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Finished 25 Disney Meme



I finished the meme I made. So here we go:

1: Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (She is my favorite Disney Princess and also my favorite movie. I like her blue dress more then her pink.)
2: Bolt (I was sad that I never saw this movie in the theathers cause it was really good. I love how it shows that getting a pet from a shelter/pound is a good thing.)
3: Little Brother- Mulan (I love how he runs around feeding the chickens)
4: Bullseye- Toy Story (For someone who doesn't talk he gettes his thoughts across.)
5: Daisy Duck (My favorite character of all time)
6: Periwinkle- Secret of the Wings (First time I saw this movie I fell in love with her. She's soo cute)
7: Rapunzel- Tangled (I like Rapunzel when she's older but she is soooo cute when she was little)
8: Merida- Brave (Same reason as Rapunzel for this picture of her. How can one not love the little girl with all that wild hair?)
9: Pegasus- Hercules (Funny that he has the brain of a bird.)
10: Nala- Lion King (She's doesn't let anyone push her around.)
11: Sofia- Sofia the First (Yes this show is made for Playhouse Disney and yes I'm almost 30 but I like watching it. She is so cute and smart.)
12: Oliver- Oliver & Company (I remeber watching this movie in the theathers when I was little.)
13: Fish Out of Water- Chicken Little (He makes me laugh)
14: Ariel- Little Mermaid (She's spirited)
15: Meeko- Pocahontas (Little thief)
16: Vanellope von Schweetz- Wreck-It Ralph (She makes me laugh with the names she calls Ralph)
17: Boo- Monsters Inc ("Kitty!")
18: Jasmine- Aladdin (She looks beyond the surface)
19: MOE- Wall E (All he wants to do is clean)
20: Dug- Up ("I just meet you and I love you")
21: Jack Jack- The Inceribles (So funny)
22: Figaro- Pinocchio (My first cat when I was little was named Figaro)
23: Dumbo (This movie makes me cry but I love it)
24: Roo- Winnie the Pooh (A little kid)
25: Remy- Ratatouille (While I didn't care for the movie, I loved seeing Remy at Epcot in the restrant in France)
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My, that's a good list of your favorite Disney characters. :D