful enemies of the moon kingdom!

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Gallery Folders

Senshi Profiles
Sailor ASASSN-15lh Reference Version 1 by Iggwilv
Sailor Dark Moon Reference 1 (Update) by Iggwilv
SMC Sailor Dark Moon 1 by Iggwilv
Side Quests
Senshi Pics
Sailor SN2006gy Logo by Iggwilv
Sailor Holmberg 15A Logo by Iggwilv
Sailor TON 618 Logo by Iggwilv
Sailor Asassn-15lh by Iggwilv
Group Pics
Oppositio Fuku Base 1 by Iggwilv
Crystal Dark Moon Choker Charm Base by Iggwilv
Dark Moon Star Compact Base by Iggwilv
SMC Dark Moon Compact Base by Iggwilv
SMC Cosmos-Moon Super Heart Transfomation Crystal by Iggwilv
Sailor ASASSN-15lh Butterfly Bow by Iggwilv
Sailor Dark Moon Butterfly Bow by Iggwilv
Sailor ASASSN-15lh Transformation Wand by Iggwilv



This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Witchesyz is a wonderful Sailor Moon basest looking for people to support her work. She does excellent work and she and I have collaborated on a few things.
So please give her a look and give her some points.
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