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Selfishness' Just DessertsSailorStar9: Wel, this is my officially second Sailor Moon/One Piece installment here. Anyways, please be a dear and read and review. Seriously guys, we need more One Piece/Sailor Moon fics!Summary: The prospect of Crystal Tokyo is put into jeopardy when Usagi made a selfish wish upon the Ginzuishou during the Break Up Arc in Season R. Right after high school graduation, Ami walks out of the Senshi Team after accepting a medical scholarship in Britain. There, she meets Trafalgar Law, who was two years ahead of her. Out of the Ginzuishou's area of control, Law's and Ami's relationship develops, with Law proposing on Ami's graduation day.Timeline: Modern Day, Sailor Moon universe; in others words, no Devil Fruit abilities or Haki.Warning: ItsAllAboutMe!Usagi, DoesntThinkAboutConsequences!UsagiPairings: Law/Ami, Vista/Minako, Hinted!Marco/Rei, Implied!Sanji/MakotoOne Shot: Selfishness' Just DessertsDisclaimers: One Piece and Sailor Moon belong to Oda Eiichirō-sensei and Takeuchi Naoko-sensei respectively. Me, on the other hand, own absolutely nothing, except the pairings in this fic and plot, I hope.********************************************************************************************************************During Episode 64 of Sailor Moon R..."Hey, I thought they were having a fight." Makoto looked down from the Crown Arcade study corner at Usagi who was chasing after Mamoru in the rain. "But it looked like they're getting along pretty well.""You're right." Ami agreed. "But if she has time to run about in the rain, I think she should study.""Ami, you can't talk." Makoto sweatdropped, eyes trailing to the letter beside Ami."Oh, Ami, Mako." Rei greeted the pair as she and Minako entered."What's up?" Makoto returned. "Coming together here like this...""I was trying to take a shelter from the rain when I just happened to bump into Minako." Rei explained. "Ami, is that from Urawa?" her attention was caught by the love letter on the table. "Let me see!" she snatched the letter away."Rei!" Ami reacted too late to stop Rei from reading the letter.********************************************************************************************************************Later that night after the fight against Droid Furaiki...Usagi was fuming inwardly, having overheard the girly gushes from Rei about Urawa and Ami's blooming relationship. It isn't fair! The Moon Princess whined. Ami's in a happy relationship while Mamo-chan broke up with me! It's just not fair! That's right... she looked down at her henshin brooch. Just this once... let me make a selfish wish, just once... "Please Holy Ginzuishou," she pleaded. "Make all the Inner Senshi's boyfriends fall in love with me." a short flash indicated that her seemingly harmless wish was granted.********************************************************************************************************************Some time later, at the start of the S Season...Ami received one final letter from Urawa, warning her about the Senshi's pending enemy and him breaking up with her, with a 'It's not you, it's me' reason. Ami had been smart enough to read between the lines and realize that Urawa had been compelled to break off the relationship.A flash of regret shot past Usagi's eyes when she and the girls heard Ami read the letter out-loud; the blond Princess knowing that it had been her wish that had resulted in Ami's relationship breakdown. However, the regret was quickly overtaken by her desire to have the attention of other boys; to feel wanted and to prove that she was more attractive than the girls.********************************************************************************************************************Time passes, after high school graduation..."A medical scholarship to Britain?" Makoto echoed, after Ami informed everyone else about the offer."How lucky!" Minako gushed."Are you taking it?" Usagi asked, silently praying that Ami would not; she could not afford to have any of the Senshi outside the influence of the Ginzuishou."I am." Ami nodded firmly."But..." Usagi turned on her best whining voice. "Aren't the medical programs in Japan just as good?""Japan's pathology courses in University aren't as good as the ones in Britain." Ami replied."Pathology?" Michiru mused. "That's... an unique degree you're considering.""You aren't... considering of returning, are you?" Haruka posed a hesitant question."Perhaps, perhaps not." Ami just smiled.********************************************************************************************************************Three months later, in the main library of the University of Chester..."Is anyone sitting here?" a voice took Ami's attention from her medical journal."No." Ami replied, looking up at the taller final-year student."Thanks." Law claimed the seat.********************************************************************************************************************Meanwhile, back in Japan...Rei felt a stab of phantom pain in her heart when Yuichirou's attentions were suddenly diverted to Usagi; the priest-in-training had, all of a sudden, began showering the pig-tailed blond with expensive presents and the Moon Princess did nothing to refute the attentions. In fact, Rei mused, it was as if she was enjoying it. But why... could it be... eyes widening, she hurried to the mediation hall where the Sacred Flame was.