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bye-bye reins!

Good Day, All!! Today's render is just a bit of personal fun as the other day, whilst poking around online, I came across a photoscanned 3D prop of an honest-to-goodness traditional velvet English riding helmet, and, not gonna lie, that totally made my weekend, so I had to do something with it, lol. In real life I'm just a little bit particular about my riding helmet choices, and by 'little bit' I mean that no way in heck do I use anything other than a traditional velvet! (It's just my quirk, lol, we've all got 'em!) On top of all that, upon further inspection of the prop, I found that not only is it oval shaped - my preference for the shape of my own noodle - but it is also my helmet size and the tails are down (yes, I realize this doesn't mean anything to non-riders, but as a life-long horse girl, I totally appreciate it)!! Right, so I'll cut myself off here even though I totally know that the subject of English riding helmets is the epitome of stimulating conversation the world over As always, thanks so very much for looking, and I hope you like it!!

(I know it's a niche prop, but if you are interested, it's right here!!)…


BOOK COVERS NOW AVAILABLE :) (Smile)  Many of my pieces are now available for sale as premade book covers! If you see a piece here that isn’t yet listed on my site, do be sure to note me, and I can take care of that for you!! (watermark/SS stamp does NOT appear on any purchased or printed pieces)

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**due to the volume of pieces in my gallery, not all are set up for sale as prints.  If there is one that you wish I would list, please do not hesitate to ask, and I will certainly do so!**

All Hedge-witchery Studio artistic works are copyrighted materials held under the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42, rev. 2005).  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  All components of this render have either been purchased or created by Hedge-witchery Studio, and unless otherwise stated, this piece was rendered in Daz Studio 4.15 Pro and any post work was completed with PhotoShop.  Any use of the artwork is strictly prohibited.  Thank you.

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This is so awesome! I share your love of the proper velvet-covered helmet, although mine is tails-up. ;) The image totally reminds me of books from so long ago I can't remember the name or the author, but they were cartoon/comics/whatever of ponies being their evil little selves and the kids riding them. You totally nailed the expressions on kid and pony both!

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haha!! that's awesome to hear!! as for the comics, you're probably thinking of the Thelwell pony comics - I grew up on those. They were pretty much required reading, and I had a real life Thelwell pony - the look, breeding and sass!! So very glad you like how it turned out - THANK YOU!!

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Yep, Thelwell is it! Thanks, that was bugging me. I remember the images well, but names? Nope.

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hahaha! I hear that!!
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WOW!!! Fantastic image!!! :)

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thank you so very much!!

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Wonderful, cute and above all fun. I love it, so expressive and full of character. You have outdone yourself with this little project. and while not a nerd of riding helmets, I am a nerd of great many things (basically just knowing for knowing), and I am curious about what you meant by "the tails are down?" I strive for accuracies in my work, and I have been thinking about drawing a character in a riding hemet and would like to get it right.

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woohoo!! I'm so happy you like how this one turned out!! THANK YOU!!

haha! and yeah, riding helmet nerd works - love that! my family owns a riding stable which I manage with them, and I have been riding for 40+ years and coaching for 30 - I'm pretty easy going about most things in life, but I take my choice of riding skid lids very seriously ;) anyway, traditional English riding helmets are covered with velvet so black they look almost deep blue in certain lights and on the back is a small black ribbon flat bow (a couple inches across) with two tails running off the bow. when the helmet is new these tails are stitched upright attached to the velvet. if left this way that indicates for anyone watching that the rider is a man. when the stitching is cut and the tails hang down, it means a woman is in the saddle. I realize that doesn't really mean the same as it did way back when, but I was raised using traditional velvet with the tails down, so when I saw the prop, it just hit me in the right place. I don't usually get to see my stuff and the 3d world collide so well and accurately :)

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Fascinating, thank you for sharing that with me.

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you are more then welcome! anything to help!!

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This is a really sweet image. Love it.

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so glad that you do! thank you!!

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