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Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon with Moon Stick by Miszcz90
Sailor Moon by Blue-Kachina
Sailoor Moon - Redraw Challange (Color) by Kidomo
Sailoor Moon - Redraw Challange (Lineart) by Kidomo
Sailor Mercury
Ami Mizuno by KaoriKonran
Senshi Zodiac Flowers-Chrysanthemums (Sailor Merc) by LaMoonstar
Sailor Mercury by Nedoesntsleep
Summer Ami With A Ponytail by PerryWhite
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars by Nedoesntsleep
Summer Rei 2021 by PerryWhite
Mars and Flames by Molnja
Chibi Rei-Chan: Happy Easter! by Magical-Mama
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter by Nedoesntsleep
Summer Makoto 2021 by PerryWhite
Jupiter and Lightnings by Molnja
Makoto as Belle by UsagiRose1991
Sailor Venus
Zodiac Flower Senshi Carnation by LaMoonstar
Minako As Sailor Moon by PerryWhite
Sailor Venus by KatiaSunna
Sailor Venus by Nedoesntsleep
Sailor Saturn
Hotaru by candy-panda5
Sailor Saturn by Nenril-Tf
Super Sailor Saturn by Miszcz90
Hotaru Tomoe by Miszcz90
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Neptune 2021: Digital by Magical-Mama
Sailor Moon - SilMil Neptune [Gift] by TheKissingHand
Michiru by candy-panda5
Senshi Zodiac Flower-Water Lilly (Sailor Neptune) by LaMoonstar
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Moon - SilMil Uranus [Gift] by TheKissingHand
Haruka by candy-panda5
Senshi Zodiac Flowers-Uranus (Orchids) by LaMoonstar
Sailor Moon - Haruka sitting by TheKissingHand
Sailor Pluto
Setsuna by candy-panda5
Sailor Pluto by Miszcz90
Setsuna Meiou 01 (Sailor Moon) by ShadowStarr1
Sailor Pluto by Stella579
Sailor Chibi Moon
Senshi Zodiac Flower-Pink Rose (Sailor Chibi Moon) by LaMoonstar
Tuxedo Mask
Tuxedo mask by devashri
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Majo Chibi Chibi by Magical-Mama
Sailor Parallel Moon
Parallel Moon Sister by Meg-the-fly
Sailor Cosmos
Sailor Cosmos protector by Eos-of-Dawn
Three Lights
Sailor Star Fighter by KaoriKonran
Sailors compilation by Blue-Kachina
Sailor Guardians
Awakening to the Future by KeijiKunoichi
Dark Kingdom
Sweet Black Lady by pierogarts
Alan and Ann
Alan and Ann in Sailor Moon Crystal by MrsUchimaki
Dark Moon Kingdom
Prince Demande by Nedoesntsleep
Witches 5
Mistress 9 [Hotaru Tomoe - Sailor Moon] by Crowchyld
Dead Moon Circus
Sailor Pallas Makes the Scene by ZacharyNoah92
Sailor Aluminium Siren by Nedoesntsleep
Moon Family
Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Chibi-Chibi's Beach Selfie by ZacharyNoah92
1992 - Redub
SMCP Rei Hino and Minako Aino by Lady-Angelia-13
Chibimoon and Asteroid Senshi colored manga by LaMoonstar
Silver-Haired Princess Serenity (Fanedit) by LaMoonstar
Dark Sailor Mercury by SailorMiha
Objects, power wands, lockets etc
Inktober Day 14: Tick by LaMoonstar
Sailor Mercury by sabrina200415
Tamaki and Rin watches Sailor Moon by Mega-Shonen-One-64
Fanfiction and Fan Comics
PGSS New Guardians Act 2.3Rei Hinoís school has itsí own High School so there is no entrance exam and she goes there and graduates with grades that allow her to choose any University she wants; her Father pushes her to study abroad so she can enter politics eventually, despite his wants she remains in Japan. She ignores her Father and studies business and on the side she works on her singing and showman-ship. She finds her center and calmness working at the shrine so when she is not studying or singing; she can be found there reading the flames, making charms, and sweeping the ground. Eventually she meets a young man with blonde hair and clear blue eyes; he is a sculptor and Rei is enamored by his creativity and artistic heart. He too has psychic power and they form a deep bond on what they have in common as well as their differences. Rikona Ginkoka, it means Smart Banker, was born to a very controlling but very successful and corrupt money manager. His life growing up was solitary; he was never allowed to have friends or allowed to play, his Mother left when he was still a kid. She was once a strong woman, but was left broken by her husbandís over bearing ways. Riko was left in his Father custody since he was the one with all the money. All of his siblings are half siblings and they all fall in line to their Fathers vice like will. Rikona is different from his family; he sees the art and creativity in math, and he can move things with his mind. As he grows up he attends and all boyís elite academy, when he becomes a young man he sneaks out of the house to see how the other half live. He makes friends despite his awkwardness and finds that there is more to life than banking, stocks, trade, and money. At home he is forced to hide his dreams and wants, until he grows older and starts to rebel; despite his want to kick and scream he knows he has to stay calm because when he loses his temper things tend to break around him. He joins the art club, and he studies art history while still at his academy; once at University he takes a pottery and sculpting class off campus. Every time he interns under his Father he feels his soul being strangled and crushed. His ultimate dissension came when he tried to get his Father put in jail for his unsavory insider trading activities; despite the proof his Father was never investigated and Rikona was kicked out of his house. Forced to live on his own; he worked menial jobs to earn money for supplies, after many disappointing ventures into the world of art he changed his name to Io or Sulphur since at the time he felt he life stunk. Soon he rekindled his love in creating works with clay and minerals; he was an apprentice to many well-known artists around Asia and the Middle East, until he was confident enough to strike out on his own. He changed his name to Tsuyosa Ishino which means Strength of Stone; his works had some followers but nothing he created felt like his ultimate opus; he always felt like something was missing, something deep inside of himself hidden even from his own self-knowledge. His signature is a light green diamond shaped piece of jadeite he sets in and on all his creations; it is never in the same place twice. He meets Rei while out and about one afternoon in the city; inspired he creates many works featuring a warrior woman of great prowess always rising out of flames like a phoenix. His work gains prowess and soon he meets his muse once again at a gallery showing. The two donít hit it off immediately, mainly because of Reiís attitude that guys will just hold you back from your ultimate dreams, but she cannot help falling in love with his art. Soon Tsuyosa gets closer to her with his own life story. The two meet more, and eventually he cannot see himself with any other woman soon two lives become one combined life....
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - Sailor Saturn Cosplay by SketchMeNot-Art
DVDs, Plushies and more
This poster shows Sailor Moon by Mega-Shonen-One-64
Adorable Chibi Chibi Stamp by TheOfficialKaeChan
Moon by FalseDelusion
Draw This Again!: Eternal Sailor Mars and Zachary by ZacharyNoah92
Sailor Sun Surrounded By Silver Sol Guardians by TaiyoukoArt
Saban Moon
SABAN Moon (fan) Project by NirtoHoney96
Sailor Moon Eternal
Sailor Moon Eternal Coronation EDIT by LaMoonstar
Digital Dolls
Holidays and Events
Jupiter Saturn Convergence- 12/21/20 by ReiBara
Sailor Group Blue by nads6969
Season Art
Sailor Moon R by CL-Pinkskull




