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The story is about an elementalist with unusual luck. It starts in a magical universe. The need to protect someone so a prophecy comes true is an important part of the story.
This is an action comedy. The story is about a disloyal CEO, a seer, a plain rogue, and a stingy broadcaster who is in love with a traveler. It takes place in an outpost on an arctic planet. The crux of the story involves the discovery of a long-lost friend. The effect of technology on magic is a major part of the story.
The story is about a plumber who is cursed with bad luck. It starts in a small city. The spread of AIDS plays a major part in this story.
"This is a mockumentary with a focus on trustworthiness. The story is about twelve stingy nuns. It starts in an investment company. A powerful magical weapon plays an important role."
The story is about hackers. It takes place on an ancient planet. The role of artificial intelligence in society plays a major role in the story.
The story is about a cunning astron
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Bit of an outline
Why did I send this? Because I am incredibly meticulous in outlining and I have a tendency to subconsciously stoop to common tropes in characterization and I need guidance to put me on the right path. What I ask you as an editor to do is to make sure the characterizations follow the outline and tell me where the story begins to drag, the characters fall out of character, highlighting any purple prose, keep the 3rd person limited narrative consistent, etc.
Basically, Aiden, a psychic who specializes in Kything (a form of telepathy), mind destruction and memory manipulation, and can only channel it though his arm. He was a rogue double agent coerced by his abusive father, who leads AEGIS, when his other two agents were discovered and killed. He was forced to assume the identity of an abused orphan named Setanta "Seta" Brogan whose psychic powers went out of control.
His unique manifestation of his powers is largely unknown but I was thinking it would have to do with his mother. Anyways,
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Prologue WIP
The lurid sight of corpses scattered throughout the Coronet mountain range confirmed his suspicions; it felt like someone had scrapped out his gut with a trowel. Blood of men, women and Pokémon from both AEGIS and the Galactic Syndicate had seeped into the earth. The stench of death grew stronger with every step as the body count climbed. Wiping a trace of vomit from his chin, Looker dragged on through the freezing cold as if his shoes were made of cement alone.
The entire mountain range, and the endless weave of caverns and grottos that brought unparalleled diversity of life not found anywhere else in the world, had almost entirely collapsed, taking the entire ecosystem with it. The mountain would have been impassable on foot without the help of his Toxicroak busting the rubble in their path. Looker recalled the reports stating that a series of state-of-the-art HMX explosives wired throughout the Galactic Syndicate’s “secret base” and were triggered by Cyr
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The Good Left Undone
Chapter I: A Child Called “It”
From the dusky skies, he watched his quarry scurry throughout the slums of Sunyshore City, weaving around the alleyways with all the grace of a drunken man whose bladder was about to burst.
He hated to do this to a former colleague, even if it was on false pretenses, but pity was for the living.
His eyes were everywhere. How could the target be so naïve?  Didn’t he know he was falling into a trap?
{Feed his paranoia. Break him down, bit by bit.}
Their eyes were his eyes; their thoughts were his, if only for a short while. He couldn’t keep the Gates active for much longer. The bright lights, the noise, the ersatz whispers from all around were pounding into his brain as if it were a drum.  The pain felt like a hot poker striking randomly within his head.  Five hours of thought transference. Five hours, he suffered from this pain.
{What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.}
‘Shut up.’
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O’er Hell and High Water
A blinding light tore Damon out of his slumber. The air was so sparse, so oppressively hot. He lifted his heavy eyelids yet the light burned his eyes. His roof was absent; an endless sea of dreary clouds, obscured by the sweltering light, was painted across the heavens. A black robed maiden stood over him bed with her back towards him.
"A world that loses its power will fade away into nothingness,” the maiden spoke, her soft, breezy voice so familiar to him. “If such is the fate of the world, then I shall return it to its mother’s womb. The world must first die for it to be reborn again. That is the only way to salvation, as recorded by an ancient prophecy.”
Upon finishing her sentence, the maiden turned around. Those charming sea green eyes pierced through the light, their brilliance surpassing even the most holy gleam, as lucid as the morning sun rippled across the ocean’s surface.
“The world shall fall for its sins and
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Aiden Front by SaigoKarasu Aiden Front :iconsaigokarasu:SaigoKarasu 0 0
The Devil Thaumaturgist Ch. 1
Chapter One: Prisoners
Torchlight only penetrated a few feet through the dust in the hollow darkness around Cosette and her superiors. The Sovereign wheezed as his aging body fought him, putting every ounce of his strength pushing the Prince ahead out of the assassins’ clutches. Prince Demetrius' loud and uncontrolled breathing appeared to pain him with every step; even Cosette, young and fit from years of training, felt her strength wane, silently cursing the immense weight of her armor. The rattle of their greaves echoed in the hallway, drowning out the footsteps of their predators. But Cosette didn’t have to hear to know they were approaching; she could feel the stomping rhythm in tandem with the wild pounding of her heart.
A knife whizzed past her head, missing her by a hair’s breadth, and clattered against the stone wall.
“Shit!” the Crown Prince swore.
While Cosette agreed with the sentiment, she didn’t have the breath to curse. Her side split with p
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Chapter Two Teaser
(A red-haired woman walks at a hurried pace down the hallway. She goes up to a door with a sign that reads “Executive and Commanders Only” and has a red light right above the handle bar. She presses a button, activating the intercom.)
Woman: Sir? I have the reports you were looking for. (paused) I arranged them like you wanted. (The red light turns green. The woman grabs the handle bar, twists it, and the door slides to the left just a second after she lets go. Inside she sees a man sitting at his wide desk and rather intricate office with icy blue hair with clumps sticking straight out from his head like icicles. The man is probably around his early 40s. He boasts a stern yet half-dead  look on his face. He is sitting straight in his chair, eyes half open and staring off into the distance. He snaps out of his trance, looks up to the woman and holds out his hand.) Oh…right. (The woman walks over and hands him the folders.)
Man: Any recent sightings? (He says in
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Symphony of Dreamers
Pokemon Advent: Symphony of the Visionaries Volume I
Setting: Sinnoh, during the time period of G/S/C
At the Sandgem Town Pokemon Academy
In a Biology classroom, Room 502
4:46 PM,
Serph Warheit (hero)
Elyse (Eevee) (Serph's companion)
Celvice Auman (heroine, wealthy)
Dylan Maverick (Serph's best friend and rival)
Angel Blauncefleur
Damien Adelric
Pyrros (Chimchar) (Serph's starter)
Kratos (Turtwig)  (Dylan's starter)
Poseidon (Piplup)  (Celvice's starter)
Professor Soren (Pokemon Biology teacher)
Professor Rowan (leading expert)
Principal Redmund
Text= Normal conversation
Text= (Action) or emphasis in tone
(Serph Warheit sits at his desk with a tablet PC in front of him. He is tapping the HPC (Handy Personal Computer) with the stylus. It's noted he did not sleep well last night or for the past week for that matter considering he had been staying up to study for the graduation exam. He is leaning forward with his other hand resting on his cheek. He is sta
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Serph Warheit by SaigoKarasu Serph Warheit :iconsaigokarasu:SaigoKarasu 0 5 Serph Warheit Character Design by SaigoKarasu Serph Warheit Character Design :iconsaigokarasu:SaigoKarasu 3 0


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