********************************************************************************************************************The next day..."Rei, where's the fire?" Minako asked, Rei having called her and Makoto over."And why isn't Usagi here?" Makoto took a seat."Because it's about Usagi." Rei poured out green tea for her visitors. "I've found out the reason why Urawa broke up with Ami and why Yuichirou suddenly falls in love with Usagi. I think... Ami has already suspected the reason: that's why she left, to be free from Usagi's ministrations.""Rei, just what did Usagi do?" Minako's mental warning bells started ringing."Usagi..." Rei sighed. "She...""I can't believe it..." Makoto breathed in shock after Rei revealed what the Sacred Flame showed her. "Usagi did? So, that's why Ittou-san...""So, that's the reason all of our relationships keep failing?" Minako hissed. "That selfish, little...""What do we do now?" Makoto posted the question. "If we keep being around Usagi...""We do what Ami did." Minako answered. "Rei," she went into Senshi commander mode. "Try to find out the extend of the Ginzuishou's area of influence.""Right." Rei nodded."What!?" Usagi exclaimed once Rei, Makoto and Minako voiced their intentions to leave Juuban. "You can't leave!""Usagi, is there a specific reason why?" Minako inquired."Crystal Tokyo..." Usagi started."Has nothing to do with our decisions." Makoto cut her off. "Whether Crystal Tokyo actually happens depends on Mamoru marrying you, right?"They couldn't have found out what I did! Usagi was aghast. All of them... they've all betrayed me by leaving!********************************************************************************************************************Later that evening..."Usako," Mamoru stopped in his tracks as he walked Usagi back home. "Was what Rei said true? Did you wish on the Ginzuishou to make the girls' boyfriends fall in love with you?""Mamo-chan, I..." Usagi trailed nervously."Urawa Ryou, Kumada Yuichirou, Ittou Asanuma..." Mamoru listed the males that were quite obviously affected by Usagi's wish. "Why, Usako?""Because, it makes me feel important!" Usagi argued."What?" Mamoru hissed. "Would you repeat that?""It makes me feel important!" Usagi spat. "When you broke up with me, I was so jealous that Ami's relationship with Urawa was progressing so well that I wanted to have what she has!""And that gives you the right to take the girls' boyfriends?" Mamoru shook his head."I'm the Princess!" Usagi huffed. "If I desire their boyfriends, the girls should just back off and let me have them! It is my right!"********************************************************************************************************************Time passes, in an outdoor coffeehouse close to the University of Chester..."How are your studies coming?" Law inquired across the round table from his date as they waited for lunch to be delivered."I'm on top on everything." Ami sipped her iced red tea."And already preparing for mid-terms." Law stated flatly. "You look rather troubled.""It's nothing, really." Ami assured, the conversation was cut off when the waiter served lunch."My mother..." Law swallowed his slice of fried dory fish. "Wants to meet you.""Ah..." Ami nodded, cutting her pork cutlet."Nii-san!" Lami greeted her older brother, opening the door to admit the couple."Yo, Lami." Law greeted his sister. "Tou-san, Kaa-san." he led Ami into the house. "This is Mizuno Ami."********************************************************************************************************************Meanwhile, somewhere in a quaint park in Japan...Rei blinked when a banquet of Casablanca lilies entered her line of sight. Smiling at her blond suitor, she accepted the flowers as Marco laid out a checkered cloth on the grass for their picnic lunch.********************************************************************************************************************In Melbourne's William Angliss Institute of TAFE...Makoto flushed as her blond and very flirtatious seatmate gave her a playful wink and causing Sanji to grin broadly at the blush.********************************************************************************************************************In the Keio University campus...In fencing gear, Vista and Minako faced off against each other."Halt!" the referee paused the bout after a series of hits from both sides and awarded the win to Vista."Nice fight, Mina." said fencing ace pulled off his mask."You too, Vista." Minako beamed, resisting the urge to just glomp her lover on the fencing mat.********************************************************************************************************************About three years later, on Ami's graduation..."Congratulations, Sprite." Law let Ami engulf him into a hug after she received her Bachelor of Science degree."Thanks." Ami beamed brightly, releasing the hug."Come with me." Law led her off to a bench. "Sprite, Mizuno Ami." he went down on one knee, an engagement ring box in hand. "Will you marry me?""Yes." Ami nodded.********************************************************************************************************************SailorStar9: (Blinks) Yeah, this fic is finished. Read and review, folks.
