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Did this for part of an English project to go with an article on How to Survive divorce. Ok, so this may be a bit of a stereotype, but this is kinda how i remember feeling when my parents split. It honestly felt like the end of my world as I knew it. I mean, it was all for the best, but yeah.

I should say now, I'm not necessarily against divorce, even with kids. If you and your spouse end up hating each other, staying together can do more damage. What I AM against is stupid decisions- don't marry and have children with someone you don't get along with, for example. And when you do get divorced, think of your kids. Don't tear them in half between you two.
So that's my rant :)

I know a lot of people who view this have recently experienced/ are experiencing divorce so, many hugs to you, I hope things get better- they usually do.

Twas my amazing drawing skills that allowed me to create that stick figure masterpiece.

EDIT: heh. heh. so the most popular thing in my gallery is stick figures for an english project article. ^^; well, family angst conquers all!
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Did you drew that as a kid?
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I guess this applies to me...

Hey, I get two of everything, so it's not all that bad.
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For some reason this makes me want to cry.

I really like this picture. c:
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My dad is not living with us anymore :(
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Well, that is part of reality, sadly. :(
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When your a child the world appears in black and white, but as you grow older you learn its colored with grays, browns, off-whites, blues, and reds. God has blessed me with friends and family who love me. Yet there are times when even the happiest people exsperiance sadness. I wont go into my life story. All I want to say is that life goes on in time. I believe a person does not ever forget or recover from divorce. Forgiveness comes with time and as for the forgetting part, you never forgett. Dont allow yourself to harbor anger, hate, sorrow, misery, and fear. If you do it will destroy who you are and you may become someone you dont like. For anyone who has parents who are divorced or going through one, remember your not alone, you are loved, you are understood, and this divorce will not break you it will transform you into a strong, caring, wise leader. Remember we are all connected and never alone. God Bless
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i support your opinion. And my parents are going to divorce too...
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When I was younger, my parents didn't get along well, and and came very close to divorce one time. But they gradually began to understand each other, and now get along just fine.
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This is so true. Thats what my heart looks like and still looks like today.
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For 12 years I've been the only thing keeping my parents together.. My mom can't take it anymore and they're getting a divorce... I have blocked emotions...
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my parents got divorced a while back... i cried the day i found out, but got over it the very next day XD
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I found out just a few days ago and haven't stopped crying since... thank you.
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Thank you for making this, my parents told me and my 11 year old brother yesterday that they are getting divorced and my dad moved out today, so... thanks
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i am so glad u made a picture like this. it really helps me to know that other people feel the same about divorce. thank u.
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My parent got divorced when I was 4. I don't remember anything about it no matter how hard I try. The only time I remember my parents living under the same roof was on a Christmas morning when my brother and I woke/attacked them so we could open presents. It still messed us up though. My brother was sucked into his video games and I was fairly normal until my mom and I moved a whole state away from my dad and brother three years ago. That's what divorce does. It rips families in half. If you're married with kids don't get divorced. Please think of your kids.
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