At the beginning by ImperialMoonlight At the beginning :iconimperialmoonlight:ImperialMoonlight 49 0 SAILOR SATURN by SawaiiDoll SAILOR SATURN :iconsawaiidoll:SawaiiDoll 852 63 Sailor Chibi Moon by Suki-Manga Sailor Chibi Moon :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 660 63 Princess Serenity fan art by Suki-Manga Princess Serenity fan art :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 672 134 Always thinking of you, Sailor moon fan art by Suki-Manga Always thinking of you, Sailor moon fan art :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 1,052 195 Chibi Sailor Venus commission by Suki-Manga Chibi Sailor Venus commission :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 562 92 Sailor Venus fan art by Suki-Manga Sailor Venus fan art :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 367 57 Neo Queen Serenity by FallenAngelInaYasha Neo Queen Serenity :iconfallenangelinayasha:FallenAngelInaYasha 10 0 Sailor Moon and Adventure Time V2 by TheKronick900 Sailor Moon and Adventure Time V2 :iconthekronick900:TheKronick900 15 2 Sailor Moon Queen by chibi-stella Sailor Moon Queen :iconchibi-stella:chibi-stella 90 7 Serenity by chibi-stella Serenity :iconchibi-stella:chibi-stella 38 18 Sailor Harley by liaartemisa Sailor Harley :iconliaartemisa:liaartemisa 31 11 Sailor Nouveau style by liaartemisa Sailor Nouveau style :iconliaartemisa:liaartemisa 41 6 Sailor Cosmos Crystal by Kymoon Sailor Cosmos Crystal :iconkymoon:Kymoon 134 12 Usagi by Teplyshko-chan Usagi :iconteplyshko-chan:Teplyshko-chan 5 3

About Us

From the recent news of Sailor Moon being redubbed and rebooted, it's beginning to bring back my love for the show once again. This group is set up for all fans of Moon fandom and there only a few things I will not tolerate here.

:bulletred: No harassing
:bulletred: No bashing
:bulletred: Dubbed and Subbed fans are welcomed
:bulletred: No vulgar or nude art
:bulletred: All forms of art (amature - professional-looking) are welcomed
:bulletred: Same-sex pairings are allowed as well.

There are plenty of other fan groups that you can join if you don't wish to join this one. It really burns me up when I join a group and they don't accept poor talented art or art made from dress-up dolls, well this group accepts all that.

If there is a gallery not here and you wish to see it, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Nude art may be allowed to a point if there is very little detail on the body. If you're unsure ask the owner. Just basically, no pirate parts showing.


Show your support of Sailor Moon Crystal if you've like to by stopping Toei Animation from making Crystal into a film series:…
Back after all this time. Sorry for the long hiatus. I have added a new folder for the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films, since they are obviously not Sailor Moon Crystal.
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