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SM Novel #13 Chapter 3Chapter 3Charming Lessons Serena got through the tea party mostly okay, except for being told twice not to talk and laugh so loudly. The girls then changed into their riding outfits and filed outside neatly and politely. A butler led them to an open area of lawn and started handing out Frisbees, then instructed the girls to team up and stand across from each other in two straight lines. Once everyone was in position, they began tossing the plastic discs back and forth between them. The girl Serena was playing with tossed the Frisbee a bit wide and it landed in the grass a few feet to Serena's left. Serena got it and smiled at the girl. “Let me show you how it's done,” Serena said quietly in a mock-snooty voice, and then tossed the Frisbee with stupendous accuracy. It flew past the girl, making her flinch, and then spun back to Serena like a boomerang. “Man, if this is all it takes to be a Princess, I've got this in the bag,” she giggled, then she noticed the disconcerted look on her partner's face. “Oh, uh, sorry about that, I'll throw more gently next time,” Serena said. Countess Rose watched from a high window. “Is everything satisfactory, Master Malachite?” she asked the shadows behind her, and Malachite emerged from the darkness. “Yes. Things are going well. And good job taking in that stray. We need as many girls here as possible,” Malachite said, smiling coldly. “You really think you can identify Sailor Moon with Frisbee?” Countess Rose tilted her head doubtfully. “Among other things. She's a terrible clutz in most regards, but her special attack turns her tiara into a discus that she throws like a Frisbee,” Malachite observed smugly, looking out the window at the girls on the lawn. “So a girl who fails at everything but this game could be Sailor Moon,” Countess Rose nodded thoughtfully. “But how likely is it that she'll just walk into our trap?” “Given her track record, very likely,” Malachite answered, as laughter drifted up from the grounds below. The next few lessons didn't go as well as the Frisbee game. There was a lesson in horseback riding, but while Serena got on well with her horse – she loved how soft his muzzle was – actually staying on his back was a whole other matter. Then came the poise lessons, in her pretty new dress that had a built-in corset. The corset kept her back straight, but it was no help to her legs and feet, which kept finding things to trip on. And even with the corset's help, she couldn't balance anything on her head for more than a few seconds. None of this was helped by her pretty, but uncomfortable, shoes. The other girls were basically gliding across the room by the end of that day's lesson, if not perfectly then at least acceptably, but Serena had a barked shin and sore toes and certainly wasn't gliding anywhere. Still, even while she felt frustrated, she refused to give up. There was ballroom dancing one day, which proved a surprising disappointment to Serena. She remembered waltzing with Tuxedo Mask at Princess Diamond's ball, and thought she would be able to do it again, but that didn't turn out to be the case. She was as awkward and clumsy as ever with her partner, though he strove to be patient with the number of times she stepped on his toes. “I'm so sorry!” Serena squeaked as she crushed his right big toe for the third time. I guess I can only dance with Darien for now. . . she thought with a sigh. She never noticed Countess Rose's cool, appraising gaze following her around After that was a dinner party in Countess Rose's fancy dining room, using the fanciest dishes and silverware Serena had ever seen. Countess Rose sat at the head of the table, lecturing on how to politely wait for a meal to be served and explaining the courses and the right silverware to use. Serena heard very little of it; the high backed chair was nice, but her stomach was growling, and her dress was pinching her painfully. Argh, why are these dresses so tight and uncomfortable? Serena thought miserably as she plucked at the fabric around her ribs to give herself some breathing room. She stole glances around the table at the other girls, who were politely chatting and laughing as if their chests weren't being crushed by a medieval torture device masquerading as women's undergarments. How can they look so comfortable? Is that part of being a Princess, being able to act normal when you can't breathe? Just then two butlers came in with silver soup basins and began going up either side of the table, ladling thick, delicious smelling soup into the bowls that were on the table. Serena let out a small noise of delight as her bowl was filled; she couldn't wait to eat! “All right, ladies, let us dine,” Countess Rose said. “Thank goodness, I'm starving!” Serena said, mostly to herself, though her neighbors all heard it. Serena brought the first spoonful to her lips, and slurped it up. Everyone flinched as she took a few more bites, slurping each time. Edward, the butler that had found her in the tree, leaned in close to speak quietly to her. “No, no, Miss, you mustn't slurp like that!” he hissed, and Serena felt herself blush. “O-oh, right, sorry,” she said, and dabbed at her lips with her napkin. Edward gave a small nod at her ability to at least wipe her mouth properly, and then Serena went back to her soup, only to slurp again a few moments later. Countess Rose was visibly grimacing as the unpleasant noises continued, and the other students looked appalled. “Miss, you mustn't make those sounds!” Edward said again. “And don't scrape the bowl with your spoon like that!” “Oh man, how can eating be this hard?” Serena whimpered to herself. Usually her table manners were fine, but between her hunger and discomfort she just really wanted to get some food in her. The rest of the meal passed in much the same way, with Serena getting the silverware wrong more often than anyone else (thought the fact that some the other girls occasionally grabbed the wrong fork or spoon was