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Work In Progress - Float by Sahtori-Kamaya Work In Progress - Float by Sahtori-Kamaya
She's looking at you, with that question: 'When will I be finished?'
TBH, I don't know, I'm packed with work - I'm trying to work on Sahtori's back story as well, which I wanted to debut in January but I'm afraid I have to postpone - again.
I gave Sahtori a bit more chest and lowered the opacity of her sleeves. This is what I've been hiding for years, her markings. *giggles*

I gave her ear rings more 'gem' looks instead of regular hoops and round buttons. She's a pain in the ass like this. Though this is her battle gear outfit, yes, she's having a hoodie, for a while now, the two top lines go down as a hoodie if you check her older artwork, so the hoodie is there for a while. When she wears is, her face is covered and all you see is darkness with space; also with the hoodie on, she becomes more one with space/half transparent, so you don't see anything of the markings, just a shape and her long flowing tail.

Like I said, I would LOVE to draw all of this but I'm occupied at the moment, I just hope this will give you more ... info ...

Oh, what 'species' is 'Sahtori'? A 'Kamaya' - I made it up, she's a being that belongs in a certain group of the family, that group is called 'Kamaya' you got more groups like, 'Laikini' 'Saviki' 'Dan'Gikiy' etc
The head of the group carries a certain DNA, in Sahtori's case, they carry the DNA of all felines in them. 'Why does she have a pomp/husky tail?' There are felines with curled tails too, though in this case, when Sahtori curls her tail like this, it's due to curiosity or happiness. When it's down it's more neutral, you probably noticed felines doing that in RL as well.
Hope that solves it, she has no CANINE in her blood, she can however shape-shift into Mirages.

I'm quite proud of this drawing cause it's my new way of shading things; you probably noticed with the new YCH/Commissions. I'm trying to get better at this ...
Hope you all enjoy, see ya

- Kay ★ Consider me for a Ko-Fi? ★
Moonstone27 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017   General Artist
Beautiful work:aww::heart:!
mrWendybird Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student
Still one of the prettiest anthros I've ever seen.
Glad I get to see her again, and that you're continuing to make art. :meow:
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November 22, 2017
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