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Multicolor Previewpane for Win10

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Multicolor Top & Bottom Preview Pane for Windows 10 (X86) 32 bit & (X64) 64 bit Systems only! :D

P.S. If you found any problem then write a comment here or note me ??? ;)

Multicolor Top & Bottom Preview Pane for Windows 8/8.1 (X86) 32 bit & (X64) 64 bit Systems found here :--> [Link]


Including This Pack :

(For Old New Explorer)
--> OldNewExplorer32.dll for 32 bit
--> OldNewExplorer64.dll for 64 bit


:new: :new: :new:
"Aero Glass 10" Multicolor themes for Windows 10 :-->> [Link]

:new: :new: :new:
"Longhorn Revealed 10" Multicolor themes for Windows 10 :-->> [Link]


Thanks to my friend "artur89sd" for the UIFILES --> [Link]


By downloading this OldNewExplorer32.dll & OldNewExplorer64.dll you agree to the following conditions:

- This OldNewExplorer32.dll & OldNewExplorer64.dll is free for personal use only.
- It must not be used commercially.
- You can distribute it for free as long as the files are unmodified and this text file is included with the zip file.
- You may not sell them or use them for profit.
- Do not take credit for creating this OldNewExplorer32.dll & OldNewExplorer64.dll.
- I am not liable for any sort of damage to your computer from using this OldNewExplorer32.dll & OldNewExplorer64.dll. use it in your own Risk.

Enjoy! ;)

Comments are Most Welcome!

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Please, Post your bugs, suggestions and opinions here or Send Me Note.

© Copyright: sagorpirbd 2015-2016.

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You are the samurai of theming :cries:

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hey, does this work for the lastest O.N.E. version?
I have a slight problem. There is a previewpane, its just not multicolored. How do I fix this?
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I have a problem with Oldnewexplorer, win 10 ribbon stays on, any fix ?
I'm running windows 10 fall creators update.
I also had this problem, but I solved it by downloading Ribbon Disabler from….
Just download the program, open it and then and select disable ribbon button. Good luck!
I also run Windows 10 Fall creators update.
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:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: +fav +fav Bardzo dobrze! Wspaniały!+fav +fav :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Dziękuję Ci. :)
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You are welcome my friend.  Handshake
if you need any help then just ask me without hesitation.

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I have this weird issue that I'm hoping you have a possible fix for. Two accounts on the same PC, this works for one account (default Administrator), but not another (my account-administrator).

I woke up this morning, and it seems to have fixed itself. So now it's working perfectly fine on the account I was having the issue with. O.o o.O 
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Great! :D
actually your pc need to restart which is already did that's why it's working, hope you understand now.
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I did that a few times before I originally commented, and it's gone back to not working again only for my main account--works with my admin and guest accounts just fine. I can and have used OldNewExplorer fine with the stock/default bottom shell .dll files...but they're just not as cool as these multi coloured ones, or top shell. So it's rather weird, and frustrating. lol

I'm running 14393.693. 
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Then do a trick. copy the "OldNewExplorer" folder to ( your account-administrator) "My Documents" folder & installed it. then restart your pc.
by the way I'm running build 14393.693 and build 10586 too. :D
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I tried that as soon as I saw it in the comment section, but no luck. It's mind boggling. In the meantime I'm going to see what might be causing the issue with a virtual machine and a fresh install (ran into no issues so far, ruled out Avast! and Clover 3/tabs for Windows). If I figure it out, I'll let you know. :) 
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I love the idea of the multicolor for each Windows Explorer that is open. Nice job! :happybounce:
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You are welcome, thank you.  Handshake
you can try this theme :--> [Link]  with this Multicolor Previewpane. :D

Flirtatious I tested in Windows 10 1511 10586.104 and noticed that the bottom shell 64 does not allow resizing. Some fix or problem with my system?  Thank you.  Love yours themesHeart 
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Just right click the bottom shell and then click Size and you are done! ;)
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Um, im not sure how to use the OldNewExplorer for the themes? Im just confused on this whole thing.
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Are you a 32bit user or 64bit ?
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First download "oldnewexplorer" : --> [Link]   and unzip it. now copy the "oldnewexplorer" folder to your "My Documents" folder.
now install it. now take ownership the OldNewExplorer64.dll file which you saw that OldNewExplorer folder. now Rename it OldNewExplorer64.dll.old
now if you want top multicolor preview pane then go to my : Multicolor Previewpane for Windows 10\Multicolor Top Shell\For Old New Explorer\64 Bit folder and copy the "OldNewExplorer64.dll" file to : My Documents\OldNewExplorer folder.
now log off and log in.
that's it.
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J'aime beaucoup cet effet "Multicolor Preview Pane pour Win 10", mais il ne fonctionne pas sur Windows 10 Version 1511, 64 bits.
J'avais essayé de faire comme expliqué ci-dessus, mais une mauvaise traduction ou je ne sais pas quoi, rien ne peut être fait!
Je ne suis pas une flèche en ce qui concerne les termes de calcul, et la traduction de ce qui est à portée de main ne pas utiliser beaucoup !
Merci d'avance

Rough translation of French towards English ! :

I like very much this effect " Multicolor Preview Pane for Win 10 ", but it does not work on Windows 10 Version 1511, 64 bits.
I had tried to make as explained above, but a bad translation or I do not know what, nothing can be made!
I am not an arrow as regards the terms of computing, and the translation of what is at hand not to use a lot ! Angry 
Thank you in advance

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Il suffit d'installer le dernier "oldnewexplorer" -->  [Link]  et puis essayez à nouveau.
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