Just Say YesSailorStar9: Well, seeing how I did this for Ace's birthday, I decided to dedicate this one-shot to one of my favorite One Piece side characters. And yes, Ace, my boy, I still think your death is pretty stupid. So, please be a dear and read and review. Seriously guys, we need more One Piece/Sailor Moon fics! Be forewarned, I tend to write Usagi in a not very positive light.Summary: Nine years ago, 7-year-old Ace steals 7-year-old Ami's first kiss and declares her his wife. Nine years later, the now 16-year-old Gol. D. Ace, the sole heir of Gold International, the international hotel chain, returns to stake his claim.Timeline: Modern Day, Sailor Moon universe; in others words, no Devil Fruit abilities or Haki.Warning: Jealous UsagiPairings: Ace/reluctant!Ami, side arranged marriage!Sabo/ReiOne Shot: Just Say YesDisclaimers: One Piece and Sailor Moon belong to Oda Eiichirō-sensei and Takeuchi Naoko-sensei respectively. Me, on the other hand, own absolutely nothing, except the pairings in this fic and plot, I hope.********************************************************************************************************************Nine years before present...Ami was seated on a bench in the school yard, totally focused on the thick book on her lap."Hey, Ace!" one of the more rowdy male classmates shouted to the freckled boy."What?" Ace ran over.Tugging the black-haired transfer student to his height level, the male classmate whispered something into Ace's ear."Yes?" Ami looked up at the shadow that shielded the sun from her book. "Gol-san?" her eyes then widened when Ace grabbed her arm, pulled her up and planted a kiss right on her lips."You're now my wife, Ami!" the grinning Ace declared, running off."EH?" the flustered Ami exclaimed.********************************************************************************************************************Time skip to present time..."What's wrong, Rei-chan?" Makoto asked, the fire Senshi had slammed her book bag on her table and sat on her seat in a huff."It's my bastard father." Rei complained. "He called me last night and just informed me that he's arranged for me to marry the son of his most fervor sponsor.""He can't do that!" Minako protested. "This is the 21st century! We don't do arranged marriages!""Tell that to that S.O.B." Rei retorted."Everyone, settle down." Haruna-sensei informed the class. "Today, we have two transfer students from Europe. Please welcome them. This is Outlook Sabo." she wrote down Sabo's name on the blackboard."Yo." Sabo greeted the class."And this is Gol. D. Ace." Haruna-sensei proceeded to write down Ace's name on the blackboard."Hm." Ace nodded curtly."Gol..." the whispers from the class were instant. "Isn't that...? He's the...""Everyone, just shut up!" Ace shouted, silencing the whispers. "Yes, I am the Gol. D Ace; the sole heir of Gold International." he hissed. "But right now, I'm a student like everyone and I don't expect special treatment just because who I am.""Thank you for that clarification, Gol-san." Haruna-sensei coughed. "Now, where to put you two... Outlook-san, take the seat behind Hino-san. Hino-san, raise your hand.""Miss Hino," Sabo looked at the black-haired female. "We need to talk during lunch, alone.""As for Gol-san..." Haruna-sensei trailed."Please not beside me..." Ami muttered a prayer."Take the seat beside Mizuno-san." Haruna-sensei finished."Don't worry, sensei." Ace assured, giving the girl a pleased smirk. "Ami-chan and myself are very well acquainted."Ami just moaned and slammed her head on her desk."Now," Ace drawled. "Is this how you greet your husband, dear wife?""Wife?" Usagi screeched, suddenly standing up."What was that reaction for, Usagi-chan?" Minako was puzzled."Nothing..." Usagi mumbled, sitting back down and shooting a death glare at Ami.