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I'm with Iron Man and...UNDEROOS!!!! watch the trailer to get the joke.
xXCrowFeatherXx's avatar
I don't want to choose T-T
I want them all happy and lovely ;(
Cesaria-Yohann's avatar
Absolulety great!!
You know that Spider-Man is gonna be in Civil War now? It revealed today that Sony has agreed to have Spider-Man in the Marvel Films. However, Andrew Garfield will not play him. And Marvel Films is working on their own movie.
Garfield sucked
The first movie was okay. The second suffered the same fate at Spider-Man 3. They overstuffed it with villains. Although the Easter egg moment featuring the armaments of the Sinister Six was cool.
NDStark's avatar

Cap all the way!
(Iron Man still rocks though)
CaptainLocks's avatar
Looks awesome more lighting on downeys front wouldn't hurt tho
Aqua71's avatar
Awesommmmmmmm. Can't wait.
Deadpool2000's avatar
(Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!} OoO
Trek1912's avatar
Very nice poster for a movie I have high hopes for. 
Firesoul-LV's avatar
Just can't wait for this!
TheDarkNeon's avatar
my hope for this movie is dwindling. Marvel's not gonna do the ballsiest thing and have us conflicted on who's right ESPECIALLY if Iron Man was the "antagonist role" but no. there's an ACTUAL villain announced. so now it'll just be a case of "C'mon guys stop messing around and make up already. hug it out, there's a baddie over yonder going to mses things up!"
mdbruffy's avatar
I'm still wondering how they're going to put that entire story line- it ran through every title for over a year- into one movie. Either Cap 3 is the start and the story will wind through several films or else they're going to have to do a lot of re-writing. It might go through several films and tie off in an Avengers film.
GameMan1918's avatar
It'll start in Cap 3, then it will continue through the earth-based Marvel films (Dr. Strange and Black Panther, especially Black Panther, since he's getting a huge part in Civil War), and it will most likely end with Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, with Part 2 being the part where everyone comes together to fight against Thanos.
mdbruffy's avatar
Then they will be re-writting it. Cause after the civil war came the big Skrull invasion, where we found out that some of the heros had been replaced with Skrull shape changers- in some cases, years earlier.
GameMan1918's avatar
I think they're holding off on the Skrulls due to the fact that, like the Maximoff twins, Marvel and Fox have joint rights to them, I think. They'll probably do that if and when the Fantastic Four rights fully go back to Marvel, until then, they'll have the Kree to deal with, well, Carol will have the Kree to deal with.
mdbruffy's avatar
That's the sad thing about the way things are set up right now. Marvel can't deal with the Skrull, or the Inhumans because both are big parts of the Fantastic Four. They can't deal with the Sh'ire (sp)  Empire either because they're a big part of the X-Men. In the same way, the Kree- Skrull war is off limits for now, too. If Marvel were smart, They'd buy back the rights from Sony and Fox and keep their universe for themselves- especially since it seems they're the only ones that can do right by it- although I say that with a grain of salt since I'm not expecting "Ant-Man" to be a big success.  Too many changes in that one.
GameMan1918's avatar
They have the Inhumans, Marvel. Why do you think they're the one's making the Inhumans movie? They just don't have those other guys, and the thing with Fox and Sony, they're stubborn. Marvel tried to negotiate a joint rights contract with Fox for Galactus, Silver Surfer, and the Skrulls in exchange for Daredevil, they said no, and now the two hate each other. Sony and Marvel are on speaking terms, but there's a deal between the two working out.
mdbruffy's avatar
I hadn't heard about the Inhumans movie- missed that one somewhere along the line. I knew that Marvel and Sony were trying to work out something with Spiderman- I guess so he could be in Civil War. This is like having a primary TV show- and the spin-offs are on different networks. They need the cross-over publicity, but they don't want to promote each other, either.
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