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Well, this journal is kinda late XD

Oh well, lets just pretend i just hit 1k and stuff i guess XD

Contest Topic: Climate Change/Global Warming/Pollution

I know, I know, sounds like a dopey subject, butt if the US's current president thinks its a 'hoax invented by the chinese', we gotta take other means to stop it.

Anything regarding the topic depicting its negative outcomes is qualified. The more creative, the more likely you are to win. So don't just go four the cliche 'OMG SAVE THE POLAR BEARS' (its still a major cause, but its everywhere). You can try bending WoF or OCs into it too. Examples: RainWings being pissed at deforestation, IceWings and the melting ice caps, SeaWings and the ocean's trash, etc.

Some argue that we're coming out of an ice age, and that explains the warming weather, butt dumping trash in the oceans definitely isn't a product of getting out of ice ages.

I'm leaving this contest a little broader so that you can do whatever you feel you must.

C'mon, we gotta save Earth bit by bit. JUST LOOK HOW POLLUTED SOME RIVERS ARE.


1st Place

- Speedpaint bust or Non-Speedpaint Fullbody (choose one, both fully shaded)
- Unshaded headshot
- Shaded headshot from Lamp-P0st 
- Fully Shaded headbust with flat color background from Pepigo 
- Fullbody from CobraCatDragon2898 
- Shaded Halfbody with background from llilacc 
- Fullbody from Werewolf900
- Unshaded fullbody from Mysti-crow
- Fullbody with background from FalconixBlue
- Speedpainted painted sketch bust from Teisol (as well as one to her favorite entry)
- A fullbody with a background from TheStarDragon7
- Guaranteed slot in an upcoming commission raffle, you can choose which to use the slot at
- 100 points

2nd Place

- Speedpaint headshot or Non-Speedpaint Headbust (choose one, both fully shaded)
- Unshaded headshot
- Flat colored headshot from Lamp-P0st 
- Halfbody/bust from CobraCatDragon2898 
- Shaded Halfbody from llilacc 
- Half-body from Werewolf900
- Half body without background from FalconixBlue
- Shaded headshot from BadlyDrawnDragons
- a fullbody with a transparent background from TheStarDragon7
- Guaranteed slot in an upcoming commission raffle, you can choose which to use the slot at
- 50 points

3rd Place

- Two Glow sketchbusts
- Unshaded headshot
- Flat color halfbody with a simple background from Pepigo
- Headshot from CobraCatDragon2898 
- Flat color halfbody from llilacc 
- Headshot from Werewolf900
- Headbust without background from FalconixBlue
- a bust with a simple background from TheStarDragon7
- Guaranteed slot in an upcoming commission raffle, you can choose which to use the slot at
- 30 points


- none, absolutely not, nope stealing, tracing, heavily referencing, or using bases (unless you made them)
- Make it relevant to the topic
- Contest ends June 20th, 2017, Noon EST
- If you read the info, comment "SAVE IT"


New Home by Silverstormwing Sahel's 1K Watcher Contest Entry  by SandlyTheHybrid Where did the mud go!! by Dragonardrawings [CE] Trash Patch by Foristell Killer by thatonerudesandwing Contest Entry (Sahel-Sandwing) by skyvegas<da:thumb id="673285303"/> Entry for Sahel's Contest by dragonseye25<da:thumb id="673354990"/> Life in the Darkest of Times by FalconixBlue Come Back... by GamerCupcake100 {CE} Stop My Doom by Werewolf900 Protection by albluu Conversation Starter by albluu Contest Entry for Sahel by Moonfreeze79 Sahel 1000 watchers contest, save the planet by StargazerDaNightwing The Black Path (CE) by FalconixBlue Save or planet (wof) by Cozypath 'It'll be over soon...' by xXBerryWhiskerXx Cruel world CE by WolfiiWiingz Daddy? What'd we do to deserve this? by Noonatic<da:thumb id="673654140"/> don't dump trash into the ocean folks by chicbean Climate Change by ZarinaRoseYT Sahel 1000 watchers contest, save the planet #2 by StargazerDaNightwing {CE} Where Is The Beauty? by Werewolf900 Stage Ten by ArrowheadG Murder in the Rainforest by FalconixBlue<da:thumb id="673943459"/> [ce]we'll make pyrrhia great again guys by skye-hiigh Ignorance by RaintheDragoness12 Suffocating by Moonfreeze79 My Entry! by OrionStar87 {CE} PUT ME IN CAPTIVITY!? by Werewolf900 :CE: Harriet and the Moon by RayatheRayquaza<da:thumb id="674331870"/> Them by WingsOfFireCrafter<da:thumb id="674765623"/><da:thumb id="675591188"/> We're all fading by BadlyDrawnDragons Why? by XSnowshadowX FutureWhen people think of the future, they think about flying cars and hoverboards and artificial intelligence. They think of a world where everyone is connected through technology, where everyone is kind, everything is equal. They do not stop to think of what it actually will bring.
The future… how I wish it was the fantastical ideologies of a 7 year old, or the inspiration of an eccentric author ready to create a new bestseller.
The future is not that. The future is now. And it is terrible.
The year is 2143, and humans have destroyed the planet.
Science fiction may have created a dystopia where the human race is obliterated by some foreign species.
But our real enemy is ourselves.
It all started years ago, over 100 years. Back then, in those simpler times, climate change was certainly a problem we envisioned, and many warned against it. But there were still those who ignored the signs. Or who saw them and just didn’t care. And it is their fault that Earth is how it is now.
Plastic Noose (Sahel 1000 Contest Entry) by Draggirlmon<da:thumb id="685068280"/> Flooded Lifeboat by CorvusFossil

Mature Content

Shark Fin Poaching by CobraCatDragon2898
Contest Entry by AmpyTale How Am I Gonna Be An Optimist About This...? -CE- by AquaticGecko4147<da:thumb id="686678129"/><da:thumb id="686744401"/> Crushed by IceArctix The End Of The Ice Kingdom by Delmare-The-Hybrid Sad Smoke by Icicle-the-Pineapple
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Could my art be used for a prize as well??
Sahel-Solitude's avatar
what do you want to donate
TheStarDragon7's avatar
A fullbody with a background for 1st Prize, a fullbody with a transparent background for second, and a bust with a simple background for third.
TheStarDragon7's avatar
Awesome thank you!
Delmare-The-Hybrid's avatar
I'm gonna join!!! XDj SAVE IT!
IceArctix's avatar
Here's mine! Sorry it took so long, Sahel! Hope it's good! ^^' icearctix.deviantart.com/art/C…
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Hey Sahel, I entered a second time but I am not sure if you got it, this is the link to my terrible art dragon-and-more.deviantart.com…
DragonSpirit20's avatar
Sorry, can't be a part of it without stressing, and that's going to have some negative effects on me, and I really don't want that now.
So sorry.
DragonSpirit20's avatar
I'm sorry that I can't be a part of it, even if I really want to. I just don't think I'll be able to make an entry in four days, if it's suppose to be the one I have in my head

I'll try, though

So SAVE IT, mate
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It is official June fifteenth, save the planet people
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I'm done, wooo!!!  Contest Entry by AmpyTale   

It's Hibiscus, holding the last leaf of the rainforest.
AmpyTale's avatar
Save it

I'm gonna enter
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CorvusFossil's avatar
Derp I forgot this! "SAVE IT"
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i spend 2 hrs just on lineart and ive redone my entry 5 times rip im not gonna finish
Draggirlmon's avatar
I finished my entry!
Plastic Noose (Sahel 1000 Contest Entry) by Draggirlmon
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