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In the Mercury building staff lounge

Lieutenant Reika narrowed her eyes as she studied the LCA calendar of events that had outlined daily activities and goings on of the lunar base.

"What's the sour face for Reika? You really shouldn't make yourself any uglier after all that effort you make to paint your self up like a street walker." Lieutenant Claire chirped.

Reika flipped her red orange hair off her shoulder, she knew that Claire was only trying to get her riled, and usually that was pretty easy, though the effort she put into looking good was a source of pride, not something she could pick at.

"Well De'lune, not everyone cares to look like an escapee from the lunatic asylum , but that's besides the point..."  Reika flopped a fistful of papers on the table towards Claire,
"Look at this PITIFUL line up, almost a mont into training and not one single event for our cadets since the sleep over, Seriously, it's the Autumn season here,  Halloween is coming as well and not a single sugary treat or event to be found. It's down right criminal!"

Claire rolled her eyes and sat down at the table, eyeing the schedule. "Oh is that all?" She said flippantly, pushing the stack back towards Reika and reaching for the pen she kept stored in her hair bun.
"If that's the issue... " Giving the pen a click
" ... We're more than capable of fixing it up, after all I doubt the Admiral would mind, and everyone else would go along with it, unless of course you infringe upon Daedra's cerefew."

Reika's eyes lit up as she took a hold of Claire's pen, under events, which had previously been empty, a daunting list had appeared.
"Well this should entertain these cadets, and properly celebrate the fall season."

Claire shook her head, lowered her eyes  and smiled.
"Well aren't you ambitious... I suppose you're looking for me to help out too huh?"

"Naturally, after all, who else's mug could spook these cadets for Halloween?"
Claire smirked and in unison the two brought their faces together and proclaimed "Daedra!"  And let out a howl of a laugh.
Unfortunately for them, the clickity clacking of boots started to head in their direction and with the how's of laughter, they were none the wiser.
Order of events- details below.

Halloween costume contest!!  (Art/story competition with prizes)

Test of courage! ( Rp/ drawing prompt)

Trick or treat! ( Special event)


Halloween costume contest: ends Nov 1st
It's time for Halloween!!! Spooky, Sweet, creepy or Neat, what will you cadet be wearing?  Draw your cadet in a costume of your choice, and write a small amount describing what it is or why/ or what they plan on doing with the grand prize for best costume! (One free pass to not complete a chore set, one free pass for them and a friend to go off campus, and a set of credits to use at tech teru's area for campus goodies.) You as the artist will receive star shards that can be redeemed for art or real world gifts!

Test of courage! Ending TBD
This event will take place in the forums, groups of two will be set up and they must make it through a designated path on campus and back to be crowned the most courageous cadets.  Other cadets or higher ups who aren't competing, will be responsible for scares, they're going to test your mettle.
All those who wish to compete, please comment below and you'll be assigned to a team on the forum for this event

Trick or treat! This is a special event! You can earn 🌟 points with this. Up to two 🌟 points per cadet.
Two sections  worth 1 🌟 point each.
Ends Nov 1st

Trick- Halloween is the perfect time to be a little mischievous and have some fun! Draw/write or set up a stand alone in the forums and tell us about the trick you plan on committing!  Just beware however, you don't want to be caught by certain higher ups lol.

Treat! So spooky isn't the only way to do Halloween and have a good time! Draw/write or set up a stand alone in the forums, and tell us how you enjoy your fall festivities, do you go trick or treating in story city, do you kick back with a pumpkin Spice drink? Or do you curl up in the dorms and marathon scary movies? The choice is yours!
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