********************************************************************************************************************On the school roof during lunch..."IT'S YOU!?" Rei screamed once Sabo informed her that he was the one she was arranged to be married to."Yes." Sabo sighed. "Look," he tried to pacify the obviously outraged priestess. "I don't like this arrangement as much as you do, but with the contract in place, we have no other choice but to make this work.""Contract?" Rei fumed. "What contract?"Sabo combed his fingers through his blond hair and produced a copy of the betrothal contract his parents and Rei's parents had ironed out on their behalf. "Take a look." he handed the stack of papers to his unwilling fiancee. "Go through these thoroughly, Hino-san. You'll see there are no loopholes."********************************************************************************************************************Elsewhere..."You can't dodge me forever, bluebird." Ace teased as he stalked the blue-haired girl down the hallway."Watch me." Ami fired back, taking advantage of Ace's sudden popularity and weaved through his growing female fanclub."I'm not giving up that easily, bluebird." Ace smirked. "Sooner or later, you will know there's no escape. Now ladies," he gave the swooning girls an enchanting smile. "If you'd excuse me..." the crowd of females sighed and parted like the Red Sea for him. "Hello?" he picked up his smartphone when it rang. "Marco?""You scared her off, didn't you-yoi?" the pineapple head mocked."None of your business." Ace fired."Ace, you have a deadline-yoi." Marco reminded. "If you can't get her to agree before the school term ends, Roger-sama and Rouge-sama will have to...""Arrange for more blind dates." Ace finished. "I know that! It's just that... she's different, Marco. Those girls... they see me for what I am, the sole heir of an international hotel chain, and what I can give them. She sees me for who I am."********************************************************************************************************************Time passes..."He sure doesn't give up that easily." Ami admitted, seeing yet another red rose on her table three weeks later."Ami-chan, you should give him a chance." the ever-romantic Minako suggested."No, she shouldn't!" Usagi objected."Usagi-chan, we've been over this two weeks ago." Makoto sighed. "It's already quite obvious from the first day that Gol-san only have eyes on Ami-chan. Give it a rest.""But, I..." Usagi sniffled. "It's not fair! Every other transfer male student falls in love with me! So why can't he? I tried so hard to make him notice me!"What is actually unfair is that every other guy ends up falling in love with you. Makoto and Minako thought in unison."Maybe Gol-san and Outlook-san are exceptions?" Minako suggested, giving Sabo and Rei a side-glance, the couple were now having a cordial conversation. "You know, Mako-chan." she gave the Thunder Senshi a look. "Maybe we can give Gol-san some tips on wooing our dearest Ami-chan.""Agreed." Makoto nodded and the two matchmakers set to work."I have to admit that Aino-san and Kino-san know what they are doing." Ace remarked, placing a cup of steaming mocha in front of Ami. "Mocha with a dash of cinnamon, right?""Hm." Ami nodded and sipped her coffee."Just answer me this straight, bluebird." Ace plopped down on the chair in front of Ami. "Why do you keep running away?""I..." Ami looked away."Look at me, bluebird." Ace insisted. "You're afraid." he concluded after their eyes locked. "Afraid of love.""Yes." Ami breathed out."Give me a chance." Ace pleaded. "I'll show you love isn't something to be afraid of.""I..." Ami breathed when Ace pulled her into a hug."Just say yes, bluebird." Ace whispered into her ear."Yes." the blushing Ami nodded.Ace just smirked and gave Ami a bruising kiss right on her lips, in front of the entire student body."NO!" Ace's fanclub moaned in dismay as they witnessed the toe-curling kiss.********************************************************************************************************************SailorStar9: (Blinks) Yeah, this fic is finished. Now, we'll just have to wait for my next Sailor Moon/One Piece installment of a Law/Ami fic. Read and review, folks.
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STH, SM and FP: Worlds Unite cast by Mega-Shonen-One-64
STH SM FP: WU - Freedom Planet's 5th anniversary by Mega-Shonen-One-64
STH SM and FP: Worlds Unite: Looking at sea by Mega-Shonen-One-64
Inner Senshi meets Shantae by Mega-Shonen-One-64


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