comforting), and being told she shouldn't just grab a roll before it was offered. The food was delicious, though, so that helped her get through it. Next was diction and manners, and Serena hoped she'd be able to do well there. She was pretty polite, after all, and she spoke clearly. However, the lesson started with a long discussion on the differences between customs from the west and the east, and before long Serena's eyes were drooping. The Countess was saying something about always being elegant and precise, and Serena yawned before she could stop herself. Man, this is boring. It's like being back in plain ol' history class, Serena thought sleepily. “Perhaps Miss Tsukino would like to go first?” Countess Rose suddenly asked, and Serena snapped to full awareness. “Huh?! Uh, I mean, of course, Countess, ma'am, my lady,” Serena squeaked as she stood up. “Now, then, how would you offer a guest a cup of coffee, for example?” Countess Rose said. “Oh, um. . .'Coffee's on, come and get it?' No, that's not. . .'would you kindly partake of a cup of coffee? It's free'?” Serena stumbled through her words, and she thought she heard the Countess sigh as the other students giggled. “The second attempt was better, but there's no need to emphasize the fact that the coffee you're offering is free. It's also a bit wordy. In this case, a simple 'Please have a cup of coffee' will do,” the older woman said gently. Serena's shoulders sagged and her head drooped. Wasn't there anything she could get right? She must have known stuff like this when she was Serenity, so why couldn't some of those memories come back right now and keep her from looking bad? Actually, did they even have coffee on the moon? Maybe back then, she would have been offering something completely different, and that's why she wasn't remembering anything about stuff like this. The thought made her feel a little better, but she still felt helplessly behind all of the other girls. And in this fashion, the week passed. * * * “A Princess Seminar at the Rose Mansion?” Amy asked in surprise. “That's where Serena's been going in the afternoons?” It was Saturday morning, and Amy, Lita, Mina, Artemis and Raye were at Cherry Hill Temple again. They stood in one of the outer hallways, since Grandpa Hino was away somewhere with Yuiichiro doing more training. The air was cold and the wind rattled the mostly empty branches of the trees, even though it was sunny out. Raye didn't need her sixth sense to know there would be snow in the not-too-distant future, and they all wore extra layers to stay warm. “She's really trying to learn how to be a Princess?” Lita sounded thoughtful at the concept. “I bet she quits before it's over,” Raye said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “She may be a flake sometimes, but it's great that she took the initiative to at least learn the basics,” Amy said, her pride in her friend evident. “And she's stuck with it this long.” “That's true,” Raye conceded. “She's getting better. I just hope this seminar works and makes her a more proper Princess,” Artemis, who was sitting in the center of the group of girls, said, and Mina frowned at him a bit. “What's wrong with how Serena is now? Is she really so different from Princess Serenity?” Mina asked the little white cat, who immediately looked uncertain. “W-well, I don't recall very clearly, but there must be some differences. Besides, only a proper Princess can activate the full power of the Silver Crystal!” Artemis said quickly, gesturing with his front paws. The memories of the Silver Millennium seemed to come and go, sometimes something came to mind very clearly, other times things were muddy and unclear. It could be quite annoying in situations like this. “Maybe, but she's been doing pretty well so far. And I think. . .I think I remember that Princess Serenity liked having fun, too,” Mina observed. Amy, Raye, and Lita murmured in agreement. “Well, probably,” Artemis admitted. “Hey, why don't we sneak into the seminar, too?” Amy, of all people, suddenly suggested, and the other three girls lit up. “Yeah!” they all cheered. “You've got to be kidding me,” Artemis muttered. “Serena is clearly a bad influence on all of you.” The girls began laughing, and Amy took out her super computer to find the address. It beeped for a moment, and then some of the merriment went out of Amy's face. “Is something wrong?” Lita asked. “Maybe,” Amy said. “I was searching for the Rose Mansion, and my computer found a news article about a man accusing Countess Rose of having a hand in his daughter's disappearance,” Amy said, and the other girls went quiet. “Apparently, she was a student at the Princess Seminar. And there are others.” “That's not good,” Raye said, a chill going up her spine. “The article just came out today,” Amy added, “So there was no way Serena or Luna could have known.” “We may have more than one reason to crash the party now,” Lita frowned. “Come on, we need to make a plan to get in there,” Mina said, and her friends all nodded. Amy started pulling up more information as the others talked.
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Salutations, Moonies!

Kronos here with an interesting bit of info from smcandy Here are the new characters that will be introduced when Sailor Moon Crystal starts up again this March and their voice actors (trivia buffs will love this).

The Voice actors/actresses that will do the voice for remaining Outer senshi/soldiers and Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite & Witches Five are the fallowing:

:bulletblue: Uranus/Haruka - Junko Minagawa
:bulletgreen: Neptune/Michiru - Sayaka_Ohara
:bulletpurple: Saturn/Hotaru - Yukiyo Fujii
:bulletblack: Pharaon 90 - Takaya Hashi
:bulletblack: Professor Tomoe - Takuya Kirimoto
:bulletred: Kaolinite - Hikari Yono
:bulletred: Eudial - Chiaki Takahashi
:bulletorange: Mimete - Yuki Nagaku
:bulletblue: Viluy - Rina Honizumi
:bulletgreen: Tellu - Naomi Ohzora
:bulletblue: Cyprine - Umeka Shouji
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