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"Go get me a biscuit."

"Y-Yes, Noel..."

"Lemme copy your homework."

"O-Okay, Noel..."

"This is the wrong flavour!"

"I-I'm sorry, Noel..."

No breaks. No pauses. Once the girl had been introduced to her new life of slavery, there was no getting out of it. Her master? A rather boyish-looking girl by the name of Noel, known throughout the school for being a total ass (and possible dyke, but that was another story). The first time she ever laid eyes on the skittish redhead in her math class, she knew she had to have her. A short girl like her, sitting in the very back of the room, always looking about like some sort of nervous prairie dog keeping a watch for predators... probably shy, probably near friendless, definitely perfect.

The tiny, awkward girl felt a great sense of joy rise in her heart when Noel approached her of her own free will and attempted to befriend her, their first conversation rather straight to the point:

"What's your name?"

"U-Uh... Gwen..."

"From now on we're going to be friends. Sound good, poppit?"

Gwen could only give a sheepish little nod before Noel returned to her seat, leaving the girl to think on what had just happened.

'Well, she sure was forward.' the voice in her head commented, 'I don't think I have a very good feeling about this.'

The girl brushed off the symbiont's concerns, however, opting instead to try and come up with something to say or talk about next time the two met. It wasn't often somebody actually tried to befriend her, so she didn't want to screw it up... though when that moment finally came around, anything she had come up with was automatically negated because Noel got the first words in... and those words just happened to be, "Run down to the cafeteria for me and get me some chocolate milk, would you?"

Not wanting to deny the request of a new friend, Gwen promptly left and just as promptly returned with the delicious drink. The two of them sat at the same little outside picnic table, face-to-face, and for a while did absolutely nothing but quietly examine one another.

Well, at least Noel did-- in between gulps of milk, she'd run her eyes up and down the girl sitting before her, as if she were looking over livestock to purchase.

The other just looked around uncomfortably, averting her gaze every time she saw Noel staring, as if their eyes meeting would end the world. The silence gradually built, becoming unbearably thick before, finally, that strangely forced sounding British accent brought a sledgehammer down onto it.

"What do you like to do, anyway?"

The redhead immediately tensed up, not really sure what to answer. What DID she do?

'You like reading!' the voice chimed in, 'and comedy movies!'

"I, um... I like reading... and watching funny movies." she mumbled.

"Don't think I heard you. Mind speaking up?" Noel replied, leaning in.

"I-I said I liked reading and watching funny movies!" Gwen cried, before slouching back in embarrassment. "Y-Yeah..."

"Huh. Is that all?"

"W-Well, I... I'm not very good at anything... and I don't have many--"

"Throw this away." The taller girl interrupted, handing the shorter her empty milk carton. Gwen nodded, standing from the bench and making her way to the large grey trashcan nearby.

'She sure is asking you to do a lot of stuff for her...'

"I'm sure it's just temporary..." The redhead reasoned, wanting to stay optimistic.

Alas, it was not. In fact, not a day went by without Noel asking something of Gwen, whether it was some fetch quest, or a copying of her notes or homework. Any conversation they had was both begun, and ended, by Gwen taking on some menial task. Eventually, Gwen was made to hold Noel's books and walk her to class... the latter didn't seem to care that this made the former late to her own class, though the former always took the fall, too afraid to deny the latter's requests.

After school, Gwen was approached by a tall, pudgy boy she knew as one of her only real friends. "Why didn't you come to the movies with us yesterday?" he asked, walking beside her as they exited the front doors of the school.

"Because Noel wanted me to come over to her house and study with her..." she replied, eyes fixed on the ground.

"By studying with you, you mean copying all your answers, right?"

The girl said nothing, her silence giving her friend just the response he expected.

"Gwen, you gotta stop hanging out with her! She's like a slavedriver or something! Here, Rachel and I are gonna play video games at my house tonight, so you should come! You really need a break!"

It quickly became apparent that his words were going through one ear and out the other, however, as Gwen looked up and spotted the black-haired girl standing ahead, staring her down. "I-I'm sorry, I have to..." she muttered before running ahead.

"H-Hey, wait, Gwen!" he called, despite knowing it was a futile effort. "Man, I hope she realizes how crazy unhealthy that relationship is soon..."

"Who was that?" Noel asked.

"U-Uh, just a friend of mine..."

"I thought you said you didn't have any friends." Something sounding similar to jealousy began oozing from her words.

"W-Well, I do have some... a few, anyw--"

"Listen, love, you've got me." Her tone was biting, something Gwen had never heard from her before. "You don't need anybody else."

The rest of the walk home was silent, and once the redhead had gotten into her room, she shut the door and quickly undressed, her skin crawling as her body began changing, her arms becoming great feathered wings and her legs becoming those of a taloned bird's. The process made her feel sick even though she'd gone through it hundreds of times already, and she flopped stomach-down onto the bed, her large fan-like tail sticking straight up in the air.

