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A while back (beginning as joke) I  started keeping a "Guide To Women"  which was a journal with tips, tricks,  thoughts, concerns, whatever about  women that would further educate the  common man.  This included anything  from what pisses off a woman (or at  least the person who gave the advice),  how to piss them off, how not to, what  words mean what (you know those double  meaning things) and yes, even ways to  get into the sack with the woman you  are trying to get at (perhaps).  Well  for some odd reason I decided to keep  doing it and now I'm bringing my  question to deviantART.  

Basically to all the women I'm asking  that if you have the time, drop a thing  to add to this 'dictionary' and/or  'guide' of mine to further the  comprehension of the female species (or  something).  

For example, here are some of the  things in there now:

- Never call a woman fat at ANY time.     (submitted by Alana [link] )

- If a woman says "nothing is wrong"  she is likely lying.  There is almost  always something wrong, and if it's  little, she will say so.  "I have a  headache" means she has a headache.   "Nothing is wrong" means she's on the  verge of mental collapse, and probably  wishes to be pressed for info so she  feels wanted and cared about.

- 60% of all back massages that are not  paid for lead to sex.  Back massages  are good.  (both submitted by Nikki, a  friend of mine).

Basically anything you feel could add  to this, leave it here.  This is just a  fun project that I want to see how far  it can go.

Thank you for your time and hopefully  for your assistance. Nod


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Maskmystrious Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
alana Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2007

sorry this site is kind of old-news for me, i don't hang out here very often.

anything exciting happening on your end?
goku55 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
hey man what sup, dont know if you remember me but i am just stopping in to say hi and nice art work. You have really gotten good :) Me on the other hand have stopped doing this for over 2 years :( Wish i hadnt since now i want to go back to it.

Take care man
gilliam Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
hi, this is in re: to your question 5 years ago about my zoids wallpaper... its from the internet(of course), from one of the japanese zoids fansites. wow i take a long time to reply!
alana Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006

gosh, I'm so sorry for my months-late reply- it's been hectic over here. Finishing up the year for uni, getting a new job, BLAH BLAH. But I am on holiays so I am freeee. :)

You should go back to college, your brain will turn to mush without it. Congrats on the phone too- I'm thinking of getting a new one, now that I actually have a decent paying part time job. I work for a bank late at night, drunk people call me and it's my job to cancel their credit cards... it's actually quite amusing. :D

do you design anymore? you really should, I remember all of your stuff being so goood.

hope you're doing well!! xx
avotius Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2006
hehe the mans all grown up. Ya know we really dont talk enough anymore, its a shame.

And for some reason it doesnt surprise me one bit that you got drunk on your birthday, isnt that like standard american policy? So now that you are 21 I guess it means the mans gota work even harder....

ps. keep in touch more, email me or something, we got a lot of catching up to do eh?
alana Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2006
aww, you delicious drunktard! happy birthday! did you get any rad presents, besides badass free drinks?

digital art is sucks, man. "alana's documents" no longer exists on this computer thanks to a bodgy computer repair dude, so absolutely EVERYTHING i have ever drawn or whatever is gone gone gone. same with music and my beloved photographs. sigh.

but, enough of that. *does the birthday dance for you* (i actually have no idea what a birthday dance is; perhaps it involves some kind of nudity?). what have you been doing with yourself lately?!?! :D
saige Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2006
You and your temping, nude dances!

So it's the day after and I woke up at 7 AM naturally after going to be around 2:30, wtf? You want to know what was even weirder? I felt great when I woke up and for hours after that. I would have been fine all day but when I went to work (which has no air conditioning) the heat made all the happened last night hit me and I was leaning on anything I could find due to exhaustion. Still no headache or nothing but damn, it was fast.

Other things I've been up to, I went to San Francisco on a road trip with two friends for a big tournament which I was one win away from getting a minimum of $600, instead, I get nothing. :( I'm now the manager of the arcade I work at so I'm getting some much bigger paychecks. All these, among other things is have I've been up to. How about you? What are you doing right . . . now? NOW.

But what about lately?
alana Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2006
haha! it's a rule in life... you never get away with a night of drinking without paying for it the day after. ;)

sucks about the tourney, but next time you'll be able to pwn those n00bs (man, i haven't said that in AGES). and you're manager! that's so cool, i remember back in the day when you were telling me you really wanted a job there.

RIGHT NOW?! i'm listening to ben folds and trying to stay awake so that i can buy tickets for the dresden doll's concert! i have a feeling they're going to sell out fast, so i gotta get in early; all the goth kids around sydney are probably doing the same... sigh. (ps. i'm not a goth kid - i just enjoy zany piano music!). but lately... hrm. well i'm on holidays from uni (i study music) so i've been working a fair bit this week... but in a few days i'll be off to the snow fields for a few days with my friends! OH OH THAT REMINDS ME. last year when i was at the snow, i took a photo of myself and snow boots to show you and colin... hah, but i forgot. and then my computer died so it's gone forever. perhaps i should take a new one this time around? :D
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