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:: Snow Leopard :: for Win10 Final

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"Snow Leopard" Themes for Windows 10 FINAL.

"Snow Leopard", "Snow Leopard Basic" & "Snow Leopard Glass" Themes for Windows 10 RTM Build 10240, Build 10586 & Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 14393 (X86)32 bit & (X64)64 bit Systems.
Try It Now...... :D

"Leopard Wallpaper Pack" Found here : -->> [Link]


Visual Style Name: "Snow Leopard"
Author: sagorpirbd
Release Date: 19 March 2016
Final Release Date: 2 September 2016
Website: [Link]


Including This Pack :

:pointr: Visual Styles/Themes.
:pointr: StartIsBack Styles.
:pointr: Start ORB Image.
:pointr: Wallpapers.
:pointr: Read Me.


:windows:How to use the Style :windows:

:pointr: First you need a theme patch to apply third party Theme Styles.

Download and Install "uxstyle Theme Patcher" :-->  [Link]

:pointr: Now Unzip & Copy "Snow Leopard" folder to : C:l Windows:l Resources:l Themes folder.

Now Go to Desktop Personalize & apply "Snow Leopard", "Snow Leopard Basic" or "Snow Leopard Glass" Themes.

Enjoy. :)


:windows:Requirements :windows:
:pointr: Windows 10 (X86) 32 bit & Windows 10 (X64) 64 bit .
:pointr: Aero Compatible PC.

Good Luck.  ;)


Themes for "Windows 10"

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Themes For Windows 8/8.1 :

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Themes For Windows 7 :

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Comments are Most Welcome!

If You Really Like It , please Give it a :+fav: it Sure Means a Lot..............:handshake:

Please, Post your bugs, suggestions and opinions here or Send Me Note.

Don't Release/Distribute Modified Versions of This Theme or Any Resources Without My Written Permission.

Not Allowed in Transformation packs/Skin packs in anyway!

© Copyright: sagorpirbd 2016-2017.

Visit My Gallery Here.  | Watch Me.

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Hi friend.

Can you update for windows 10 X64 2004 "20H1", please?

Thanks in advance, I have used your themes for many years under windows 7 ....


may you update this to windows 10 2004

In my Windows 10 info, it says it's 1903 and build 18362. Please, what would be the appropriate download for me?

Not bad! But i created better

Screenshot 1

hello, how did you move the navigation buttons to the left?

How to download

first log in here

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Atualização para 1903, please
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Does this works in 1709 [16299]?
sagopa12's avatar
plz update 1803
sagorpirbd's avatar
Plz update to Windows v1709
sleeqii's avatar
im a little hesitant to try this out, is there a video anywhere of downloading all the stuff including this third party software required? sorry i dont like downloading os modifying things
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Sweet and clear style! You're the best! :D
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:icontrampolineplz:  Thank you, glad you like it.  :icontrampolineplz:

Applaud fella (Reactions)  :iconhappiehplz: :iconbadassplz: :iconhappiehplz: Applaud fella (Reactions)
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I am using window 10 build 14393...... I have installed patch and theme as well... Now i have no idea what to do.... After unzipping the downloaded .rar file, i dont find any "snow leopard" file.... Only one file is unzipped with the name "Snow Leopard for Windows 10".... In this folder, there are three more files named as: "Start ORB", "StartIsBack Styles" and "Themes"..... I have copied this complete folder into themes, and i dont find any theme appeared in Desktop personalize menu.... I have no idea what to do.... I know it is bothering and irritating, but kindly guide me the steps one by one...... SO that i should understand what actually i have to do......
sagorpirbd's avatar
Hope, you already download my file and unzip it. see there is three different theme folder you found, go inside "Themes For 10 Build 14393 Anniversary Update" (If You Using 10 build 14393) theme folder & copy all items to : c:\windows\resources\themes folder.
Now Go to Desktop Personalize & apply the theme.
that's it.
RMK99's avatar
Works ok on Anniversary Update but one bug in close button:…
sagorpirbd's avatar
FIXED! please, download again and check it. :D
if you found any bug please inform me ?
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