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Joker Stamp

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It's The Joker, voiced by Mark Hamil, from the Batman Beyond movie Return of the Joker.

I watched the advertisements for the movie, but I only saw it last July on Youtube. :D

I love how The Joker was animated in the movie. It was supremely awesome. :D

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My favourite Joker😄
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 All hail the fabulous clown.

I was sad when he killed Bonk, though.
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He's such a cutie! Totally using!
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oh hell yeah that movie was awesome! I do like some of the current Joker VA's Heck Dimaggio in Under the Red Hood was fantastic! but MArk Hamil Joker will always be the best!
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You can't spell Mark Hamill without ARKHAM! :dummy:

I haven't seen all of Return of the Joker yet (Sad face :saddummy:) but I DID see when Terry beat the Joker at his own game. THAT was amazing for BOTH of them! Not only did we get to see just how different Terry was from Bruce (Given his snark), but we got to see the Joker lose his "happy", which is ultimately TERRIFYING.
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someone needs a happy pill
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Love this Joker, I'll use this gorgeous stamp ! x3
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I liked his new present design. His future design was all right, but I wasn't too crazy about the jumpsuit.
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:heart: Both the Joker and that movie were epic.
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Oh Mark Hamill. You are the best Joker ever and dont like those newfag Dark Knight posers tell you different.
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I love his new hair style^^
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I saw somewhere in Youtube that the Joker died. Is it that same movie?

Other than that, awesome stamp! I love this Joker a lot! (Guess that's because I grew up watching him on TV) XDD
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Yeah, this is from the Batman Beyond series movie, Return of the Joker. The Joker died but....came back to life! however I won't tell you much more because that would be spoilers. :meow:

This movie is dark and, seriously, awesome. Along with of course the rest of Batman Beyond and the first seasons of BTAS.
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:O How did that happen?! Pleeeeease... spoilers please? (Besides, how the heck am I supposed to look up for that movie around here? *is too lazy to look it up on Internet*)

Now I really want to watch it! D8 I thought that the Joker dying was the saddest thing to ever happen, LOL. Glad to know he came back to life, though xD
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Really? Spoilers? Okay. Well, in the beginning of the movie there was a flashback to where the Joker tortured the second Robin so much that he became mentally insane. However the Joker REALLY died, but he had given tortured, mentally-scarred INSANE Robin his DNA: Robin, now that Batman Beyond is set in the future, uses technology to BECOME the Joker. Which is here in the stamp. :D

So he's probably really dead. *in that universe*
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Love the expression :D
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Mark Hamil is a ledgend :love:
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I LOVE Batman Beyond!! [link]
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