'He was right, you know. Noel is just using you...'

"But... she hasn't done anything mean to me... she hasn't made fun of me or anything..."

'I'd say telling you you didn't need your true friends was pretty mean.'

"I guess... b-but I don't see her hanging out with too many other people... maybe she doesn't have many friends of her own, and she's afraid she'll lose me or something..."

'I don't think she has any friends of her own because everybody leaves her after realizing she's treating them more like packmules and gophers than people.'

"Everyone but me, huh...?"


"O-Okay... so then tomorrow, I'll tell her that I won't put up with her anymore!"

'And that if she can't treat you like a person, then you won't be her friend!'


With this declaration came a newfound confidence... which quickly died the next day when she sat in her classroom after school, trying to think of the right words to say. She knew Noel would be waiting outside the building, so she had to know exactly what she wanted to tell her. After five or ten minutes of mulling different approaches over in her mind, and with a little advice from that ever-helpful presence in her head, she was finally satisfied with her choice of words, and ran out into the hallway. She intended to keep this pace up until she got outside, from fear that she'd forget the words... though was stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the owner of those familiar red glasses coming down the empty hallway, her footsteps echoing loudly on the tile. Gwen was frozen, her expression like a deer's in headlights, though once Noel saw her, she stopped and gestured for her to close the gap between them. A few more moments of gawking stupidity passed before Gwen finally found the strength to move, inching closer and closer until the two of them were just feet apart.

"So what's the deal?" the more assertive girl said, leaning in. "You kept me waiting so long, I had to come get you. Friends are supposed to be on-time to meet each other. What's your excuse, huh?"

Gwen backed up a step, already forgetting what she had planned to say.

'Don't let her intimidate you! Just tell it to her straight!'

That's right, she had to be fearless! "N-Noel, I..."

"You what?"

"I don't want to be your friend if you're just going to order me around all the time!" she blurted out, the words smashing and slurring together. Silence hung between them as the reverberations of her voice finally died.

"... So that's how it's gonna be, huh? You're gonna just leave me?" her voice was cold and full of venom, something that made Gwen instantly question whether or not she had done the right thing after all. "You're gonna leave me even though I haven't done a damn thing to you?" She took a step forward, her glare paralyzing the redhead. "After I approached you and tried to get to know you!" Another step, her voice rising in both volume and intensity. "I regarded you as a friend!" Yet another step. The two were inches apart now-- Gwen could even see her faint reflection in the lenses of Noel's glasses. "Well, you can't leave!" she cried, her fakey accent dropping entirely, her little sham revealed-- not that she cared. "I won't let you! And you know what!? It's not like you could! You're too much of a doormat to leave!"

Gwen's heart was slamming against her ribs, her mind buzzing, trying to keep up. 'Gwen, calm down...! Gwen...!' But the voice soon drowned amidst the sea of noise in her head. "N-Noel, I...!"

"DON'T. INTERRUPT. ME." The other barked. "Now start walking, we're going to my house." she stated sharply, grabbing Gwen's wrist and giving her a little tug.

That one little action proved to be the breaking point as the storm in the tiny girl's head ended with a soft snap, her brain unnaturally quiet, her eyes becoming distant.

"Why are you standing there? I said come on!"

Like a computer starting back up, thoughts came rushing back into Gwen's head-- though they all screamed a single phrase.

Kill her.

Something inhuman took up residence in her gaze as she yanked her arm free of Noel's grip, then shoved her against the lockers, the taller girl's head clanking against the hard metal. It took only a second for her hands to find the girl's neck, her fingers wrapping around her throat and tightening.

Noel yelped, wincing for a moment before staring back down at her attacker. An odd look of amusement spread across her features as she struggled uselessly against the redhead. "O-Oh... y-you sure must hate me... huh!?" she choked, a small laugh straining its way from her mouth. "Y-You won't do it. You don't have the guts..."

Kill her. Gwen tightened her grip, her hands shaking violently as Noel grabbed her arms and vainly tried to push her away, though that unnatural cocky expression never left her face. She couldn't even speak now, just make a series of awful gurgling noises, a thin line of saliva beginning to drip down the corner of her mouth. killherkillherkillherkillherkillherjustalittlelongerdoitKILLHER

The black-haired girl's eyes fluttered open and closed, her mind swimming in and out of consciousness, what little strength she had completely drained. Her hands fell away from Gwen's arms and banged loudly against the lockers. The noise startled the frenzied girl, who suddenly let go and stumbled backwards, noticing her hands had left a rather ugly pair of bruises on the taller girl's neck. "I... I didn't mean to..."

Noel slid to the ground, panting, her throat throbbing painfully with every swallow of air. "I knew... that... you didn't... have it in you..." she said between gasps.

Gwen turned and took off, running down the hall, out of the school, and straight to her house, never once looking back.
she obviously didnt know the quiet ones are the ones you gotta look out for

noel belongs to :iconkingkolea:
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