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Wallpaper: :icon262857919:

Youtube Video: [link]
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Can I use this beautiful master piece on a website as my profile picture?
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If there were female Knights Templar, the men wouldn't take vows of celibacy for this! XD
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ok this is just awesome..... i cant really think of anything else to say
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holy crap (<---see the pun xD) this is freakin epic!!!
just amazing, 15 hours wow, so fast
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Templars are so coool and you just made them even better! hehe ^_^
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cool...girls with swords again
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Amazing, beautiful knight.
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lupet!!! idol!!
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imba hanep amazing talaga
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i love every single part of it... you're awesome! :worship:
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Love the details and background, although I think her neck & face looks a bit weird. But maybe that's just me. xD
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woow great job
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Wow, this is really well drawn, a great piece. ^_^
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Whoah my gosh, I love the intense composition of those colours!
Wow I really like how you've done this; it's really cool!
The girl's anatomy is really nicely done, along with the shading.
She has a pretty face. ( :
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