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OC Art Requests (Open)

OC Art Requests (Open)

Welcome to my attempt to come back from the dead that is posting on this site. I want to have examples available for commissions in the future, so I thought this was the best way to do it! Rules to have a chance to be selected IT'S NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!! Fav this journal You have to fill the respective form. Category: Character reference: Personality: Expression: BG Color: 4. You can request up to 2 categories, but you win, you will only get 1 of the things you requested so be sure to know what you want. 5. Comment the password you will find on the journal otherwise I won't accept your request. 6. Watchers only, but new watchers are always welcome 7. Password is "Double Pineapple". If you get the joke, you get extra brownie points (but more like my friendship ^^) 8. Dont request then unwatch, that is just mean 0n0! 9. Only humans/humanoids/kemonomimi only! No animals or furries. 10. NSFW is acceptable with limits (no gross fetishes like, feet, scat, minors, all the

You're Invited To Try The New Sidebar

You're Invited To Try The New Sidebar

UPDATE: The opt-in period for the new sidebar has closed as of October 7th. Thank you to everyone who participated in this early opt-in period. The feedback we’ve received so far has been invaluable in helping us improve and optimize the sidebar. Please continue sharing your feedback! Moving forward, we’ll now be rolling out the new sidebar to a wider pool of deviants, so no more need to opt-in. Again, thanks so much to those who participated for helping us create a better DeviantArt experience! You’re invited to try a brand new sidebar that gives you quick access to some of your favorite features and groups! The Goal of The New Sidebar There are several ways to browse and consume content on DeviantArt, and with this update, our goal was to create a consistent experience across Browse (New and Popular), Search, Daily Deviations, Topics, Groups, and most importantly, deviants you watch. Bringing more attention to Groups was a big part of this update, and we have plenty more planned
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Meet me!

2019 Total Drama ID

Hey whats up everyone, Welcome to my page! My name is Sebastian or you can call me Sebas for short. I am currently 23 years old and I’m proud to be from the good ol US of A

I am a professional graphic designer with Peruvian blood who possesses a 2 year Associates Degree in Digital Graphic Design. I’m also fluent in both English and Spanish

Asides from drawing, other hobbies include hanging out with family, friends and traveling to see what the world has to offer

Some Guidelines that I want to sort out

Please do not edit my artwork without my permission

Do not repost or share my artwork without my permission

Do not steal or trace my artwork please

If you see anyone stealing my art. Please comment and provide me with a link

Commission Status

Gifts - Friends Only
Commissions - Open
Requests - Closed

Languages I speak

American English language level NATIVE
Spanish language level EXPERT

People on here that mean the world to me

:star: My Queen :star:



June 25th, 2020

:star: The DA Family :star:

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I'm literally without words ^^ Who would have thought that I got less than two weeks left to fly to see my girlfriend Brooke @Creative-Horizons !! It honestly feels like yesterday when I booked my trip. So excited to finally be able to meet both twi

Quick update

Quick update

Hey guys, thought I'd give you an update. So if you're wondering why I'm not posting as often as before, it's all because of this stupid Eclipse update that was forced onto us. I just lost a bit of the drive and motivation to post on here as frequently because first off, with the amount of users that left the site, it doesn't feel as fun anymore. Plus with the amount of changes that I honestly detest, such as the mobile site, the interface, Core Lounge and the fact that now users have premium galleries that you have to pay to unlock, it just doesn't feel like an art community for everyone anymore. It's more like the exclusive get more perks on here than the average Joe on here who doesn't have Core. So frankly, that's all that was on my mind right now, I probably will still be less active on here than what I was before when I first started. I just don't feel the vibe as it was before on here.

Take off!

Take off!

LET’S GOOOOO!!! Another highlight of my year is about to happen in October! ^^ I’m officially off to Tennessee to see my girlfriend @Creative-Horizons!!! Bought my plane ticket, booked my hotel and everything! ^^ After a while of being apart from Brooke, I was like "fuck it, I really need to fly to see her" and thought… what better way to make it special? Spend Halloween and her birthday with her. I did say that I was gonna be damn sure to make this relationship work and damn it I am committed to make that happen. God, I am so looking forward to finally meeting both twins, and seeing her in person for the first time and being able to spend time with her. This truly is going to be a trip that I'm never going to forget and I'm definitely going to be counting down everyday to when I officially board my flight and finally see her.

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DeathKissuFuHobbyist Digital Artist

That moment when i thought I was following you O.O my bad well now i am

SAGraphics1997Professional Digital Artist
Nah, you’re good XDDD
Erin-the-Gamer1990Hobbyist Artist

Btw, I'm almost done with my Disney Retrospective:

Only 2 Films left. :)

Hey Sebastian, do you do art trades from time to time?

Also, I saw it was your birthday a few days ago, happy belated birthday.

SAGraphics1997Professional Digital Artist

Sorry man, not accepting art trades at the time ^^;

Thanks man ^^

Oh well

No problem

Happy belated birthday, my dude.