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Snow Leopard for WindowBlind 7

By sagorpirbd
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Snow Leopard for Window Blind 7 Final Release.

P.S. Fixed All Possible Bugs Now it's Perfect Then Ever. Please Download Again.

One click and change the window, Start orb, Control Panel Branding area, Back/Forward buttons,
I really like it. ;)


Window Blinds Name: Snow Leopard.
Author: sagorpirbd.
Release Date: 17 May 2010.
Final Release Date : 20 June 2010.
Website: [link]


Including This Pack:
- Window Blinds Skin.
- Wallpapers.
- Preview.
- Read me.


Snow Leopard for Windows 7 :-->> [link]

Leopard Dark for Windows 7 :-->> [link]

"Mac Lion" Theme for Windows 7 :-->> [link]

"Dark Lion" Theme for Windows 7 :-->> [link]


Comments are Most Welcome! :)

If You Really Like It , please Give it a :+fav: it Sure Means a Lot..............:handshake:

Please, Post your bugs, suggestions and opinions here or Send Me Note.

Don't Release/Distribute Modified Versions of This Theme Without My Written Permission.

© Copyright: sagorpirbd 2010-2011.

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What is it about a Mac?

Beginning with the "Cheetah" release of Apple's OS X® on March 21, 2001, Windows® OS modders have been doing their damndest to ape the interface of Steve
Job's mutated NeXTstep/ UNIX architectural marvel, with varying degrees of success. Literally thousands of OS X mods and ports have been contrived and posted over the last nine years- sometimes within days of new release versions. I personally have seen Windows® versions of Puma®, Jaguar®, Panther®, Tiger® and Leopard® mods in
every configuration your imagine can conjure, from RocketDock® to RainMeter®. Never mind WindowBlinds®.

Even when modded to the hilt, though, Windows was never quite MacIntosh. Native applications like Spaces®, Back To My Mac®, and on-the-fly iChat® had to be imported with clumsy alternatives or were mimicked (Windows Meeting Space®) with only limited functionality. But with the advent of Windows 7, Windows Live® and most especially Stardock's Windowblinds 7®, the awkward not-quite-Mac feeling is dissapearing from modded Windows systems. An excellent example of this breakdown in barriers can be found here: [link] .
DeviantART's =Sagorpirbd has compiled a Snow Leopard® skin on Windowblinds 7 that will leave you feeling delighted with it's ease of use, it's craftsmanship and (very importantly) it's speed. Snow Leopard for WindowBlinds 7 gives the very real sense of using a Mac. In tandem with RocketDock® or ObjectDock® (both free), the illusion is complete. With the possible exception of the need for a light blue navigation pane and the Favorite link background color (minor bugs I'm sure will be very shortly amended) this is simply the best OS X skin for Windowblinds I have ever seen. If you want to completely and permanently change your Win 7 to OS X, this skin, plus a few random mods from 'Big D' (~asilaydyingdll) [link] , a download of Apple's Safari® browser and iTunes® and Steve Jobs himself will think he's sitting in front of OS X's latest release. If you're serious about Windows 7-to-OS X modding, Snow Leopard for WindowBlinds 7 is the place to start.
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Don't work, look like windows 95.
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Try this "Snow Leopard" :D --> [Link]
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Please add a set with Min/max/close buttons to the right because it's buggy with google chrome (the close button is under the tabs on the left)
I'm on Windows 8.1
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This is for Windows 7 not Windows 8 or 8.1.
JeremTheOuf's avatar
Maybe but it works perfectly with other programs in Win8.1
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Great, thanks for the info. :)
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Which iconpack have u used ? Specially those picture icons in last screenshoot???
Thnx in advance :)
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Loved it usual High Expectations = Exceeded Expectations 5/5
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Thank you, glad you like it. :D --> [link]
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how can i uninstall it ?
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See your Windowblins options ? also, see this theme :D --> [link]
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thanks! perfect mac theme i saw!
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it works perfectly on windows7 64bit :) thanks again
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See the preview Right side there is a download button you found or download here ;) : [link]
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very very nice thank you
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Thank you, glad you like it. [link] :thumbsup:
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its awesome but the green and yellow buttons are doing the wrong window command green is supposed to maximize but it minimizes please fix and i will rate 5 stars
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See here :D --> [link]
Hope, you get your Answer ? ;)
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